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"Real Racing 3" Tips, Hints and (Real) Cheats

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Real Racing 3 is the popular car racing 'freemium' game from Firemonkeys/EA Games on Android and IOS. It's great fun to play and has generally excellent graphics and gameplay. However, it can occasionally be incredibly frustrating both in its freemium implementation and general play.

I'm a mid-level player; I don't have an enormous amount of time to devote to the game but unfortunately, the type of game means you need to play a little and very often to really get anywhere.

As such, I've put together a few tips that may not be immediately obvious to new-ish players to give yourselves a helping hand for later on in the game.

Please note, the game makers seem to continually change the events availble, the payouts in fame and R$ and other parts of the game, so if you can't find the track or car I'm describing, it's likely the game has changed faster than this article.



You’ll find this on every single forum, tips article and street corner. If you have any intention of finishing the game, hoard, hoard, hoard your gold. Some (an increasing number) of the cars can only be bought for gold, the R$ option isn't available. These range from 20 gold at the low end to over 1000 gold for some of the high-end cars.

To put it in some perspective, because I’m not an obsessive player, I’ve missed some of the offers that allow you to win the cars. I’m looking at the following bill for cars in gold just now:

  • Porsche Cayman GT4 – 280 gold
  • Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale – 360 gold
  • Hyundai 120 WRC – 119 gold for upgrades to get the PR high enough to race
  • Shelby ’66 Cobra 427 – 180 gold (100% in V8 Naturals)

Many of the final upgrades to cars are also only in gold. The McLaren MP4-12c will cost you 65 gold to buy and a further 72 in gold (minimum) to fully upgrade as well as the cash for the lower end upgrades.

When you start getting to high-end cars there are two costing over 1000 each and another three or four at close to that.

20% Unlock Discount

When you first unlock a car in a series, you are immediately offered a 20% discount bonus regardless of whether the car costs cash or gold. The discount is a one time offer only. RR3 does occasionally put up better discounts on cars but it tends to be in the region of one or two a month. These special discounts also include cars which you already own and cars which you haven't yet unlocked and therefore can't take advantage of in either case.

Although better than the full price, you should think very carefully about accepting the 20% off if the car costs gold. If you don't need the car to progress the series (i.e. it belongs to a sub-series or isn't specifically required to get to the next level up) you're probably better off hoarding the gold you would have spent in order to buy cars that you must have to get to the next level. Saving up 20% of 150 gold is a lot less than saving up 20% of 1000 gold because you couldn't afford the more expensive car.

Know the Price Before Unlocking Cars

This is very important if you are to take full advantage of the 20% unlock bonus. You can look up the cost of any car on the Wikipedia page of full car information here. If you know the cost, you can avoid unlocking the car until you have either the cash or the gold to buy it.

Tip: You are better off unlocking a car mid-series than by unlocking a car by unlocking a new series. Sometimes the 20% unlock bonus does not appear when the car is bought as part of a new series. This means that if a car is available in a sub-series that you have access to and is a car that you would unlock as the first car in another main series, you are better pursuing the car in the subseries.

The car give away requires you to complete a number of races under specific parameters. Always try to finish these in the given time to win the car.

The car give away requires you to complete a number of races under specific parameters. Always try to finish these in the given time to win the car.


Gold payout for leveling up does increase, but not by much. Payout is 20 in gold for level 50 to 75, 22 in gold for 75 to 99 and 25 gold for 100 to 124. The kicker is that leveling up takes immeasurably longer at higher levels.

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Level 75 will take you about 94,000 fame points to level up. Most of the full tracks lower in the series give you between 1,000 and 2,000 fame points meaning you’ll need to do some 47 races to level up.

Across the entire game, you’ll need somewhere around 13,000 in gold just to purchase the cars (full price & more as FM keeps adding cars). Use the gold only for buying cars that can't be bought with cash and absolutely essential upgrades that can't be bought with cash.

Skipping levels that you really can't manage in the car giveaways could be permissible if you win the car in question, but only if it's less than it'd cost you to purchase the car in gold. Hoard the gold.

