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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Hunter's Hideout Event Guide

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This guide covers the Hunter's Hideout event that takes place in the Hidden Grotto dungeon in Remnant: From the Ashes covering how to complete the associated dungeon quest and claim both of the associated rewards, the Shadow Walker Trait and Hunting Pistol Hand Gun. You will also find instructions for how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.


Finding Hidden Grotto

The Hidden Grotto dungeon where the Hunter's Hideout event takes place is found on Earth and can be located in either Adventure Mode, or Story Mode, with the dungeon spawning in the normal "zoned event slot" on the map.

The dungeon entrance will look like an open manhole cover with a bit of rusted railing next to it. While some dungeon entrances share similarities, each one tends to have some level of uniqueness to it. As can be seen below, they will spawn with the same or similar look in subsequent runs. This can help with speeding through zones quicker, if you are looking for something specific.

Upon entering the Hidden Grotto, you will turn a quick corner before reaching the checkpoint room. The first room is distinguishable by the fact you will find some writing on the wall in front of you and a coughing NPC Hunter sitting down already.

Event Overview

To start off the Hunter's Hideout event, talk to the coughing Hunter by the entrance checkpoint. There aren't any dialog options presented, but she will initially threaten you before making it clear that she's been infected with root rot and is likely dying. She has a change of heart as this progresses, and decides, in the end, she'd rather you have her possessions, seeing as she has little use for them. At this point, you're given the Hunter's Key which will be used to open the reward room located at the end of the dungeon.

From here, your only task is to reach the end room, having to deal with the enemies along the way. Unique to this dungeon, you will also find a plethora of traps laid across the dungeon, which you'll have to watch out for. More about this in the layout section below.

The Hunter's Key quest item.

The Hunter's Key quest item.

Enemies Found

Enemies in the Hidden Grotto are primarily the swarms of ball-shaped Root Hollow creatures found in a number of the underground dungeons. As is usual, the pink exploding Rot Warts accompany them and you might encounter some larger enemies as elites, like the Slayer archer or the Juggernaut with its rapid-fire cannon. Something worth being more concerned about though, are the traps mentioned in the Layout section below.

Expect Rot damage, which you can help counter with an Oilskin Tonic. Consider using area of effect weapons or mods, and something with high medium range precision, to help you deal with the mines.

A sample map of the Hidden Grotto dungeon.

A sample map of the Hidden Grotto dungeon.

Hidden Grotto Layout

The overall layout of the dungeon is a winding single path that leads to the second checkpoint and the Safehouse next to it. All along the way, you will find a number of explosive traps laid along the halls, many of which end up being detonated by the enemies as they wander around the halls. You can actually hear the explosions off in the distance, as you make your way through. You will still need to keep an eye out though, as they can deal a decent amount of damage, and knock you off your feet, allowing the swarms of enemies to wail on you.

Shoot the traps to disarm them before getting close.

Keep an eye out for the little cans in the ground with metal prongs sticking out of them and the wooden stakes tied to wire that stretches across the pathway. Once you reach the end of the dungeon, remain vigilant, as there are traps directly outside and inside the Safehouse. I myself have forgotten this many times, opening the final door only to run in without a care and tripping the mines.

Hunter's Hideout Rewards

The Hunter's Hideout event has two rewards that can booth be obtained in a single run without any issue. The first is the Shadow Walker trait and the second is the Hunting Pistol handgun. Both of these are obtained upon reaching the Safehouse at the end of the dungeon.

Shadow Walker

  • Reduces enemy awareness range.

The Shadow Walker trait is unlocked immediately upon using the Hunter's Key to open the Safehouse door at the end of the area, which also rewards the bonus quest experience.

Shadow Walker is a defensive passive that helps with your character's stealth, reducing the default range at which enemies notice you under various scenarios. The actions you are taking at the time still play a large effect on this, as shooting tends to get you more noticed, than crouching and silently walking past enemies.

The Shadow Walker trait.

The Shadow Walker trait.

Hunting Pistol

The Hunting Pistol can be found inside the Safehouse itself, though keep in mind, there are traps inside as well. Look in the back corner of the room next to the makeshift grave display and you will find it in the green cabinet on your right. It can be a bit hard to see at first because the purple glow is obscured by the cabinet itself as you enter.

This is a pretty useful hand gun, with high single-shot damage and good range and accuracy. It has the drawback of only loading a single shot at a time, but on the plus side, reload speed is quick enough to give a steady fire rate, all in all making it a good elite-killing weapon.

The Hunting Pistol hand gun.

The Hunting Pistol hand gun.

The Hunting Pistol found in the cabinet.

The Hunting Pistol found in the cabinet.

Possible Tome Locations

Tomes of Knowledge typically seem to spawn from one of a set number of possible locations in each area, and the Hidden Grotto is no exception. It should always be fairly easy to find Tomes here as there aren't many out of the way areas, though you may need to make sure you check corners as you go. Check below for some screenshots of different examples.

Video Playthrough

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