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"Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus" Review: Using Gravity to End the Future

Has played through 11 of the "Ratchet & Clank" games starting from the very first game.

Ratchet looks and controls how you would expect, but there are some nice navigation surprises.

Ratchet looks and controls how you would expect, but there are some nice navigation surprises.

Is This Game Worth Your Time?

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is certainly is a great game to spend time with! While not the shortest game in the franchise, the only title that comes to mind that is shorter is Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. So you can get through the game in under 10 hours, but it has returning characters and traditional gameplay elements fans would enjoy. If you are looking for the next great story, you can skip this one. But if you want a new adventure for the cast of characters without learning a lot of new gameplay elements, this is one that anyone that played the series in the PS3 era should try.

A Forgettable but Serviceable Story Avoids Staying Grounded

While some memorable characters from the first two series of Ratchet & Clank appear here, the game is too short for the story to have much weight. The beginning has some shocking moments, but after that, not much of note happens until the end of the game. Knowing this, the design of the story moves by quick as does the game itself. The story is straightforward, but it focuses on the new characters and new story points, so there is not much development for the known characters until the end.

Battles Are the Foundation Fans Expect With Some Twists

With the story just being there as a necessity, the battles are done very well. If you have played any Ratchet & Clank game outside of the first one, you can jump right into this game at a harder difficulty with no issues. Weapon upgrades and enhancements are back with a nice blend of new weapons and gadgets along with returning ones. Gravity is the big change for this game. It took what you may remember from older games with the Gravity Boots and makes navigation and gadgets based on that concept. Outside of that, battles happen the same as they do in other titles, just with a slightly different arsenal to experience it with.

Clank gets his own 2-D mini-games to have fun with, but they are more of a mental puzzle than combat. Between that balance, every world has a lot to do as even arena combat returns. So there is not a moment in the gameplay that feels dull.

Customization Has Enjoyment for Multiple Playthroughs

Each weapon has a grid of upgrades, which can be bought with in-game currencies. There are also weapon levels that grow with usage. Once you max out the levels, you can purchases heightened versions of the weapons in Challenge Mode, which is the equivalent of a New Game+ feature. However, this formula is the same as past games. The new weapons to have fun with in this process are enjoyable. It is clear the developers know what works.

Exploration is Enjoyable With the New Heightened View

Gravity is the key for exploration in this game. Worlds are large as we have come to expect in the Future series. Being able to quickly gain height by messing with gravity is a lot of fun. Finding Gold Bolts and Raritanium is rewarding for cheats and weapon upgrades respectively, and the game promotes you exploring every bit of every world. Now you don't have to be a completionist if you don't want, but with how short the game is already, it will not feel like a full experience if you skip this element of the game.

Rating Overview

Rating Scale: 1-2(bad), 3-4(poor), 5-6(average, 7-8(very good), 9-10(masterpiece)




The story works but focuses a lot on new characters that don't have enough time for audiences to care. Returning characters feel like how they should but again, not enough time.

Battle System


The battles work out flawlessly if you are a fan of the franchise. It is a system that has worked for years and stays true to it with some new weapons and gadgets. Clank's moments are a nice mental exercise too.



Leveling weapons is a lot of fun as are the weapon upgrades. The grid upgrades are not as unique between weapons as it could be, but it is a great system.



Exploring the worlds is engaging but as is common in the series, portions of the worlds feel empty. This leads to some navigation feeling tedious after a while but that does not last long before you find something else to interact with.



The game is not boring and a lot of fun which is the point. It is not a groundbreaking experience and there are flaws in the story, but it is a game you would want to play again even if you are skipping the scenes.

Get used to the pair on the right as they take up 80% of the plot.

Get used to the pair on the right as they take up 80% of the plot.

Final Decision

Newcomers of the series can throw out this story as there are just enough references to be lost but not enough for hardcore fans to like this story. Either way, the game itself is fun to play. It can be completed in five hours if you just want to complete the game. It will take about 10 hours if you are a newcomer or on a harder difficulty. This game is designed to be replayed so you can max out all the weapons. If you have ever enjoyed any game in the series, try out Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus.

The "world map" of the game essentially. It is indeed a short game but there is a lot to explore on each world.

The "world map" of the game essentially. It is indeed a short game but there is a lot to explore on each world.

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