Not fully completing levels is also advisable. In some cases, where the gold required to update the car to the correct PR is more than the amount you win completing the level, you're best leaving it at 75% complete.

Cash Payout Races

Some races pay out slightly more per minute or per race than others. Here are my favourite tracks, depending on the time you have available or your inclination to sit there running a car around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 20 minutes.

Pro/AM Lower Level Cash

You can get more money by finding endurance races that you can keep going for long distances. In the Pro/AM Section, under the V8 Naturals, look for the Speedrush TV Epic Global Round 1 (window 7) and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Endurance.

With the Lexus IS F (2013) and some reasonable upgrades (I’ve got 22/28) around 15-20 miles is achievable. This can get you around R$50,000-60,000 with the Manager and the 100% daily bonus.

It’s a lot longer and more boring than the Pro Mount Panorama Cup but if you’re not at the Pro stage, it’s a reasonable payout.

Early dough

Early dough

Pro Races

In the Pro Section, under the Pro/AM supercar club, look for the Turbo Burst Australasian cup (window 16) and the Mount Panorama Cup race.

I can complete this 4 lap race at 1:51 per lap for a total of 7 minutes 24 seconds racing with the Nissan GT-R Premium (R35).

It costs the entire car to finish the race (I’m both a sloppy and needlessly aggressive driver) but with the 100% day bonus and the (free) Master Manager, the payout is just short of R$71,000 with a further R$8000 in clean race bonus.

I tend to lose about R$1,000 in penalties and a further R$1,025 to service the car, but a R$77,000 payout for seven and a half minutes of racing is the best I’ve come across so far.

With the Master Agent and the 2x fame, you also collect 6400 in fame points. It’s not the highest available in fame but it’s definitely on the side of reasonable.


  • Access to the Pro tracks
  • Nissan GT-R Premium (R35)
  • Access to the Manager at the Pro level
  • 100% free daily bonus

More Dough

In the Pro Section, under the Supercar Masters Series, look for the Mastare Global Pro Championships Round 1 (window 16) and the Suzuka Circuit Cup race.

I can complete this 4 lap race at 1:54 per lap for a total of 7 minutes 36 seconds racing with the Audi R8 V10 Coupe.

Payout is higher than the Mount Panorama Cup race but it's also slightly more difficult (I think) to win. It's still easily winnable, but I can't just switch off and win.

Fame at 7400 with the agent is also higher.


Expert Cash

In the Expert Section, under the Accolade, Open, look for the Mastare Global Championships Round 3 (window 22) and the Suzuka Circuit Cup race.

I can complete this 5 lap race at roughly 1m 46s per lap for a total of 8 minutes 48 seconds racing with the BMW M3 GT2 ALMS.

On account of the relatively high traction to speed ratio, the race is quite winnable with high-speed cornering and has a good payout.

With the 100% day bonus and the Manager, a cool R$140,000 is a welcome bonus.

Fame is around 5800 base rate with up to 23,200 on good days :-)

Free cash

Free cash

Time Cash

The weekly time trial is also a surprisingly good source of cash very early on. You can easily get into the R$5000 group and in the opening Amateur level, this is not inconsiderable.

UPDATE: The cash prize has been considerably upped, with R$500,000 now being group D prize and Gold for groups C, B and A. Definitely worth participating now.

You'll also find that as you go, past performances count against the current time trial so you'll get to the point of already having done all the tracks. You'll be entered without entering or only have to race one race and get the cash when it ends.

Lots of wasted gold. . . and time

Lots of wasted gold. . . and time

Time-Saving Tricks

Time is the kicker in this game. You play a few races, trash your car and have to wait an hour until it's ready to play again. You can speed this up with gold, but it'll cost you, eventually real money if you're too impatient.

Delivery Time

New cars take a certain time to be delivered, but you can upgrade them while this is happening. The early upgrades tend to only take 10 minutes to half an hour but some of them can take a lot longer so use the delivery time to receive a modded car.

I tend to do this only if I’m sure I’ll use the car a lot. There’s no point in fully upgrading a car you’ll only use for three races. You can also upgrade during maintenance.

Waiting. . .

Waiting. . .

