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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Deffensive Traits Guide


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This guide covers the Defensive traits in "Remnant: From the Ashes" which benefit the player with damage reduction, better armor, increased healing and stealth. Traits are passive bonuses your character has that can be leveled up, increasing the strength of the effect up to their max level of 20. These bonuses can grant a variety of buffing effects that make your character more powerful and increase their abilities.

Defensive traits are passives that help you survive longer by working in one of three ways. The first of which is directly buffing your damage reduction like Guardian's Blessing and Mother's Blessing. The second is buffing damage resistance by increasing your total armor or elemental resistances like Bark Skin or Keeper's Blessing. Finally there are the more unique traits that have secondary effects life extending effects outside of actually reducing damage when you are hit, by increasing your healing powers with Triage, life-steal with Siphoner or keeping less enemies aggressing you with Shadow Walker.

Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)

Defensive Traits

Note: Traits are listed in terms of my own analysis of their overall importance and impact, starting with the best Trait to max out first (Keeper's Blessing) and ending with the least important or impactful (Shadow Walker). If you disagree with me or have a reason why this order should be changed, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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Keeper's Blessing

Keeper's Blessing

Keeper's Blessing

Definitely the most useful of the defensive traits, Keeper's Blessing gives you base elemental resistance which helps protect you against the spell type attacks of enemies which tend to hit incredibly hard otherwise. Having it maxed out as soon as possible should be high on all player's priorities. You'll thank yourself in the long run, especially as it's difficult to find other ways to raise your base resistances and Resistance Consumables give a percent bonus, as opposed to a flat benefit, thus having this trait maxed out makes their end result effects even stronger.

Keeper's Blessing Effects

+0.5% Elemental Resistance+10% Elemental Resistance @ 20

Finding Keeper's Blessing

The Keeper's Blessing trait is unlocked in Story Mode, after finishing the world boss fight on Earth. When you enter the Labrynth for the first time, this trait will unlock.

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

Bark Skin

Bark Skin

Bark Skin

Bark Skin is another big priority, though definitely after Keeper's Blessing, since you can gain more armor by using heavier sets or upgrading their gear levels. This trait is a bit complicated to find, and might take several runs in adventure mode to unlock. Doing so is well worth it though, as the 15% bonus is very noticeable and will start getting you to where you can shrug off some of the lighter attacks of enemies without having to dodge everything all the time.

Goes well with the Divine Nectar potion that buffs Armor Effectiveness by an additional 10% for 1 hour.

Bark Skin's Effects

+0.75% Armor Effectiveness+15% Armor Effectiveness @ 20

Finding Bark Skin

There is a two step process to unlocking the Bark Skin trait. This is probably best done in Adventure Mode.

  1. First you will have to roll Earth until you encounter the Mad Merchant npc vendor. He is in an area named Junk Town. When you talk to him, you will have some dialog options that allow you to ask about his mask. Do so until he decides to fight you. The battle is fairly easy and once he is downed, you will receive the Twisted Mask armor piece.
  2. Find the Wailing Tree event on Earth. You may have to re-roll as it is not guaranteed to spawn in the same world as the Mad Merchant, though this is possible. When you find the event, equip the Twisted Mask. You will now be able to interact with the tree. Doing so starts an animation that has the tree giving you the Bark Skin trait, before it dies.

It is worth noting that you can not complete the normal event that gives you the Twisted Idol amulet, if you use the Wailing Tree for Bark Skin. Also only one player can use the tree at a time, and subsequently unlock the trait. The Twisted Mask on the other hand, drops into all players inventories like a normal boss reward item.

Guardian's Blessing

Guardian's Blessing

Guardian's Blessing

One of the two direct damage reduction mods, Guardian's Blessing gives you protection against all melee attacks. Priority wise, it's a bit of a toss-up between this or Mother's Blessing for the ranged damage reduction, so it's really a matter of which you feel you have a harder time dealing with. Personally, I find the melee attacks to be the hardest hitting.

