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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Co-Op Traits Guide


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This guide covers the traits which benefit players in multiplayer, co-op games in "Remnant: From the Ashes" like Revive Speed, Friendly Fire protection and extending the Teamwork buff. Traits are passive bonuses your character has that can be leveled up, increasing the strength of the effect up to their max level of 20. These bonuses can grant a variety of buffing effects that make your character more powerful and increase their abilities.

Co-op traits are the passives that specifically apply to scenarios where you are playing with other people online in one of the co-op modes. These can help with a team's survival, like Suspicion which reduces friendly fire damage taken, Revivalist which helps heal downed players quicker or Fortification that protects you while doing it. If for whatever reason, you plan on playing entirely in single player, you can feel free to ignore these traits, however having a team makes the experience of Remnant far more enjoyable in my opinion, so I would highly recommend it. There are also some tasks that are difficult to accomplish on ones own.

Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)

Co-Op Traits

  • Revivalist: Increases the speed at which you revive fallen teammates.
  • Teamwork: Increases the radius at which the co-op buff applies.
  • Fortification: Take reduced damage when reviving teammates.
  • Suspicion: Take reduced friendly fire damage.
  • Will To Live: Increases the length of the bleed-out timer.

Note: Traits are listed in terms of my own analysis of their overall importance and impact, starting with the best Trait to max out first (Revivalist) and ending with the least important or impactful (Will To Live). If you disagree with me or have a reason why this order should be changed, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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  • Core Stat Traits
    Traits that boost Health, Stamina and Movement Speed
  • Offensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage dealing with ranged and melee weapons.
  • Defensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage reduction, armor, resistances, healing and stealth.
  • Mod Traits
    Traits that benefit mods, giving bonus damage, duration and power generation.
  • Item & Resource Traits
    Traits that boost XP Gain, Consumables and Crafting Materials
  • Co-Op Traits <-- You Are Here
    Traits that benefit multiplayer situations, like reviving others, exclusively.


Revivalist Trait

Revivalist Trait

Probably the most important Trait for those planning on playing a fair bit of co-op but aren't strong enough to carry fights on your own if your team-mates perish in a boss fight. A lot of Boss attacks are timed such that you have incredibly small windows, if any, to stand still without getting struck down, especially if you are their primary focus, which becomes more likely when you lose a teammate and guaranteed if you loose both. Throw some spawned adds into the mix, and it can be damn near impossible to have enough time to shoot, let alone revive team mates.

Having Revivalist fully maxed out makes a massive difference, cutting the time needed in half and making it far easier to keep difficult fights from failing at critical moments.

Revivalist's Effects

+5% Revive Speed Per Level+100% Revive Speed @ 20

Finding Revivalist

The Revivalist trait will unlock once you have revived team mates 10 times collectively. This does not have to be in the same play through and will happen fairly quickly if you play co-op often.

If you are in a rush to unlock it, you can have a teammate help you by downing them and reviving them in Ward 13.

Reviving a team mate.

Reviving a team mate.


Teamwork Trait

Teamwork Trait

The second most important Trait, simply because Revivalist does more to keep struggling parties alive, but the Teamwork Trait, helps keep the co-op buff active when your team mates start wandering away from each other, which happens fairly often in matchmaking games.

If you aren't familiar, when in co-op games, enemies have their health and damage increased to balance having 3 people shooting at them. One thing that helps tilt this back in your favor, is a buff that is applied to you for every team mate within the right distance, determined by this trait. Each stack, of which you can have two, gives increased XP gain, damage resistance and mod power generation.

While this trait will not increase the bonuses of this buff, extending its range to 35 meters helps keep it active even when your teammates are anywhere within visual range. (It's about the same distance as the effect of the Hunters Mark mod) Without any points in Teamwork, the base 15 meter radius is easily crossed even in boss fights with larger arenas.

Teamwork's Effects

+1m Teamwork Range Per Level+35m Teamwork Range @ 20

Finding Teamwork

The Teamwork trait unlocks upon first entering a multiplayer game, or having another player join yours.

The Teamwork buff icon that displays when the bonus is active.

The Teamwork buff icon that displays when the bonus is active.


Fortification Trait

Fortification Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

A very useful trait that goes hand in hand with Revivalist, Fortification helps you stave off damage you will inevitably receive when trying to revive your downed team mates. The damage reduction is so considerable at max level, that it makes reviving your allies one of the safest things you can do.

The only reason this isn't further up the list in terms of importance, is that the means of acquiring it are fairly difficult and will come well after most people can get and max out the other co-op traits placed above it.

