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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Item & Resource Traits Guide


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This guide covers the traits which primarily affect your resource income in "Remnant: From the Ashes" like XP Gain, consumables, extra Scrap or Lumenite Crystals. Traits are passive bonuses your character has that can be leveled up, increasing the strength of the effect up to their max level of 20. These bonuses can grant a variety of buffing effects that make your character more powerful and increase their abilities.

Resource traits are usually less about directly affecting your survival, with the exception of Glutton, but are more quality of life traits that make the games grind easier on you by increasing the value of the resources you find throughout the game. One in particular, Elder Knowledge, even helps with the amount of XP you gain by killing monsters in Remnant, which makes earning every trait point after that, a fair bit quicker.

Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)

Resource Traits

Note: Traits are listed in terms of my own analysis of their overall importance and impact, starting with the best Trait to max out first (Elder Knowledge) and ending with the least important or impactful (Luminescent). If you disagree with me or have a reason why this order should be changed, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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Elder Knowledge

Elder Knowledge Trait

Elder Knowledge Trait

Elder Knowledge might not be the most directly useful Trait to have, but if you can find it early on in your character's progression and get it leveled up to 20 as a priority, the return will be well worth it in the long run. There are currently 40 Traits in Remnant: From The Ashes, and 20 levels of each, minus the free point given when you first get the Trait, that makes 760 levels to earn to match the 800 Trait points needed to max out all 40. That's not including any of the Traits that might come with he new DLC 'Subject 2923'.

Overall, it is definitely worth finding this early, and you can always use an Orb of Undoing to reset trait points spent here, when you get closer to maxing out the rest of them.

Elder Knowledge's Effects

+1% XP Gained Per Level+20% XP Gained @ 20

It is worth noting, that this bonus only effects monster kills. Quest bonus xp, or the Tome's of Knowledge that grant free Trait points, will not be affected by this. Despite this small drawback, considering you earn the majority of XP killing things, the impact is pretty minor considering the benefits.

Finding Elder Knowledge

You can find Elder Knowledge early in a new game, located in the B2 level of Ward 13. Travel down to level B2, go through the first main hallway of that level and then look for the second door/office on your left. Inside this office will be a small tape recorder that you will need to interact with to receive the Trait.

Side Note: The tape recorder is actually the sounds the researches recorded after connecting a Dreamer to the Root, though from what I've read through the lore, they weren't aware of that at first.


Glutton Trait

Glutton Trait

Glutton is one of those passives that doesn't seem as useful as it actually is, until you've been wrecked multiple times over by enemies while trying to down a potion, use an ammo box or heal with a Dragon Heart, in a dangerous situation. You often need to use your hot-bar'd consumables in a pinch when things are hairy and you might die otherwise, so trying to skimp on Trait points here because you think you can just deal with it, will cause you a lot of headaches down the road. Trust me, it's worth spending on just to save yourself the rage of being killed cause you were stuck not being able to doge for a split second more than it took that enemy to lay a fatal blow.

Glutton's Effects

+1.75% Consumable Use Speed Per Level+35% Consumable Use Speed @ Level 20

It's worth mentioning again that Dragon Hearts count as a consumable and are benefited by this skill.

Finding Glutton

Glutton can be acquired by fighting and defeating The Unclean One world boss in Corsus. You'll probably also recognize him as the dude with the big hammer pounding meat in his shack (lél). You have to fight him in the story mode of the game, and he spawns regularly in adventure mode.

Pro Tip: Remember to shoot The Unclean one in the butt, that's his weak spot.

The Unclean One

The Unclean One


Potency Trait

Potency Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

Potency is a Trait that's most useful for the normally short lived consumables like Adrenaline and Frenzy, because these are the only ones that expire quickly enough to stop working during a fight you might still need them in. For the rest of the consumables like the resistance buffs (Oilskin Tonic, Hydro Coolant, etc) or the hour long, through-death buffs like Mudtooth's Stew or Houndmaster's Jerky, this Trait merely saves you scrap and having to buy more of them in the long run, as you should always have some moment of downtime to refresh a 10 minute to hour long buff, before getting into the thick of it again.

Potency's Effects

+1% Consumable Duration Per Level+20% Consumable Duration @ Level 20

Consumable Duration Table

ConsumableBase DurationLvl 20 Potency Duration

Frenzy Dust & Blood Wort

30 Seconds

36 Seconds


30 Seconds

36 Seconds

Oilskin Tonic, Hydro Coolant, Heavy Water, Greenleaf, Ethereal Orb

10 Minutes

12 Minutes

Mudtooth's Stew & Tonic, Divine Nectar, Beetle Extract, Golden Plum, Houndmaster's Jerky,

60 Minutes

72 Minutes

Finding Potency

Finding Potency is a bit complicated and can be a fair bit challenging. Also while I haven't fully confirmed this yet, I have a strong suspicion that you need to complete Corsus in the story mode of your game at least once, before certain things will spawn for you in adventure mode. It is also best to perform this after giving the Guardian Heart to the Iskal Queen in your story mode game, though it may not be necessary, there are definitely other rewards for doing so. So keep that in mind.

