"Red Faction Armageddon" - Campaign Walkthrough Guide - Levels 1 Through 5

Updated on August 11, 2020
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Red Faction Armageddon
Red Faction Armageddon

This guide serves as a walkthrough for the campaign story mode of the video game Red Faction Armageddon, providing details and tips on how to beat the various levels in the game. Included within you will also find Audio Log locations for the Chronicler achievement and trophy along with various other unlockables.

This portion of the strategy guide will cover the first five levels in the game. Each text section will cover the general level progression briefly while providing points of note with pictures for reference. Below each of these sections, you will find video guides that will walk you through each level, step-by-step, best used in conjunction with the rest of the information presented here.

Audio Logs and Salvage locations are covered in-depth in the videos. Audio Logs are also pointed out in the text portion of the guide.

Table of Contents:

Intro Cinematic

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Bringing down the Solar Towers.Bringing down the Solar Towers.Fighting the Scout Walker.Fighting the Scout Walker.Fighting the Scout Walker.
Bringing down the Solar Towers.
Bringing down the Solar Towers. | Source
Bringing down the Solar Towers.
Bringing down the Solar Towers. | Source
Fighting the Scout Walker.
Fighting the Scout Walker. | Source
Fighting the Scout Walker.
Fighting the Scout Walker. | Source
Fighting the Scout Walker.
Fighting the Scout Walker. | Source

Armageddon - Level 1

In the first level of Red Faction Armageddon, you start the game at a point before the main timeline of the story. The Terraformers which keep the Martian atmosphere in check are under siege by a group of cultists led by one Adam Hale and they are attempting to destroy the structures which would be incredibly catastrophic. You, Darius Mason, are part of a group of Red Faction soldiers sent in to stop the cultists.

Related Achievements and Trophies:

  • Unto The Breach - Gain entry into the Terraformer (Beat the level)
    Gamerscore: 15 points - Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Break the Wall
As soon as the level starts off, you are given a quick run-through of the controls with some calibration adjustments. After this is done, take out your Maul and knock down the wall ahead of you to proceed. Walking through the opened wall will grant you the Plasma Cannon.

Objective: Enter the Transformer & Destroy the Solar Towers
There are three large Solar Towers in this area that need to be taken down to drop the shield preventing you from progressing further. The quickest way to take out the Solar Towers is to detonate the various red barrels by the base of the structures to use the least ammo while creating salvage for you to pick up. Once all 3 are down, the shield will drop, allowing you to proceed onwards.

Audio Log #06 (1/3) - Before leaving this area, run away from the shielded entrance and down the road in the opposite direction until you reach the roadblock with flaming wreckage behind it. Here you will find Audio Log 06 along with some salvage which is the first of two in this level for those looking to get the Chronicler achievement or Trophy.

Objective: Secure the Area and Find the Cultist Reinforcements
More friendly Red Faction Soldiers come down from a drop ship in a quick cut-scene as you reach the first real combat in the game. Ignore shooting the majority of the Cultists directly, instead opting for well-placed shots on any nearby explosive containers. Those occupying the larger buildings are best dealt with by the Plasma Cannon and its structure collapsing blasts.

Audio Log #21 (2/3) - At the first large building occupied by several Cultists and a gunner up top, just across from the dropped troopers, you will find the second Audio Log. After bringing this structure to the ground with the Plasma Cannon to quickly exterminate its occupants, check where the rear section used to be, near the wall for the next recording.

Objective: Repair the Bridge
After looping around to remove the nearby Cultist threat, ending up at the location the Red Faction soldiers were dropped in, you will now be tasked with repairing the destroyed bridge using the Nanoforge. This utility is invaluable throughout the game, allowing you to repair any path or building as needed.

Objective: Kill the Scout Walker
Upon entering the final area of this level, you are greeted with quite the challenge, a Scout Walker. These four-legged mech-like robotic suits are armed with two very deadly weapons, a lightning Bolt that does constant damage as it hits you along with a charged laser beam that does massive damage while blowing apart structures.

The tactic here is to pop out of the plethora of cover in this room while using the Plasma Cannon to fire bursts charged up while in cover, then released upon momentarily jumping out from behind it. The Nanoforge can be used to repair any destroyed cover so that you can continue to have something to duck behind. Finishing off the Scout Walker completes the level Armageddon.