Car Maintenance Tricks

Car maintenance will be the biggest drag on your time. Here are some tips to get the most out of a car before each maintenance cycle:

  • Run in-event time trial tracks with damaged cars. You can’t ‘lose’ the race so it doesn’t really matter how quick you do them. In this way, you’ll get one more race out of a car before you put it in for maintenance.
  • 1 lap will cost about 1/3rd of the car and a clean 3 lap race is easily possible without requiring maintenance afterwards.
  • A 4 lap race will usually cost you most or all of the car. Melbourne seems to be the exception here, possibly because it’s impossible to be ‘off-track’ on account of the barriers.
  • A drag race, speedsnap and autocross are usually short races and will cost you 1 to 2 ‘bars’ of car condition.
  • Try to run the car down to 0 or 1 bars of condition above degrading the car performance then go for the longest, most rugged race you have. You’ll totally trash the car but only at the expense of the last bar or so of conditioning.


Here are three methods I would consider to be cheating. I class them so because they alter the way you play the game in a way not intended by the developer. They don’t involve any kind of hacks and are simple.

Flight Mode

Turn on Flight Mode on your phone. This will cut the connection to ‘real’ racers time and you’ll only race against the AI cars. They’re slower and more stupid and a lot easier to beat. You’ll also get shorter distances in endurance races and longer times in autocross.

Go back in with either wifi or data turned on as your game ‘cloud’ saves every now and then.

Note: This doesn’t work every time; apparently there are some later races where the AI is much better than real racers.

Minimise the game while in the race, and use your phone 'Task Manager' to force it to close.

Minimise the game while in the race, and use your phone 'Task Manager' to force it to close.

Close the Game

Minimise the game on your device mid-way through the race and force close RR3 to close if you’re doing badly in a race you must win. I discovered this when the game kept crashing.

You’ll get to keep your daily bonus amount and any Manager, Agent or Mechanic promotions you might have applied against that race provided you close the game before the end of the race. They’ll then be applied against the next race you choose.

This will not help you with time trial races; you lose the driving ticket as soon as you start the race regardless of whether you complete the trial.

Note: This can create corruption within the game so only use if you’re not fussed about deleting and reloading the game. You should be able to do this on all Android versions, perhaps on Apple devices too.

Time Traveller: Time Zone Trick

There is also a cheat to do with altering the time on your phone. You'll need to completely close the program first, i.e. forced close to make sure it's not running at all. Then you put the phone in Flight mode (no wifi either), set the phone to manual time and alter the time to whatever is required to complete the maintenance period on the car.

E.g. if it’s 3pm and your car says 2 hours to finish maintenance, if you manually alter the time on the phone to 5pm, the maintenance will be finished.

RR3 is very suspicious of behaviour like this and repeatedly tells you that something is wrong and to connect your phone and refresh the time. If pushed too far it appears you’ll also lose the 100% daily bonus and it’ll reset you back to 20%. In short, you might want to avoid this unless you’re really desperate.

Questions & Answers

Question: Will the upgrades done in quantic fire of Ferrari remain if I either win it in this event or buy it?

Answer: Yes, they will.

Question: What is the best way to earn gold fast and efficiently in Real Racing 3?

Answer: Unfortunately, when I played, the best way was to work out which track earned the most fame points per minute played and run that track as many times as you could stand to 'grind' fame points to level up to get gold. In my case, that was the Le Mans 10 lapper (Endurance Kings Le Mans Cup (22.1) with a fully upgraded Audi R18 LMP1 car and whatever fame bonuses I could get (usually 100% bonus fame and double agent) making sure I won every time I played with bonuses. It usually took 25 to 30 minutes depending on the start condition of the car and how much attention I was paying while racing.

Question: What is the Drive function in Real Racing?

Answer: It's used for entering the Time Trial races. Every time you enter a time trial, you use one drive point. Once used, they take time to 'recharge', so you can only do a certain number of these races before having to wait, or pay to speed up the recharge. You can also purchase more drive points with gold or money.

Question: When playing Real Racing 3, why does it take so long and so many races to advance at high levels? E.g. Level 110 to 111.

Answer: Easy answer, money. EA wants to get your money and probably hopes that slow progress might frustrate you into buying gold with real money.

