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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Root Shrine - The Gallows Event Guide

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This guide covers the Root Shrine event that takes place in The Gallows dungeon in Remnant: From the Ashes. Read on to learn how to complete the associated quest and claim the reward, the Twisted Armor set. You will also find instructions on how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.


Finding The Gallows

The Root Shrine event takes place in a single small zoned area named The Gallows that functions a bit like a World Boss room. There is a small bit of open area upon entering with a checkpoint and a courtyard covered with the fog "boss wall." Once you step through, you will be greeted with a cinematic and the fight begins in proper. Despite looking like a boss fight in some ways, The Gallows spawns in the world zone's event slot and can be found in either Story or Adventure Mode.

You are looking for one of the tunnel entrances with some random rusting cars outside of it. At the back of the tunnel there will be a makeshift wall, pieced together from bits of wood and other scrap, with a glowing doorway at the base. While some dungeons have slight variations to their entrances or share similarities with others, they are tied to a specific look and often have distinguishing features that can help you tell which area is on the other side, or at least whittle down the possible options.

Possible Tomes and World Drops in The Gallows

Due to the small size of The Gallows and the arena taking up the majority of the map, there does not seem to be any possibility for Tomes or World Drops to spawn here. If you find one here, please leave a note in the comments.

The Root Shrine - Event Overview

The Root Shrine - Event Overview

The Root Shrine - Event Overview

Survive the Metamorphosis!

When you enter the arena, a cinematic shows the shrine the event is named after, seemingly activating somehow and sending up massive root branches up and around the building crane that sits behind it. Apparently this is the Root's version of a Butterfly's transition into adulthood.

The Root Shrine grows itself around the crane.

The Root Shrine grows itself around the crane.

Either way, once that is over, you will have to face steady waves of enemies that spawn in and swarm from the sides of the arena. Summoning skills, AoE mods, and short range weapons with high damage will suit you well here. Items and armor sets that benefit from sustained combat or kills in some manner are also highly recommended.

This event is more about defending yourself against a set number of enemies, more than a time based event like The Root Mother. When you get close to finishing, a counter will begin to show the remaining enemies, starting with nine left. Once you've eliminated the last one, the crafting table emerges from its pupae stage and the event completes.

Enemies in The Root Shrine Event

There are no enemies outside of the event arena itself, but once you begin the fight, you can expect to see lots of Root Devils backed up by Rot Warts for your basic enemies. Elites wise you can expect to see Hulks, Juggernauts and Immolators. If you need help with elemental resistance, it might be worth using a Hydro Coolant and an Oilskin Tonic for reduction to Rot and Fire effects as you will see them both here.

The Twisted Hood, Twisted Cage and Twisted Tassets.

The Twisted Hood, Twisted Cage and Twisted Tassets.

Crafting the Twisted Armor Set

As mentioned above, once you eliminate the last enemy, The Root Shrine event completes and the shrine will leave it's transformation stage, the roots pulling back to reveal the "adult" crafting table. I suppose now that it has been kicked off it's parents insurance, it has decided to take up a career in woodworking to pay the bills.

Interact with the crafting table and you can purchase all three pieces of the Twisted Armor set for the following costs:

  • Twisted Hood (Head): 300 Scrap, 2 Lumenite
  • Twisted Cage (Chest): 1000 Scrap, 5 Lumenite
  • Twisted Tassets (Feet): 700 Scrap, 3 Lumenite

Total Cost: 2000 Scrap, 10 Lumenite

Video Playthrough

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