Audio Log #33 (3/3) - This log is unlocked after completing the level and can be heard through the Extras menu.

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Audio Log #06The building which Audio Log #21 is behind.Audio Log #21
Audio Log #06
Audio Log #06
The building which Audio Log #21 is behind.
The building which Audio Log #21 is behind.
Audio Log #21
Audio Log #21
Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Turbine room.The Generator room after the Turbine room.Attacked by the SHIVA.
The Turbine room.
The Turbine room. | Source
The Generator room after the Turbine room.
The Generator room after the Turbine room. | Source
Attacked by the SHIVA.
Attacked by the SHIVA. | Source

The Terraformer - Level 2

Continuing the attempt to wrestle control of the Terraformer from the Cultists that plan it's imminent destruction, level 2 of Red Faction Armageddon takes you through the interior of the Terraformer structure itself.

Objective: Get to the Turbine Room
Right at the start of this mission, Darius receives the Impact ability for use from the Nanoforge which emits a pulse of energy that can damage and knock objects back. Initially, you will use this weapon to blast through some closed doorways but it can be used to great effect against enemies as well. Hitting a hostile directly with an Impact blast will throw it a fair distance which can be followed up with gunfire while they are down. More effectively, you can incorporate structures or walls into your blast, throwing debris into the enemy and doing far more damage.

On your way to the Turbine Room, you will face a series of cultists which are best handled using the various explosive barrels littered about the area. Making use of the Plasma Cannon can be a great way to take out condensed groups of enemies where explosive barrels aren't readily present.

Audio Log #22 (1/2) - Before you arrive to the first large room of Cultists, you will find this Audio Log in a small room to the right of a hallway, guarded by a pair of Cultists leading up to the much larger combat zone.

Objective: Stop the Cultists & Repair the Turbines
This next objective will be presented to you as you near the Turbine room. When you enter this area, watch out for Cultist Officer and his Rocket Launcher, focusing on it first before moping up the other Cultists in the room. You will have to repair the damage done to the three turbines in this room before leaving, so forgoing the use of the Plasma Cannon, opting for the Assault Rifle instead might save you time. On the other side, you can have fun really wrecking the room with well-placed blasts.

Objective: Find Adam Hale and Save the Terraformer
Proceeding onward you will eventually make it to another generator type room with a large central structure with lots of blue glowing haze about it. You will need to make your way up to the first walkway to go through a nearby room to reach the second higher walkway which allows you to proceed onwards.

Audio Log #23 (2/2) - At the doorway to the upper walkway, you will find the second and final Audio Log in this level next to a dead body and some ammo crates. This one is pretty hard to miss.

SHIVA Exo suit
After using the second Audio Log and making it past this generator room you will head to another room where you will have to extend a bridge. Upon approaching the control room there is a brief cut-scene before you are locked inside a small control center of some kind with a hostile SHIVA. Although deadly, this enemy is far easier to defeat than the Scout Walker. A couple well placed Plasma Cannon blasts are enough to take it down while using the central pillar-like object for cover.

Once you have beaten the SHIVA and you cross the extended bridge you will witness another longer cinematic that covers the time-gap to present-day Mars. You can find the cinematic below this level's walkthrough.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Audio Log #22Audio Log #23
Audio Log #22
Audio Log #22 | Source
Audio Log #23
Audio Log #23 | Source

Cinematic 2

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Breaking the first door open. The second major room before breaking the next door.Breaking open the seal.
Breaking the first door open.
Breaking the first door open. | Source
The second major room before breaking the next door.
The second major room before breaking the next door. | Source
Breaking open the seal.
Breaking open the seal. | Source

Dig Site - Level 3

This relatively short mission brings us back to the present day, having set up the events that put the current story in motion. Mason is hired to unearth some hidden artifacts buried under the Martian desert, operating an Exo suit while introducing the player to the Magnet Gun.

Related Achievements and Trophies:

  • Secrets Long Buried - Destroy the Seal (complete the level)
    Gamerscore: 10 - Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Explore the Tomb
This level is pretty short and simple while devoid of enemy contact. Just make your way down the hallways collecting salvage containers (see video) until you approach a giant door you must smash open with the Magnet Gun and a giant ball.