Question: Why is your starting position ALWAYS dead last?

Answer: That's the way the game makers made it. Nothing you can do. If you're struggling with this, look for dirty tricks type driving, slamming into other cars rather than breaking, cutting corners on tracks, etc.

Question: My brake pedal keeps getting stuck in Real Racing, why, and what can I do?

Answer: If it's stuck to the level of going backwards or stopped, that sounds like either a bug, corruption in installed software or an issue with your phone/tablet. If it's just braking when you don't expect it, turn off the auto assist for braking and see if that helps.

Question: When I play Real Racing, causes my car to stop and back up during a race?

Answer: Sounds like a bug or corruption in the install. Can you reinstall and restore from cloud save?

Question: Is there a way to skip the races in Real Racing 3 easily?

Answer: There are no easy ways without paying out, usually in gold which isn't worth it. Go do some other tracks until your driving/car level is good enough to win/get by.


Lymond (author) from UK on May 14, 2020:

Yes, but you'll presumably be looking to upgrade your cars anyway...

Jimmy on August 15, 2019:

The cars that you win in races are not free at all because you have to upgrade you car to win ever race.

Michael on February 14, 2019:

I love this game including the cars it is so cool

Spent Casing on September 16, 2018:

I just wanted to add how much this will help and say thank you,just found this yesterday and it's paying of big time.Really Great stuff!

Lymond (author) from UK on September 05, 2018:

Hi Marco,

If you're talking about switching timezones on your phone manually, I could never get that to stay. I'd switch, the maintenance (or other time task) would complete, then it'd simply roll back when I switched back to my normal timezone, even with a force-quit.

Marco on August 30, 2018:

Another tips would be to speak of the famous rr3 time zone trick, that's really all you need (and time of course...) to enjoy this game ^_^

Lymond (author) from UK on July 30, 2018:

Yes, RRR, that one got increasingly difficult to do even back when I was playing. It wouldn't surprise me if you need 100% connection to even open the game these days.

RRR on July 27, 2018:

I can't do time traveller

Ian Mossel on July 05, 2018:

Great tips! Especially the no Wi-Fi tip, pretty helpful if you're just starting off and you aren't really good at the game.

Mashhur on June 09, 2018:

I need to get 1019 gold

Lymond (author) from UK on June 05, 2018:

To be honest Nj, I haven't played in a while so I have no idea what the best and necessary cars are any more. From what I recall, BMW M3 GT2 ALMS was a must early on and the Audi R8 paid off in the early middle. I had a fully upgraded Audi R18 E-Tron (2015) for grinding on LM which was the only way to efficiently advance in fame points when I was racing. I seem to recall having a Lamborghini fully upgraded but I can't remember whether that was personal preference or needed.

Nj on June 03, 2018:

Which are the nessessarry cars to have and fully upgrade?

benamor hamza on April 28, 2018:


Tommy on February 15, 2018:

Cloudsave is a really good addon too

Lymond (author) from UK on January 28, 2018:

You'll always start in dead last (unless they've changed something recently). If you really can't get to the front of the pack driving, you're going to need to look into cutting across parts of the track or tactical hitting other cars instead of braking. Where I really struggled, I'd work out how to hit cars going into corners. This knocked out the car I hit and sorted the braking for me. You might have to try this a lot of times to get the hit right.

tjdivito on January 27, 2018:

Any idea how to get in a start position that’s not dead last? I’m stuck on the Porsche Test Track and I can’t pass 22 cars on that narrow of a track in only 3 laps. I’ve tried multiple cars, including a fully-upgraded lexus

Alex on December 21, 2017:

The 30% time reduce option still exists

Kevin on October 15, 2017:

Thanks for these tips. For me to grind cash and fame, I would usually do the second to last race in the "Pro" section of the events with the Lambo Gallardo, SRT Viper GTS, Porche gt3 RS, and Audi r8 v10 coupe.(Can't think of what it's called off the top of my head). That pays about R$49,000 however I get around 9000 fame with the agent active. I will definitely use these tips to grind cash. Thanks!