Guardian's Blessing Effects

-0.5% Melee Dmg Taken Per Level-10% Melee Damage Taken @ 20

Finding Guardian's Blessing

There is a multi step process involved with unlocking Guardian's Blessing, starting in Yaesha. This can be done in Adventure or Story Mode.

  1. In Yaesha you will need to find the Stuck Merchant NPC. This is a friendly pan (the main inhabitants you find in this world) that sells 2 pieces of the Radiant Armor Set, the Spear and some consumables, notably, the Golden Plum. Buy whatever you need from her now as she wont be available after this process. The 100k scrap ring, Guardian's Ring, you can skip as you'll receive it for free soon, but definitely get the Radiant set pieces now if you haven't already.
  2. Check the back of the trading cart parked nearby her. You will find a glowing quest item named Strange Curio. Grab this.
  3. You should be able to find a dungeon named the Guardian Shrine somewhere in the same world, which has a large golden bell shaped door that must be opened by first interacting with it, then placing the Strange Curio in the key hole that appears. Doing so makes the door fully slide away and allows you access to the items inside.
  4. You should find the Radiant Helm along with a tome of knowledge inside. When you pick them up, a boss will spawn called Root Horror. The fight isn't too crazy, but at 50% health it will teleport away.
  5. Go back to where the Stuck Merchant was again. You will have to fight the Root Horror boss for real this time. Once you have done so, Guardian's Blessing will unlock. Make sure to check near the merchant for the Guardian's Ring which will be lying on the ground.

Mother's Blessing

Mother's Blessing

Mother's Blessing

As I mentioned above, the ranged damage reduction offered by Mother's Blessing is kind of tied with Guardian's Blessing for importance, your priority being more of a preference for which attacks seem to cause you the most grief. Considering Mother's Blessing is found far earlier in the game than it's counterpart, I would figure most people end up maxing this one out first regardless, as it is still really worth doing.

Mother's Blessing Effects

-0.5% Ranged Dmg Taken Per Level-10% Ranged Damage Taken @ 20

Finding Mother's Blessing

Mother's Blessing is unlocked fairly early on in the Story Mode campaign on Earth, upon saving the Root Mother. In both cases it's fairly easy and just requires you defeat waves of enemies for a couple minutes. This event does not spawn in Adventure Mode.




A very important trait despite being this far down the list, Triage has a major effect on all sources of healing, including the worn or consumable items that grant healing over time. The only reason most of the damage reduction modifiers get prioritized over Triage, is the simple fact that you need to not die first, before you can heal effectively. Once you do have all those damage reduction modifiers, the effective hp gained by small HP regen trickle items like Blood Wort, Golden Plum or Blood Font become considerably more powerful. Without those damage reductions, most hits will overpower even heavy healing effects like Mender's Aura.

Triage's Effects

+5% Healing Bonus Per Level+100% Healing Effectiveness @ 20

Finding Triage

Triage is unlocked through the Story Mode only, in an event area called the Shrine of Immortals. You will have to fight waves of enemies alongside a small group of friendly rebels. Once you've completed the event, the trait automatically unlocks.




One of the five new traits added to Remnant with the Subject 2923 pre-dlc patch, Vaccine offers help via reducing the rate at whch status effects are applied to you from elemental attacks. When being hit with corrosive, rot, radiation or other similar elemental attacks, your character has a bar that will show up in the bottom center that starts to build as you get hit. While elemental resistance also assists with reducing status buildup, in addition to preventing some portion of the associated damage, Vaccine only helps reduce the amount of status gained.

This is still good to max out eventually, since a full status stacks will usually impair your ability to defend yourself in some way or cause you to take extra damage, and any help in reducing the buildup of those effects is very handy.