Objectives: Investigate the Chamber and Destroy the Seal
Once you get into the main chamber you will see a large glowing, alien-like structure that serves as a sort of cap or seal on a deeper area. Probably the fastest way to break this open is by taking the giant ball off the ceiling above and sending it crashing down on the seal. Once it's broken open the mission is over, trophy or achievement awarded and more video to watch.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Purchasing upgrades with salvage in Red Faction Armageddon.The Creeper makes its appearance.A Creeper stunned with the Shockwave ability.Encountering the Pod.Picking up the Shotgun in Red Faction Armageddon.Face to face with the Ravager.
Purchasing upgrades with salvage in Red Faction Armageddon.
Purchasing upgrades with salvage in Red Faction Armageddon. | Source
The Creeper makes its appearance.
The Creeper makes its appearance. | Source
A Creeper stunned with the Shockwave ability.
A Creeper stunned with the Shockwave ability. | Source
Encountering the Pod.
Encountering the Pod. | Source
Picking up the Shotgun in Red Faction Armageddon.
Picking up the Shotgun in Red Faction Armageddon. | Source
Face to face with the Ravager.
Face to face with the Ravager. | Source
Click thumbnail to view full-size
The building that stands over Audio Log #20Audio Log #20 in Red Faction Armageddon
The building that stands over Audio Log #20
The building that stands over Audio Log #20 | Source
Audio Log #20 in Red Faction Armageddon
Audio Log #20 in Red Faction Armageddon | Source

We're Not Alone - Level 4

Having been double-crossed and breaking open the seal that was keeping something hidden that should have stayed that way, its time for Darius to start finding out what this new threat is while making his way back to civilization.

Related Achievements and Trophies:

  • We're Not Alone - Make it back to civilization. (Complete the level)
    Gamerscore: 10 - Trophy: Bronze
  • Martian Matchmaker - Fire an enemy into another enemy with the Magnet Gun
    Gamerscore: 10 - Trophy: Bronze
  • Zero G War - Kill a total of 50 enemies with the Shockwave ability.
    Gamerscore: 20 - Trophy: Bronze
  • What is Best in Life? - Kill 25 creepers with the foot stomp (melee) attack.
    Gamerscore: 15 - Trophy: Bronze

Objective: Get Back to Bastion
Right off the bat, you get to receive the Magnet Gun, which is essentially the best and most useful weapon in the game as long as you can be a little creative with it. Having unlimited ammo, you can use the Magnet Gun to fling enemies into structures or structures into enemies. Beyond that, it proves to be essential in various utility roles, like picking up salvage containers otherwise unreachable by flinging them towards yourself.

This portion of the game is free of hostiles so you can just dash through most of this initial section.

Audio Log #20 (1/2) - The first Audio Log in this level can be found at the bottom of a ruined structure, the first significant building you see, with a salvage container sitting atop it. You will find this just before the obstruction you have to clear for your next objective.

Objective: Clear the Debris, Repair the Upgrade Station and Use It
Technically three different objectives, they are all pretty simple. First, you can use your impact ability to destroy the structure blocking your path. On the other side, you will continue to find a damaged Upgrade station which you can repair with the Nanoforge. Once it's back online, you can purchase enhancements for Mason with the salvage you have collected so far. I was able to collect 2,000 salvage points at this time and recommend spending them on Health Increase 1 and Shockwave.

Get Back to Bastion (cont.)
As you continue to head along the path drawn out by your GPS, you will eventually be confronted with the first of the alien lifeforms, the Creeper. These creatures are rather weak and easily killed, only really harmful in large numbers, which they typically attack in and when ignored. Using your melee attack is actually a very effective strategy against these creatures, since they will fall quickly, plus you can build up the 25 Creeper foot stomp kills you need for the What is Best in Life? achievement and trophy. If you also unlocked the Shockwave ability, you can start building up stunned kills for the 50 you need for the Zero G War achievement and trophy, however, that is probably best done on enemies other than Creepers until you unlock What is Best in Life?

Eventually, as you continue your fights in the caverns you will encounter a new cut-scene that introduces the Pod. The Pod is not so much an enemy but an endless source of said hostiles instead, acting as a spawner. Whenever these are present they should be prioritized as targets considering the speed at which they can replenish the enemy forces, you can otherwise end up fighting an endless battle. They can be noticed from far off or dimly lit corridors by the electricity that constantly emanates from them, providing a glow. These are pretty weak armored and can be dispatched with some light fire, some flying debris or the Impact ability.

