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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Mod Enhancing Traits Guide


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This guide covers the traits which benefit the weapon mod skills in "Remnant: From the Ashes" granting extra mod power generation, enhanced mod damage, duration and more powerful summons. Traits are passive bonuses your character has that can be leveled up, increasing the strength of the effect up to their max level of 20. These bonuses can grant a variety of buffing effects that make your character more powerful and increase their abilities.

Mod traits are passives that buff the Weapon Mods (aka Spells) you slot into your guns, or in the case of boss weapons, are pre-slotted. These enhancements come in the form of increased damage from the likes of Evocation, longer durations from Concentration and more mod power being generated with Spirit and Arcane Strike so you can cast them more frequently. Mods that summon creatures that fight on your behalf, also have their own two special traits, Invoker for their own separate damage buff and Blood Bond to allow them to soak damage on your behalf.

Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)

Mod Traits

Note: Traits are listed in terms of my own analysis of their overall importance and impact, starting with the best Trait to max out first (Spirit) and ending with the least important or impactful (Blood Bond). If you disagree with me or have a reason why this order should be changed, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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Main Index & Overview

  • Core Stat Traits
    Traits that boost Health, Stamina and Movement Speed
  • Offensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage dealing with ranged and melee weapons.
  • Defensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage reduction, armor, resistances, healing and stealth.
  • Mod Traits <-- You Are Here
    Traits that benefit mods, giving bonus damage, duration and power generation.
  • Item & Resource Traits
    Traits that boost XP Gain, Consumables and Crafting Materials
  • Co-Op Traits
    Traits that benefit multiplayer situations, like reviving others, exclusively.


Spirit Trait

Spirit Trait

Flat out the most useful of the mod traits, as you need to generate mod power to use them to begin with. A mod you cant charge or charges too slowly is essentially dead weight as long as it cant be used. Combining this with the Cultist gear set, means you will be able to use weapon mods constantly, only taking a few shots to half a clip, depending on weapon, to fully charge them.

Spirit's Effects

+1.25% Mod Power Gen Per Level+25% Mod Power Generated @ 20

Finding Spirit

Spirit can be unlocked one of two ways, the first and easiest, though restrictive, is creating a character as an Ex-Cultist. Character classes don't really lock you in to anything in Remnant, as the class is pretty much just what starting mods, traits and gear you have. Anything the other classes start with can be acquired easily, early into the game, quickly removing the barriers that exist between them.

On the other hand, if you picked a different class, you can find Spirit in a special event dungeon on Earth, named Sorrow's Field. The event itself, is called Supply Run, and consists navigating a dungeon to find the safehouse at the end. You can also find the Assault Rifle from this event, which is personally my favorite long rifle weapon due to it's amazing DPS and mod synergy.


Evocation Trait

Evocation Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

Definitely the next most important trait, Evocation gives a base damage increase to all mods, with the exception of Summon mods, that have their own damage boosting trait, Invoker. Unfortunately, some of the mods that don't directly apply damage, like Hunter's Mark, will also not see benefit from this. Others however, like Swarm, become significantly more powerful.

Evocation's Effects

+0.75% Mod Damage Per Level+15% Mod Damage Bonus @ 20

Finding Evocation

Evocation is acquired through an alternate completion of the Circlet Hatchery event found on Corsus. In this event, there will be large wisp hives that hang from the ceiling which you must destroy. There are also wisp creatures spawned by those hives that attack you, but are killed in a single shot.

To acquire Evocation, you will need to complete the event by destroying all hives, without taking any damage from wisps. Doing so will unlock Evocation along with granting you the Soul Ember ring, which is won by completing the event regardless of the alternate requirement for Evocation.




*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

Highly useful as a trait, though a bit of a process to unlock, Concentration benefits all mods that have a duration function to them or are channeled. Mods like Hunter's Mark, Hive, Mender's Pool and the rest that work for a set time, while now work longer. Combined with the damage buff and mod power generation traits, Concentration helps you keep mods active longer and wreck everything that much harder.

