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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Supply Run - Sorrow's Field Event Guide


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This guide covers the Supply Run event that takes place in the Sorrow's Field dungeon in Remnant: From the Ashes. Learn how to complete the associated dungeon quest and claim both of the associated rewards, the Spirit Trait and Assault Rifle Long Gun. You will also find instructions for how to find the entrance, descriptions of the rewards found, and a video guide of the event.

Earth Events

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Finding Sorrow's Field

The Supply Run event takes place in a single Earth dungeon area named Sorrow's Field, found spawned as one of the event dungeons rolled in either Story Mode or Adventure Mode. For reference, Adventure Mode runs of any zone will provide only 1 event dungeon per run, while Story Mode typically provides two different ones, increasing the chances you get the zone you need, however requires clearing additional story content to do so.

As with all dungeons, you can learn to recognize them by their exterior entrances as seen from the outdoor areas, which tend to be specific to the dungeon they lead to. Some of the entrances can be similar looking to each other, however knowing what to look for can help players who want to find one specific place by cutting out the ones that definitely are something else.

For Sorrow's Field, you will be looking for a section of the road that has fallen down, making a bit of a canyon that leads to a tunnel-like entrance. There can be some variations depending on where they are located, which you can find in the pictures below.

Event Overview

The Supply Run event is more on the simpler side of things as far as events go. Primarily you will be mostly just clearing the dungeon of its enemies as you search for the quest item that begins the event in proper, the Monkey Key. You will need this to open the reward room at the end of the dungeon.

The Monkey Key

The Monkey Key

To find the Monkey Key, look for the distinct orange glow near the first bit of enemy-occupied area in Sorrow's Field. It can be in a few different places, but always seems to be right near the entrance. You can find some examples below, and as you'll see, it's typically not anywhere too crazy or hidden.

Once you have the key, you'll need to proceed to the end of the dungeon and use the key to open a door that has a stick figure monkey drawing on it. Once you do you'll receive the Spirit Trait automatically along with your bonus experience. Inside the room you'll find scrap, the Assault Rifle and some chests.


Enemies found in the Sorrow's field dungeon mostly consist of Root Hollows, Rot Warts, and their supporting elites like Tumbleweeds and Rot Shamans. Occasionally you might see one or two larger elite enemies in the area like a Hulk or Juggernaut. There are no special named enemies to fight in this area. Expect a lot of Rot damage, so it would be worth popping an Oilskin Tonic if your resistances are low.

Area of effect or chaining effect mods combined with rapid-fire are area of effect weapons is highly recommended here as you will be primarily facing large numbers of weaker enemies.


The general layout consists of a long winding canyon type map with several indoor rooms that branch off and an occasional bridge that crosses over the main path with ramps to the side. You will find checkpoints both at the start and end of the dungeon, with the second being just outside the Safehouse room you need to open for the event.

A Rot Wart explodes.

A Rot Wart explodes.

Supply Run Rewards

There are two rewards available from the Supply Run event, the Spirit Trait and the Assault Rifle. Both of these are found by entering the Safehouse at the end of the dungeon and are both attainable in the same run without any extra effort.

The Spirit Trait.

The Spirit Trait.


  • Increases mod power generated with attacks.

Spirit is an incredibly useful passive that increases the mod power you gain from all sources, be it item effects or the normal means of generation, dealing damage to enemies.

You will unlock Spirit as soon as you open the Safehouse door.

More information on Spirit and other traits can be found here.

The Assault Rifle Long Gun

The Assault Rifle Long Gun

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is one of the best basic weapons in the game, with a good rate of fire, nice long-range accuracy, low spread, and high overall DPS, it is an ideal weapon to own as it synergizes very well with a number of mods. Personally I use this weapon most of the time as my primary thanks to its incredible reliability in most situations.

Once you opened the Safehouse door, check inside the room for the Assault Rifle lying on a green cot or roll-up mattress found in the corner of the room. It will stand out thanks to the distinct purple glow.

The Assault rifle lying on the green roll up mattress in the corner of the room.

The Assault rifle lying on the green roll up mattress in the corner of the room.

Possible Tome of Knowledge Locations

Below you will find some examples of possible spawn locations for Tomes of Knowledge in Sorrow's Field, to help you learn the places you might want to check or look out for to find some extra trait points. More will be added with time but if you would like to submit a screenshot, link it in the comments and I will be happy to include it and give you credit for it!

Also if you have screenshots of sample map layouts (the fully explored dungeon as seen in the menu map) that would be welcome as well! I am currently working on posting examples myself as I encounter this event again in the future.

Video Guide

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