Soon after fighting past some new Pods spawning Creepers, you will run across a Shotgun to pick up along your path (cant miss it) which can come in handy further on when you encounter the Ravages for the first time. These larger creatures are much tougher than the smaller brethren you have been fighting so far, firing an energy-based spike with a much farther range and higher damage. Soon after encountering the creatures themselves, you will also find Pods that spawn the Ravages. Impact will knock them around but you will need some additional firepower or melee hits to follow up with.

Audio Log #24 (2/2) - Towards the end of the level you will eventually reach one final attack wave of enemies near a thin section of the cave. Look to the right for a building with a ramp out its front, in decent shape, and find the Audio Log near the ramp on the ground.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Picking up the Charge Launcher.Fighting the aliens in the mining colony.Ravagers spawning from wall portals.The first Monolith encounter in Red Faction Armageddon.
Picking up the Charge Launcher.
Picking up the Charge Launcher. | Source
Fighting the aliens in the mining colony.
Fighting the aliens in the mining colony. | Source
Ravagers spawning from wall portals.
Ravagers spawning from wall portals. | Source
The first Monolith encounter in Red Faction Armageddon.
The first Monolith encounter in Red Faction Armageddon. | Source

Outbreak - Level 5

A moments respite, having fallen through the floor in the cave and ending up in a new area free of the alien for the time being. Darius makes his return to civilization only to discover the new guests got there early.

Related Achievements and Trophies:

  • Liftoff - Send an enemy at least 50 meters with the Magnet Gun.
    Gamerscore: 10 points - Trophy: Bronze
  • Its all in the Wrist - Send an enemy at least 30 meters with Impact.
    Gamerscore: 15 points - Trophy: Bronze

Audio Log #02 (1/2) - Pretty much as soon as you start the level you will come upon an area where there is a tunnel to your right with burning wreckage inside, blocking it off. Peer inside it to find the first of two Audio Logs in this level.

Objective: Get to the Mining Colony
Keep running down the path marked by your GPS, making your way through the outskirts of the mining colony. You will come across some miners who get killed by an explosion. Make your way past this point and in the tunnel ahead you will find the Charge Launcher, which is a weapon that fires sticky, remotely detonated grenades. This weapon is pretty useful for large groups or tough hostiles and you can fire up to four charges at once before detonating them.

Objectives: Stop the Invasion and Find the Signal
You will reach an open area of the mining colony where many structures are built almost upon each other in the cavern. As you begin to get attacked by the enemy you will find them starting to spawn in groups from portals that open in the walls. Deal with these groups quickly by picking up piles of debris or explosives and throwing them at the portals as they open. You can tell when these show up from the unique marker on your compass. Now is also a good point to get the Liftoff achievement or trophy by flinging some of the Ravargers or Creepers from one side to the other of these large open rooms.

After clearing the first major area you will have access to an Upgrade Station which i used it to purchase Health Indicators, but can be swapped out for something you may find more useful. The signal will be given off by a dead miner in the middle of the room which you just have to run up to before continuing on.

Objectives: Get to the Elevator and Clear the Area
Further along, you will be attacked by some Creepers which you can try to propel with Impact, as they will fly the farthest, for Its All in the Wrist. In the next room, you will encounter the first Monolith. These massive alien structures come out of the ground with a clawed maw like shape, firing projectiles at you while more significantly, boosting the armor and power of all nearby aliens. The boosted aliens will glow with a haze and become several times tougher, prioritizing the destruction of the Monolith in all situations where they are present or drawing the smaller enemies away first to handle each separately. Some excellent weapons against the Monolith are the Plasma Cannon, Charge Launcher or the Magnet Gun if there's some massive debris you can throw at it with a fair bit of speed.

Audio Log #08 (2/2) - You will find this Audio Log after clearing out the room with the Monolith near some ammo crates and a dead Soldier. These are on the opposite side of the elevator from the activation panel.

Objectives: Activate the Elevator
Simply run up to the place marked on your screen next to the elevator to find a broken panel that you can repair with the Nanoforge. Once it's working again you can use it to call the elevator and end this level.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Audio Log #02Audio Log #08
Audio Log #02
Audio Log #02 | Source
Audio Log #08
Audio Log #08 | Source


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