Fortification's Effects

-1.25% Damage Taken When Reviving Per Level-25% Damage Taken When Reviving @ 20

It's worth noting that the damage reduction is 150% more than the reductions offered by the ranged and melee damage reduction traits. Combining them, Bark Skin and a heavy armor set, will make you a juggernaut of revival.

Finding Fortification

  1. First, you will need to find the Fetid Pools event in Corsus.
  2. Inside the dungeon, you will acquire a Rusted Amulet. Once you have this, you need to find an acid pool and crouch in it. Doing this will dissolve the amulet and give you an Acid Cleaned Key.
  3. You will need 3 of these keys, either by having you and another player find the amulet, then re-roll adventure mode to find another Fetid Pool event, clean the old amulets, find the new one then clean that too, or have a team of 3 players use their keys together. You can not take a cleaned key with you into another adventure mode. If you re-roll, you will lose it. The Rusted Amulet will persist however, which is why you can do it with just 2 people.
  4. With those three keys, there will be one of the reward rooms (rooms opened with the key) that exists as a set of rooms with a stairwell connecting tot he upper one. You will need to open the door to the room, the stairwell itself and the upper room.
  5. Once in the upper room, you will find the Hero's Ring. Picking this up will also grant the Fortification trait.

*Pictures and walkthrough videos are in progress.


Suspicion Trait

Suspicion Trait

Suspicion is a trait that reduces the damage you take from friendly fire, which can be handy sometimes in rando games or if you happen to have particularly derpy friends, or like myself, mischievous ones. As long as you are all the same relative gear level, you shouldn't take too much damage unless your allies are unloading full clips into you, but having some good damage reduction against accidental miss-fires or stepping into lines of fire, still helps keep you alive in the end.

In the end, you won't see much benefit from Suspicion, relative to the other Defensive Traits, but it's a decent option to work on after maxing out all of those if you want to be the best possible tank you can be.

Suspicion's Effects

-2.5% Friendly Fire Damage Taken Per Level-50% Friendly Fire Damage Taken @ 20

Keep in mind, thee effects still stack with your armor and other defensive damage reduction traits, so having a 50% reduction is powerful. Maxing this out will pretty much nullify friendly fire entirely.

Finding Suspicion

Suspicion unlocks after being downed by team mates 10 times collectively. This does not have to happen in the same session.

Chances are, while you will be shot often over time, it is actually quite rare in my experience to get actually downed by friendly fire, as it needs to be the killing blow to count. You'll probably have to go out of your way to have a team mate help you. If you start a new game with a friend, you can both help each other get both this trait and Revivalist at the same time, since reviving them again unlocks the other, even if you were the one who downed them to begin with.

Will To Live

Will To Live Trait

Will To Live Trait

Will To Live is definitely the least useful of the co-op traits, since it's benefits are pretty situational. To point it out first, the benefit is referring to is the 'Bleed-Out Timer' that activates when you are downed, giving your allies a limited amount of time to revive you before you have to be fully revived at a red checkpoint stone.

The base amount of bleed-out time is usually enough to last until your team mates find their way to you or get an opening in a boss fight. Only when I happened to be almost an entire maps length away, was it not long enough to last an ally finding me.

Boss fights are similar, in that it is exceptionally rare that the timer is not enough for a team mate to revive at some point in the window, assuming they aren't getting wrecked without your help regardless.

The only instance that I see this helping, is some boss fights where due to their AOE attacks, they have a tendency to still damage your wounded body once downed, as the AI does not go out of it's way to keep harming downed players. These instances usually do just enough damage to deplete the timer some, but not enough to prevent a revive, or do so much damage it seems like even double the health wouldn't have done much to stop it. Even if this is the case, the times it would have made a difference are marginal at best.

More of a quality of life trait once you've finished the rest of the more impactful ones, since they will do more to keep you from being downed in the first place anyways.

Will To Live's Effects

+5% Extra Health While Wounded Per Level+100% Extra Health While Wounded @ 20

Finding Will To Live

Will To Live unlocks after being revived by team mates 10 times, something sure to happen early in your co-op play. Can be unlocked intentionally at the same time as Revivalist and Suspicion if you and a team mate want to help each other out by downing and reviving one another. You can do this in Ward 13 right next to the red crystal to quickly replenish your Dragon Hearts and ammo.

The player's character as seen in the downed, 'Wounded' state. The Bleed-out timer is the depleting circle in the middle of the screen.

The player's character as seen in the downed, 'Wounded' state. The Bleed-out timer is the depleting circle in the middle of the screen.

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