Lymond (author) from UK on July 03, 2017:

To be honest, I have no idea whether it's still available but there used to be a speed up the time wait by 1/3rd of the time by "watching" a video advert. It used to come and go depending on the quota they needed to fill and how many other people were watching that day.

Tom2004th on July 01, 2017:

hi, Tom here!

i just started playing RR3 again, and i got a quick qeustion. how can i skip time waits? i know we could a while ago, but can wr still do it today?

Lymond (author) from UK on June 26, 2017:

Hi Elizabeth,

I've actually installed this game again as I couldn't work out what you were asking (still not entirely sure what you mean by increase the crew to R) but I guess you're on about the lack of garage (where the cars you've bought are), the player profile and the car selection when you first start.

If this is what you're asking, it appears you need to do the first few races and get through the Racing School Basics to see these. They popped up in the top left hand corner as soon as I'd completed it.

Let me know if that's what you were asking so I can delete the game again :-)

Elizabeth Crain on June 21, 2017:

I know this game is old, but i just started playing it. How do you get to the garage to increase the crew to R. It says increase garage value. Hope you still give advice. Thank you

antony on May 06, 2017:

=lymond your tips was really help full thank u on December 31, 2016:



john on December 29, 2016:

How do you beat high voltage stage 6 goal 5. If I don't run the whole time I can't pass the last car, if I do run the whole time I run out of battery.

Lymond (author) from UK on November 30, 2016:

Hi ElectricDrift.

The short answer is no you shouldn't buy every car. Although this will cost you slightly more in the long run and you will need to be careful with cars which can only be bought for gold, it'll get you to high value races quicker and ultimately be a more efficient usage of your racing time.

You'll probably want to figure out how much you'll use the car and whether it's worth spending cash and gold (don't forget gold upgrades necessary to even use the car!) for the completed section gold return.

ElectricDrift#25 on November 28, 2016:

Hey I'm a level fifteen and I was wondering if I should buy every car that it says I need for a race or skip those races and move to the next series.

George B on November 21, 2016:

When you get to Classic American Muscle, the 8th event page has an endurance race at the Indy Speedway for '69 Chargers only. Max out your upgrades without using gold. 161 MPH, 5.4s, 121.0 ft, 0.96g. Set your settings to Steering Assist ON, Traction Control ON & Brake Assist LOW. Enter the event when you've maxed out the daily bonus. Hire the Manager and Agent. Hopefully they'll be free so you don't have to spend gold. Enter the event. My record is 120 miles! My cash winnings were just shy of $500K for that one event. My fame points were somewhere around 50000. Too bad this even wasn't made available sooner in the game.

Lymond (author) from UK on October 20, 2016:

Hi Muge S, I don't play the team events so I have no idea!

Muge S on October 19, 2016:

How can I see my team and send them a message?

Thank you..

Lymond (author) from UK on October 19, 2016:

Are you force quitting the app or closing it in the way it was intended? If you're closing it in the way it was intended, I'd make a cloud save backup and re-install the app, then re-apply your profile from the cloud backup. You'll need to make sure the back up is current as sometimes the cloud doesn't save if you don't have enough progress since the previous save.

random on October 19, 2016:

When I maintenance my car and close the app (RR3) and open the app again, it wont maintenance and I have to do it again. Help me.... PLSSSS REPLAY THANK YOU

Lymond (author) from UK on August 31, 2016:

Kele, sorry to hear that, as I mentioned in one of the other comments, they're closing all the old bugs and exploits as fast as possible.

Gravedigger, that is entirely possible, this was written before any of the Nascar races were put in. There is a limit to my boredom when farming and Nascar is it so I haven't completed it. Plus the last time I looked, the gold payout to get to the end of most of the Nascar series was ridiculous! Be very careful you don't sacrifice gold for R$, it's usually not worth it.

GraveDigger388 on August 21, 2016:

The "All Star" Nascar, last race, Daytona, offers greater R$ reward than any race you mentioned above (almost R$ 40,000 excluding Clean Race bonus, daily R$ Multipliers, and Manager).

kele on August 18, 2016:

I have just lost a car because time is up and I had only one race to finish championship 100% and win a car!!! I'm angry as hell. I've created data backup and tried to set earlier date, which worked fine but it seems that now it does not work anymore...