  1. First, roll adventure mode on Corsus until you have a map with the Iskal Queen (Boss Version) and the Graveyard Elf.
  2. You will need to find one of the green zombies (pic below) that can infect you with a Parasite and let it grab you and apply it on you.
  3. Avoid touching any red stones (which will clear the effect) and run to the Iskal Queen and talk to her, then agree to help her deal with the Graveyard Elf. She will give you the Iskial Vial.
  4. Approach the Graveyard Elf by crouching in stealth to avoid waking her up and place the vial inside of her soup. The Potency Trait will unlock here.
  5. To get another reward, the Ring of the Unclean, go to a checkpoint, come back to the Elf's hut and you will find the ring inside.
The Iskial Vial

The Iskial Vial


Scavenger Trait

Scavenger Trait

Scavenger is a useful Trait to invest in early on, but becomes significantly less useful after having it for a while and once you are mostly done crafting weapon levels. Having the extra scrap lying around to purchase large numbers of buff potions allows you to use them more frequently through the game, especially when you are still gearing up and can use the extra hand, without having to sacrifice your advancement in gear level.

Once you've cleared the campaign a few times through, it might be worth considering using an Orb of Undoing to reset your skill points and move the 20 here to something else that helps farm XP faster, which is the real long term grind.

Scavenger's Effects

+1.75% Scrap Picked Up Per Level+35% Scrap Picked Up @ 20

Finding Scavenger

There are two ways of finding Scavenger. The first and simplest, is unlocking it by collectively picking up 10,000 scrap.

The second option to unlock Scavenger, which may be faster but is a bit luck based, is keeping an eye out for the Tarnished Ring item while traveling through Earth. You will see it laying next to a skeleton like the purple glowing jewelry or the blue glowing Tomes of Knowledge, except this will have the orange glow associated with quest items. Once you have the ring, find Reggie back in Ward 13, and give him the ring. You may need to exhaust his question dialog options first.

The Tarnished Ring

The Tarnished Ring

Reggie in Ward 13

Reggie in Ward 13


Luminescent Trait

Luminescent Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

Luminescent is a Trait that is useful but is difficult to acquire and thus, is likely to be found when it has little room for impact, as I myself already had a wealth of Lumenite Crystals by the time I had leveled up a lot of the more useful traits. If you really need to upgrade a lot of Boss weapons, it might be worth going out of your way to grab, but is definitely a candidate for resetting at some point down the road.

The Pearl of Luminescence (+70% chance of doubling picked up Lumenite) ring, found randomly in Yaesha, has a better effect without needing 20 trait points to use.

Luminescent's Effects

+1.5% Chance to Double Lumenite Crystals Picked Up Per Level+30% Chance to Double Lumenite Crystals Picked Up @ 20

If you combine the Pearl of Luminescence with level 20 Luminescent, all crystals picked up should double.

Finding Luminescent

This is another complicated process, similar to Potency. I would recommend completing your character's story mode campaign at least once before attempting this, though it might not be necessary. Also this should be done in Adventure Mode to ensure you can complete all the steps.

  1. Find the Abandoned Throne event in Corsus. It will be the same area as you find the Iskal Queen (Vendor Version) but she will not be there. Instead you will just find a number of non-hostile Beetles roaming about.
  2. Get the Mudling Queen Beetle to spawn by killing the regular non-hostile Beetles until she shows up. This will take a while, to the point where it may seem nothing is happening. This should be expected, as the times I have tried this, it took 5 minutes + with a team of 3 of us, killing beetles before she spawned. Each time you kill Beetle, another will spawn somewhere nearby. You can actually listen for the sound of them digging up from the ground, which is a different sound then their corpses disintegrating, if you listen closely. Also some of the Beetles will be very tiny and hard to see, but you need to kill these too, as only so many will be spawned at once.
  3. Keep paying attention! Eventually the Mudling Queen Beetle will pop up unexpectedly, and a quest objective will come up to kill her with some unique sound notifications to help alert you. She will be larger, more of a blueish color than the others, show up as hostile, and starts running away almost immediately. You will have to chase her down and deal a fair bit of damage to her to down her (think weak elite), and while I haven't seen it fail yet myself, I would assume you should do so quickly lest she escapes. Once you down her, you will get the Opalescent Shell crafting item.
  4. Find a map of Corvus that has Mar'Gosh spawned on it (underground cave) and then find a green parasitic zombie to infect you with the Parasite status, which allows you to talk to Mar'Gosh and use him as a vendor. Don't use any red crystals after getting the Parasite effect to avoid clearing it. You will be able to give him the Opalescent Shell and in return he will give you the Luminescent Trait.
The Opalescent Shell

The Opalescent Shell

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