While a difficult decision to put this in 3rd place, I do so only because it seemed more generally useful to get more out of the weapon mods by working to increase the damage they deal and increase the speed at which you can cast them, prior to extending their duration once cast. Also the barriers to get Concentration mean you will have to progress a fair bit through the game to acquire it.

Patch Updates: Now effects Hive Cloud and Spore Shot. Apparently prior to the Pre 2923 patch, it was not benefiting those mods.

Concentration's Effects

+1% Mod Duration Per Level+20% Mod Duration @ 20

Finding Concentration

Concentration is another one of the Swamps of Corsus traits that requires a few distinct steps to acquire.

  1. First, you will have to complete the story mode up through Corsus, when you kill the world boss for the Guardian's Heart. You will need to give the heart to the Iskal Queen in your playthrough before you can progress further. If you are already past this point and gave it to the Undying King, you will need to re-roll the campaign so you can choose the other option, which also means fighting the Undying King once he realizes you aren't getting him the heart.There is also apparently a chance she might not spawn in a campaign, which means re-rolling again if you happen to be unlucky enough.
  2. Once you give the Iskal Queen the Guardian's Heart in your story mode playthrough, you can generate an adventure mode of Corsus that has a chance to spawn the boss version of the Iskal Queen in her throne room dungeon. If you gave her the heart, she will be friendly to you upon entering her chambers. Starting a conversation with her will have her thanking you for your previous assistance and awarding you the Cryptolith Sigil. She then asks you to leave. At this point, if you should choose to do so, you can fight her using the dialogue options.
  3. The Cryptolith Sigil persists through adventure mode re-rolls, which you'll have to do to generate new worlds that have a chance to spawn the Cryptolith Tower. This is found only in adventure mode, in any of the four worlds, but doesn't seem to start showing up until you have the sigil, though I am unsure if this is actually the case or just random chance that I didn't see it in all my adventure rolls prior.
  4. When you find a Cryptolith Tower (picture below) you can interact with it to receive one of three rewards. The first use of the tower will give you the Concentration trait. Finding it again and using it a second time gives Blood Bond and a third time gives the Labyrinth Armor Set. The sigil will remain in your inventory until it has been used all three times.
The Cryptolith Sigil

The Cryptolith Sigil




With the release of the Pre-DLC Patch for Subject 2923, Catalyst has been reworked from it's previous use as a trait that increased chances of proc effects, to a bonus to mod power generation when attacking enemies affected by a status effect. This change is significant, as it makes using status effects on bosses and other tough enemies much more powerful, and able to better feed mod usage.

This benefit seems to apply to either ranged or melee attacks, meaning that taking along a mod or weapon that can cause Burning, Bleeding, Corrosive or one of the other statuses, is definitely worth doing. Overall the bonus is comparable to the one granted by the Cultist armor.

Catalyst's Effects

+2% Status Mod Power Generation Per Level+40% Status Mod Power Generation @ 20

Finding Catalyst

Catalyst is obtained by defeating either The Thrall or Canker dungeon bosses found in Corsus. This can be done in either Story or Adventure Mode.



Arcane Strike

Arcane Strike Trait

Arcane Strike Trait

Arcane Strike is obviously going to be far more useful for players focusing on melee builds for their character, allowing them to use synergistic mods more frequently that can really help with the necessary tanking of damage. While not as beneficial to ranged builds, it is still nice to stack with Spirit to make your melee weapon worth using for the extra mod generation power when you need to cast something quicker than shooting enemies will allow for.

It is important to note, as mods can only be slotted in ranged weapons, melee weapons generate mod power for whichever ranged weapon is currently equipped.

Arcane Strike's Effects

+1.25% Mod Power Gen From Melee Hits Per Level+25% Mod Power Generated With Melee Hits @ 20

Finding Arcane Strike

You will find Arcane Strike in the normal progression of the story mode campaign, right near the end, as it drops from killing either one of the two world bosses in Yaesha. Every adventure or story mode rolled is guaranteed to have one of the two bosses, The Totem Father or The Ravager, but will only have one or the other and never both.