Vaccine's Effects

-1.5% Status Buildup Received Per Level-30% Status Buildup Received @ Level 20

Finding Vaccine

Vaccine is unlocked by curing 25 status effects on your character using consumables. This can actually take some time to do, especially if you aren't prone to going out of your way getting infected or corroded.

The best and fastest way of getting Vaccine unlocked is by using the Spitfire handgun obtained by defeating the Singe world boss on Earth. You can use the dragon stone in ward 13 to fully charge all 50 stacks of the unique mod it comes equipped with, which allows you to shoot flames that can set yourself alight if you aren't careful.

Use the mod charges to shoot some flames on the floor, underneath your feet, giving yourself 3 stacks of burning, then use a Hydro Coolant consumable which you can buy from Regie for 50 scrap each. Not only does this count as curing yourself of a status effect, it counts 3 times, once for each stack. This let's you unlock vaccine in a matter of minutes, and is considerably easier and safer than trying to get yourself statused in boss fights.

You can use other weapons that cause status effects, though only some of the aoe ones will allow you to harm yourself with elemental damage. Alternatively, with the help of a teammate willing to shoot you, you can use other weapons with elemental damage like the Beam Rifle, Devastator's alt fire (which causes 3 stacks of bleeding at once), Hotshot, or many of the other boss weapons or mods that allow for friendly fire.


The Siphoner Trait.

The Siphoner Trait.

*Requires Subject 2923 DLC

The Siphoner trait is one of the new passives released with the Subject 2923, one of the few that actually requiring owning the DLC, as there are some new traits which do not, like Vaccine. An important trait for any build wanting to utilize lifesteal for obvious reasons.

Siphoner's Effects

+1% Lifesteal Per Level+20% Lifesteal @ Level 20

Finding Siphoner

So I have noticed in my browsing around since the release of the DLC, that this trait is a bit tricky to find, and honestly, it was hard for me to figure out at first, even with some various clues I found on the web thanks to other players.

In order to unlock Siphoner, you need to complete a mini side event named Rescue the Baby Krall, which doesn't have its own dungeon and has no real way of letting you know it exists unless you hear about it first. What you are looking for, is a small cage containing a baby rat that can be found in either the Wuthering Keep or the Wild Reach, both of which are dungeon boss areas prior to the arena section.

These locations are notable for the boat entrance and the tileset featuring a large wooden fishing village with multiple docks within a large open area and frozen seawater all around. In one of these zones, you will find the Baby Krall cage pictured below, keeping in mind it could be in a few different locations, but should look mostly the same, with its distinct peak shape and weaved siding.

Shoot the lock off this cage and clear out any enemies that are nearby and the trait automatically unlocks and the Krall Baby will scurry away. If you are lucky enough to have the Krall Mother spawn on your map, make sure to visit her afterwards to receive the Blessed Necklace amulet. Unfortunately this second half requires some luck as she is not guaranteed to spawn on the same map.

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker

Out of all the Defensive traits, Shadow Walker is definitely the most limited in it's use, suited for those who want to play with a more stealth based approach, either sneaking up on enemies or sniping them from a distance. This can be marginally useful for other player's but generally speaking, the hardest fights aren't going to warrant you the option of hiding from the enemy.

Shadow Walker's Effects

-1.5% Enemy Awreness Per Level-30% Enemy Awareness @ 20

Finding Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker is available to Hunter type characters through Ace in Ward 13. For The other two classes, you can unlock this trait by finding a dungeon event on Earth, either in Story or Adventure Mode, called Hunter's Hideout (location name: Hidden Grotto).

When you enter this dungeon, there will be a sickly hunter npc sitting by the checkpoint who you can talk to. She will give you a key that opens a door at the end of the dungeon. Upon doing so you will unlock the Shadow Walker trait.

The hunter will warn you of the traps found in this dungeon, which makes it a bit unique. Watch out for devices on the ground like landmines, which you'll need to shoot to neutralize as you make your way through. There are more traps inside the final room, after you open the locked door, so stay being careful then too!

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