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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Core Stat Traits Guide


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This guide covers the Traits which primarily affect your Character's base stats in "Remnant: From the Ashes" like Health and Stamina. Traits are passive bonuses your character has that can be leveled up, increasing the strength of the effect up to their max level of 20. These bonuses can grant a variety of buffing effects that make your character more powerful and increase their abilities.

In this guide, I will cover the Traits which specifically affect the 'Core' base stats of your character like Health, Stamina and Movement Speed, that don't directly help with damage reduction, dealing or mod usage.

Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)

Stat Boosting Traits - Index

Note: Traits are listed in terms of my own analysis of their overall importance and impact, starting with the best Trait to max out first (Vigor) and ending with the least important or impactful (Footwork). If you disagree with me or have a reason why this order should be changed, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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Main Index & Overview

  • Core Stat Traits <-- You Are Here
    Traits that boost Health, Stamina and Movement Speed
  • Offensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage dealing with ranged and melee weapons.
  • Defensive Traits
    Traits that benefit damage reduction, armor, resistances, healing and stealth.
  • Mod Traits
    Traits that benefit mods, giving bonus damage, duration and power generation.
  • Item & Resource Traits
    Traits that boost XP Gain, Consumables and Crafting Materials
  • Co-Op Traits
    Traits that benefit multiplayer situations, like reviving others, exclusively.


Vigor Trait

Vigor Trait

One of the first traits you'll have at the start of a new game and one of the most useful ones you will have for a while. Vigor's effect is incredibly helpful to get maxed out ASAP as it will give you a flat survival bonus that will always be useful.

Vigor's Effects

+2.5 Health Per Level+50 Health @ 20

Since your base health before any modifiers is 100, getting Vigor to level 20 gives you a 50% total bonus to your HP.

Finding Vigor

Every character starts with Vigor at level 1 when starting a new game.


Endurance Trait

Endurance Trait

Like Vigor, you'll start out with the Endurance trait when you create a new character. Fairly important as well, but slightly less so. Having a larger pool of Stamina means you can run longer and dodge more times in quick succession, before your character gets too tired to do so.

Keep in mind, you wont regenerate Stamina while running and wearing heavier armor will make you use more of it when performing a stamina costing action.

Endurance's Effects

+2.5 Stamina Per Level+50 Stamina @ 20

Your base pool of Stamina before modifiers is 100, so netting the level 20 bonus of +50 points (150 total), means a 50% increase in how long you can run and dodge for before resting momentarily.

Finding Endurance

Every character starts with Endurance at level 1 when starting a new game.


Recovery Trait

Recovery Trait

Recovery is a significantly useful skill that speeds up the process of recovering your spent Stamina whenever your character stops moving for a moment. Very handy for co-op games since it will help you keep pace with your teammates. More important than that however, is it helps keep you alive during intense fights, since downtime spent not running or dodging is often dangerous when unexpected, especially during boss fights.

Recovery's Effects

+1 Stamina Regen Per Level+20 Stamina Regen @ 20

Do note, the bonus isn't a percentage increase, but rather a flat bonus of 1points of Stamina regenerated a second for every level. This can be confirmed by checking the advanced stats of your character. Without this trait, base Stamina Regeneration is 33 points a second. After leveling up Recovery to 20, it will be at 53 (+20) regardless of your actual Stamina pool.

At level 20, the increase in Stamina Regeneration comes out to just over a 60% increase to recovery speed.

Finding Recovery

Recovery is dropped by both Claviger and The Harrow which are the two world bosses in Rhom. No matter which one spawns in your play-through, you will always end up facing one or the other by playing through the story mode or by rolling a Rhom adventure mode game.

World Walker

World Walker Trait

World Walker Trait

A very handy trait to have for anyone trying to farm drops or experience quickly, likes to play a lot of co-op or wants to focus on a melee build, as the additional sprinting distance alone makes it far easier to keep up with teammates and cuts down a lot of the travel time needed to run across Remnant's large worlds. Also nets you a survival bonus when things start getting hairy in boss fights where you'll have to dodge attacks constantly.

Note: While Swiftness helps you run faster, World Walker does more for you overall if you want to run longer without stopping, or find yourself depleted of Stamina.