This was also one great cheat, you could make the time stops and take as much time as you want to finish last stage. in 7-days championships it was important to unlock the last day, because internet connection was required only to advance to the next day.

Lymond (author) from UK on August 04, 2016:

Hi geo,

Unfortunately, I don't think there is. You can scroll through lists of the players in each group in the WTT but there isn't a search function.

geo on August 03, 2016:


is there any link to see time trial records and/or search for users to view their time. especially for the weekly tt... ;)

Lymond (author) from UK on July 26, 2016:

hi .... The short answer is no. If you merely set your phone time and date to 1 year from now, you'll get a mismatch between your phone date and the FM server dates. It'll return an sync error and no gold.

There are methods for doing as you suggest but you'll need to search for them. They're very trial and error, and mostly only work on iOS, though some have reported success on Android.

If you are successful, you now risk a ban as the gold you've earned playing and the gold you have don't match. FM is looking for this kind of behaviour and going ban happy... your risk. It'll also mess with your daily bonus.

Lymond on July 25, 2016:

....... The answer is both yes and no. If you simply advance the date on your phone by a year and then sign in, the game will detect that the date on their servers and the date on your phone are different and return you an error, not gold.

There are methods to manage what you are suggesting, specifically more successful on Apple OS than Android devices but it would involve you searching for the correct method and a lot of trial and error. It'll also screw up your daily bonus and, quite likely, result in you receiving a game ban from FireMonkey....

......... on July 22, 2016:

Would i get gold bonus for not playing for long time if i "time travel" for a year or more? Likr you get 30 gold for not playing for couple of months , right?

Lymond (author) from UK on June 25, 2016:

*That should say quit, not quite...

David on June 25, 2016:

Thanks Lymond, but I've become level 30,so now I have the Pro series unlocked. I found that race you were talking about with the Lexus. It's a nice 17 grand cash and 4 grand fame.

Lymond (author) from UK on June 23, 2016:

David, you also need to engage in dumbing down the bots. When in flight mode, you'll only get the AI bots. These might start off with the best AI bot but as you lose races, the bots get easier. In order to do this you can start a race, quite (before you incur any car damage) then hit continue until you come back to the race selection. You cannot hit retry as that won't dumb down the bots. Do that a couple of times until the times get more reasonable.

Lymond (author) from UK on June 23, 2016:

Interesting, I thought they'd fixed that particular bug about 5 versions back. It also messes with the daily reward schedule though and the guaranteed gold means more to me than occasionally skipping some time.

Fzy A on June 23, 2016:

Time Traveler 100% Works... when you play at first at offline/flight mode.race and damaged your 3 cars, service.and you close this app... then you set your time in the next will also get free manager,agent & free auto enginering too... work on any uprade and time shipping any cars you buy. Thank's A Lot guys!!!

David on June 22, 2016:

Hey Lymond, that 'Hit aeroplane mode' trick doesn't work. I tried it, but still get monstrous times I have to try and beat from level 50+. (Only level 25 myself)

Lymond (author) from UK on June 21, 2016:

Hi BigGerm, I don't think this is the kind of game where EA/Firemonkey builds in actual cheat codes. Most of the cheats that exist for this game are rather bugs in the implementation of the game (such as "time travelling" to hit dates or going offline to prolong 24 hour fame bonus). There is some out and out editing of the code and file structure but that's a bit more specialist.

Unfortunately a lot of the easy to use bugs have been closed off by Firemonkey since I wrote this. The general tips still apply though, even more so as they keep adding new cars to the game. Since I wrote this they've probably added about 10,000 gold in cars and upgrades.

BigGerm20 on June 16, 2016:

Hi bro, where do I enter those helpful codes we all like in the Real Racing 3 Ios game on my Apple Ipad. Is it even possible to enter codes in the game somewhere or is it not true that its possible? If so, where can I enter these codes in the game???

Thanks for your help

Lymond (author) from UK on November 30, 2015:

Note, most of the time, time travelling is now closed. Attempts can be made but won't always be successful and have occasionally caused problems with the daily bonus.

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