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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - A Tale of Two Liz's - The Warren & Land's End Event Guide

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This guide covers the event, "A Tale of Two Liz's," that takes place in The Warren and Land's End dungeons in Remnant: From the Ashes covering how to complete the associated quest and claim both of the rewards, the Warrior trait and Chicago Typewriter long gun. You will also find instructions for how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.


The Warren

The Layout of the Warren conists of a single winding path that travels through a canyon created by a long section of roadway that has collapsed, with root growths all over the place. You'll move from longer sections of outdoors ares to brief indoor sections of heavily damaged buildings that seemed to collapse with the ground here.

Enemies found primarily consist of large swarms of Root Hollows and their accompanying Rot Warts that explode in infecting dust. Supporting elites like Tumblers, Shamans and Rot Witches can be expected, and I have also spotted a Root Vampire at least once. Oilskin Tonics can help with preventing the Rot damage dealt here if you need some help with elemental resistance.

Finding The Warren

The Warren spawns in either Adventure or Story mode runs on Earth, spawning in the 'event slot' for the world zone. The entrance you are looking for is one of the "road canyon" type entrances, where the street gives way to form a sloping path that leads to a below ground entrance. Some of the events and side dungeons may share entrance types or look very similar, but they generally will always spawn with the same look each time. In other words, while you might find another location has a similar entrance, you will always find The Warren behind one that looks a lot like the screenshot below.

The entrance to The Warren.

The entrance to The Warren.

Possible Tomes and World Drops in The Warren

There should always be at least one Tome of Knowledge and one World Drop (purple) somewhere on this map. The places they can spawn in are random, but only to a degree, being picked from one of several possible spawn locations when the map is generated. In the Warren, it seems to like little alcoves in the ruined buildings for spawn points for these items. You can find some examples below.

Event Overview (Land's End)

Land's End

Land's End

Survive the Root Assault and Protect Both Liz's!

The Tale of Two Liz's doesn't start with any cinematic or even a conversation. In fact, it might be a surprise at first that there are even 2 friendly NPCs in the area that you need to defend, because they run around randomly and don't always speak up or stand out against the surroundings. Complicating this is your need to keep both of them alive to get both rewards, while large groups of enemies attack with frequent elite spawns that can quickly kill one or both if left alone for too long.

If at any point you lose one of the Liz's, you can reset the event by letting yourself get downed, using Liquid Escape, or just quitting to the menu and trying again by reloading the game.

The layout of the arena consists of a few small buildings in close proximity with one main building that occupies the middle stretch o the map. You'll find the sisters usually moving around this one or the smaller building connected to a catwalk with stairs going up it sides, that you pass by coming from the entrance.

Keeping Both Liz's Alive

Like I mentioned this can be tricky, even if you brought team mates along, since if they aren't on top of interdicting the enemies that go after the Liz's, you will lose one of them even faster thanks to the increased damage and health of the enemies with additional party members. I found it helpful to use healing effects on the Liz's when possible and items and mods to help increase the enemies aggression on myself.

For mods I used Mender's Aura as it places a healing pool to try to place it in areas where one or both of them were standing. They move around a lot so it's hard to keep them inside of it, but it can help you face tank for them as well. The other mod I took was Rattle Weed to help draw aggro away from them, placing it in areas where one of the Liz's was standing while I tried to guard the other, since they don't like to stick close together either.

Item wise I would recommend Aggressor's Bane ring to draw more attention away from the Liz's ad unto yourself, along with the Mender's Charm amulet to help increase healing while also allowing me to heal the Liz's with my own Dragon Hearts, something that made the biggest difference in the end. I would also highly recommend taking an Oilskin Tonic along with a Pristine Essence if you have access to it, and using the Buff Potions to give you the best possible edge in this fight, since Rot damage will be very hard to avoid here.

Event Rewards



Unlocking Warrior

  • Increases melee damage.

As long as one of the two Liz sisters survives the event, the Warrior trait will automatically unlock once the final enemy is killed and the event completes. This is not ideal, since you can also get the trait by saving both sisters which also gets you the second reward.

Chicago Typewriter

Chicago Typewriter

How to Find the Chicago Typewriter

If you successfully save both Liz sisters, find one of them after the fight and talk to her to receive Liz's Key, which opens a door to a room on the north side of the map, on the upper section of the building that occupies the middle stretch of the map. You can actually see the purple glow of the Chicago Typewriter from outside of the room and might have noticed it during the fight. Use the key to open the door to this room, pictured below, and to get access to the gun.

Video Playthrough

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