World Walker's Effects

-1% Stamina Cost Per Level-20% Stamina Cost @ 20

Maxing out World Walker will actually increase the distance you can run by +25% before stopping for a breath, but combined with the Swiftness trait, allows you to cover +45% more distance overall with each sprint.

Finding World Walker

When you first enter the second major world area, Rhom, in Story mode, you will automatically receive the World Walker trait. Entering Rhom in adventure mode does not unlock the trait.




Swiftness Trait

Swiftness Trait

Swiftness is an incredibly handy Trait that ranks high on the QoL meter, as the extra run speed will make it significantly easier to keep up with your team mates in co-op, dodge boss attacks with less rolling, or just get hit by weapons fire less cause you can move out of the way quicker. One of the most noticeable effects you can max out, especially since by the time you'll have found it, you'd likely have spent a considerable amount of time playing the game.

Swiftness' Effects

+0.75% Movement Speed Per Level+15% Movement Speed @ 20

While Swiftness gives a 15% increase in distance covered before you need to recharge Stamina on it's own, the combined effects with World Walker will give you +45% longer runs before needing a rest, before taking any flat Stamina value bonuses into account (like from Endurance).

Finding Swiftness

In Yaesha there are several places you can find sets of 5 bells, that can be played by shooting them, in different patterns to give different rewards. In this particular case, to unlock Swiftness, when you find one of these bells you will need to play the Song of the Guardian tune.

Shoot the bells in this order: 1 - 1 - 3 - 4 | 1 - 1 - 3 - 2

There are multiple locations you can find these bells and Swiftness can be unlocked at any of these locations. Also once you have all the rewards, it is still worth shooting the bells to make the tune when you find them again, as you will get the quest reward XP and some scrap for doing so. Previously I had mentioned you can only get one reward, this is incorrect, you can actually play more than one tune as long as they both apply to the area, and receive both rewards. Just make sure to do them before leaving the dungeon, as leaving then coming back seems to be what removes the option to get a second reward.


Footwork Trait

Footwork Trait

*Requires Swamps of Corsus DLC

Footwork provides a bonus to your character's movement speed while aiming down the sights of ranged weapons. This is a pretty useful bonus, as aiming has a tendency to slow you down significantly, you have to aim to shoot, and you generally have to shoot things to stop them from hurting you. With both Swiftness and Footwork maxed out, you will have a much easier time sidestepping things like the thrown javelins in Rhom, axes in Yaesha and other projectiles that would normally hit you if you didn't drop the sights to move away or roll.

If you are being bum rushed by melee attackers, you will still need to run or roll away, as they aren't going to be stunted by the relative difference.

Footwork's Effects

+1.25% Aim Move Speed Per Level+25% Aim Movement Speed @ 20

Note that the bonus to Aim Move speed granted by Footwork, is in addition to the base move speed offered by Swiftness, thus it is worth going for Footwork after maxing out the other Trait, since Swiftness helps you in all movement.

Finding Footwork

You can find the Footwork Trait by killing the Iskal Queen (boss version) in Corsus adventure mode. This is different from the Iskal Queen that you will find as a vendor in the open, outdoor area of the map, often during story mode. The boss version you are looking for, resides in an underground throne room, named Iskal Temple, you'll find like any other boss dungeon. Also keep in mind, this works in adventure only, and while currently an unconfirmed theory of mine, I highly suspect based on my own playthroughs, that one must finish their story mode campaign first.

Bonus: If you give the Queen the Guardian's Heart in your campaign, she will be friendly upon meeting her and will give you a Cryptolith Sigil item, which is later used to unlock 3 different unique rewards. Once you grab the item, you can threaten her in conversation to start the boss fight, which be forewarned, is fairly difficult and is best attempted later in your progression when you are well equipped and have lots of traits maxed out.


Climber Trait

Climber Trait

A new trait added with the Pre Subject 2923 Patch, Climber gives a speed boost to the vaulting animation your character performs when 'jumping' through a window or over a railing. Not the most useful skill as far as survival goes, since it's very situational, but does offer a nice bit of QoL bonus for those just looking to clear content faster.

Climber's Effects

+1% Vaulting Speed Per Level+20% Vaulting Speed @ 20

Finding Climber

The Climber trait is unlocked after vaulting 25 times, anywhere in the game. You can unlock this very quickly by just jumping over railings anywhere you find over and over until it unlocks. Easily done just about anywhere, even Ward 13, and will unlock naturally early on in a game.

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