Flash Caster

Flash Caster

Flash Caster

Flash Caster is definitely one trait I would say could be way more or less important, depending on one's personal experiences getting nailed when trying to cast mods. Personally I find it an issue with the mods I like to use (like Hunter's Mark), but some of the other mod's are much easier to cast on the move or have very quick cast animations. Considering the unlock requirements, you won't be getting this trait unlocked until you have progressed significantly through the game.

Flash Caster's Effects

+1.25% Mod Cast Speed Per Level+25% Mod Casting Speed @ 20

Finding Flash Caster

To unlock Flash Caster, one most collect 25 Basic Mods. This is an important distinction, as this means Boss Mods, the ones attached to a weapon and cant be removed, do not count.

There are a total of 27 Basic Mods in Remnant, which means you have to acquire pretty much all of them that exist in the game, and that's counting the Very Good Boy secret mod. Pet the Dog that sits next to Wud in Rhom for this one if you haven't found it already.

While it doesn't require Subject 2923 DLC outright, without that DLC theres no way you can get 27, since at least 4 that I know of are found in Reisum.

For those of you who feel like this is bugged out for you, make sure you actually have at least 25 basic, non-boss mods first, as a lot of posts I have seen mentioning this are in places that fail to differentiate the basic mods from boss mods in their instructions.




Invoker is one of the two Summoner focused mod traits that affect the mods that create creatures that fight on your behalf. This trait basically takes the place of Evocation, since that trait doesn't affect summon mods with it's damage buff. On the plus side, you get 5% more bonus to damage, since Invoker caps out at +20% versus Evocations +15% buff.

Update 'Subject 2923 Pre-Release Patch': Looks like summons now get the bonus from regular mod damage now too, making Invoker considerably more powerful, but should probably still be prioritized after Evocation. This mosd also no longer requires the Swamps of Corsus DLC.

Invoker's Effects

+1% Summon Damage Per Level+20% Summon Damage @ 20

Finding Invoker

To unlock Invoker, you need to collectively score 100 kills through the use of your summons. This can actually take some effort as most summons don't end up laying killing blows, which are needed for this to count, due to their slow attack speeds relative to most player weapons.

I would recommend using two weapons both equipped with summoning skills (I used Seed Caller and Beckon) and run around an area with lots of weaker minions to kill, like the outdoor areas in Corsus. Try to fire as little as possible, or just weaken most enemies so your summons can score the kills they need. It took me about 10 minutes or so of doing this in Corsus to unlock Invoker.

Letting my summons farm kills to unlock Invoker.

Letting my summons farm kills to unlock Invoker.

Blood Bond

Blood Bond Trait

Blood Bond Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

A highly useful skill for those who want to take summons with them, but useless otherwise and also takes time to obtain, Blood Bond allows your minions to help keep you alive longer by using them to offload some of the damage you take. Combined with the various damage reduction traits and strong armor, Blood Bond can help make for a very tanky build.

It is worth considering, some summons tend to last longer in combat than others, so summons like Seed Caller, might not help much since they get downed often by aoe attacks and getting in the way of melee strikes. Others like the Beckon skulls that fly through the air or the Tentacle Shot mod that creates whipping tentacle arms that often get ignored by enemies and have their own healing effect might be more useful.

Blood Bond's Effects

0.75% of Damage Taken Is Absorbed By Summons Per Level15% of Damage Taken Is Absorbed By Summons @ 20

Finding Blood Bond

You can find Blood Bond using the Cryptolith Sigil on Cryptolith Towers that spawn in adventure mode once you have the sigil on you. To avoid covering all the steps in detail again, you can see the specifics of how to get the sigil in the section 'Finding Concentration' above. Blood Bond is the second reward you will receive from the Cryptolith Towers.

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