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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - The Root Mother - Chapel Station & Church of the Harbringer Event Guide

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This guide covers The Root Mother event that takes place in the Chapel Station & Church of the Harbringer dungeons in Remnant: From the Ashes covering how to complete the associated quest and claim both of the rewards, the Mother's Blessing trait and Sniper Rifle long gun. You will also find instructions for how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.


Chapel Station

With the Root Mother event, there are two connected areas that make up its entirety. The first is Chapel Station which is a long winding underground dungeon through the old subway system of the ruined Earth city. Most of the hallways consist of long train tunnels in various states of collapse with smaller utility rooms branching off in multiple areas, containing chests and the like.

You'll find a lot of Root Devils hanging from the ceilings, that drop down and attack in swarms, supported by Hulk, Slayer and Immolator elite enemies. You can use a Hydro Coolant to help deal with some of the Fire damage from the Immolators.

Finding Chapel Station

The Root Mother event and it's associated entrance, Chapel Station, will only spawn in Story Mode games of earth. Rescuing the Root Mother is part of the natural progression of the story line, so you are guaranteed to run into her soon into a new game. To find the entrance to the first of the two areas she is tied to, you will be looking for a subway entrance like the one seen below, inside of a larger more common looking building.

The entrance to Chapel Station.

The entrance to Chapel Station.

Possible Tomes and World Drops in Chapel Station

While there are no unique rewards in Chapel Station, you should be able to find exactly 1 Tome of Knowledge and 1 World Drop item from the pool of potential items for Earth. The locations where these spawn are semi-random, being drawn from a list of possible places they could spawn in. You can check the pictures below for examples of where these items could potentially spawn.

In my runs, I have personally found the Aggressor's Bane, Pillar of Stone and Stockpile Circlet, though there is no notion these spawn more frequently than others, it is simply to confirm that they do in fact, spawn here.

Note: Unfortunately the poll doesn't allow for multiple options, so try to pick the one you've found most recently or most often, if you can recall finding several.

Church of the Harbringer - Event Overview

When you enter the second area, Church of the Harbringer, you'll find yourself in front of a large cathedral with a checkpoint outside of it, much like a typical boss arena. Upon entering the arena, you'll find the Root Mother attached to the structure in the rear of the building. Talk to her and agree to defend her to start the event.

In The Root Mother event, you'll have to protect her for about 2 minutes while waves of enemies, mostly consisting of Root Devils with supporting Slayer and Hulk elites showing up more frequently towards the end of the event. As long as you can stay alive and keep the enemies from wailing on the Root Mother too much, you should have no issue clearing the event. When the timer runs out, Root Mother will release a blast killing all the remaining enemies, before agreeing to meet you back at Ward 13.

You don't have to travel back to talk to her if you are just interested in powering through the story line, but doing so will help provide the next quest step directions and open her up as a vendor in Ward 13 for upgrading your Dragon Heart capacity. Once you clear this event in your own story mode campaign, she will always be in Ward 13 for you to access, even after resetting the campaign.

Event Rewards

Mother's Blessing

Mother's Blessing

Unlocking Mother's Blessing

  • Reduces ranged damage taken.

The Mother's Blessing trait is one of the first Defensive traits available to new players, providing a direct reduction to damage taken from all ranged attacks, independent of, but stacking with the effects of your armor. You will unlock it when the timer runs out, having successfully protected the Root Mother.

Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle

How to Find the Sniper Rifle

Once you have completed the event, the fogged barriers will drop and you'll be able to explore the church grounds. If you check towards the southwest corner of the building, at the end of long hallway you will see a wall with some pipes running alongside it. Go all the way down the hall and turn down the stairwell by the pipes, which takes you to the basement of the church. Down here, look to the right lower corner of the room for the purple glow of the Sniper Rifle hidden behind some wooden palettes.

Location Lore

In one of the side rooms on the upper level of the church, facing the courtyard, you can find a journal with multiple entries written inside of it.

The journal.

The journal.

The pages of this journal tell the story of the Root Mother and how she came to be who she is now, from her previous life as Evelyn Ceder Ford.

Video Playthrough

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