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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - The Ent - World Boss Guide


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The Ent - World Boss Overview

The Ent is one of two World Bosses you can find on Earth, the other being the dragon Singe. There will always be exactly one of these two per world spawn, no matter if it is Story or Adventure Mode, your odds are the same of encountering either are the same.

The Ent deals with Rot damage as its elemental damage type, having attacks that can cause heavy application of the status in single blows. The steady stream of minions that attack during the fight are also capable of dealing Rot damage.

Characters that are highly mobile and able to stay at long ranges, dodge quickly, and have means to deal with swarming minions attacks will do well in this fight.

The Ent's Weak Spot

The Ent has a weak spot on the square of it's back, that is covered by some flaps of bark that expose themselves during certain attack sequences. You can see a few quick examples below, but further details on how to take advantage of the weak spot are found in the attack sections below.

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Where to Find The Ent (Choking Hollow)

The entrance you are looking for that leads to The Choking Hollow, the area where The Ent boss fight takes place, is one of the tunnel type entrances with a makeshift barricade wall at the rear and a glowing doorway that leads through it. Unfortunately, this is also the same entrance type used by Singe, so distinguishing between world bosses will require at least entering the first doorway. Their courtyards are distinctly different, with the Choking Hollow being far less burned out, with a road that leads down into a recessed area and a root doorway leading into the arena itself.

Recommended Items and Equipment

Right off the bat I'm going to say it is really worth getting an Oilskin Tonic and a Pristine Essence if you have them available, as the worst part of this fight is getting the Infected status, as this fight requires a lot of constant movement over a large area. I always recommend using whatever persistent buffs you have available to you during any boss fight, even if well geared, as they make clearing content a lot faster. While you should always have the utility consumables on you, Adrenaline can help a lot in putting distance between you and The Ent and its minions, since you have lots of space to roam.

Defensive Recommendations

If you are looking for defensive benefits, try to take anything that ups your elemental damage, summons to keep adds busy or effects that can heal you on the move. Anything that helps reduce status build up is a big plus. Physical damage is going to be low on your list of concerns here. The more mobile your build is, the better you will survive and the more potshots you can take at the Ent between attacks.

Offensive Recommendations

For damage dealing, I would recommend faster firing weapons that have at least a decent mid range to them, with mods that further help increase damage like Hotshot, which helps deal damage while you are busy dodging. I would also recommend the Hunter's Mark mod since it helps highlight the enemies when they would be otherwise obscured by all the Rot clouds and dirt and dust kicked up by The Ent's attacks.

A sample of a build I used during my runs for high damage output.

A sample of a build I used during my runs for high damage output.

Boss Minions

There are two types of minions spawned by The Ent during this battle, Rot Warts, the pink kamikaze fart balloons of Rot damage and Root Hollows, the small bitey melee balls of death. You will find the Rot Warts drop from the branches of The Ent over the course of the entire fight, while Root Hollows spawn from below ground and unburrow in random places of the map, often coming up behind you or from the sides.

Attack 1: Rot Wart Artillery

Used most when at medium to long range.

The Rot Wart Artillery attack has The Ent crouching over and firing a series of 6 Rot Wart artillery shells out of it's back, arcing through the air and striking the ground wherever each player was standing at the time. It fires one for each person in the arena, so it doesn't mater who currently has The Ent's attention. These shells explode when they hit the ground, much like a normal Rot Wart explosion, except without the added delay and causing a lot of Rot damage. Getting hit dead on has a high chance of causing immediate Infection status if your elemental resistances aren't high enough.

Attack Cues

This attack will begin with The Ent kneeling forward and thrusting it's fingers deep into the ground, implanting itself, before it's back opens up like the petal of a flower, revealing its weak spot if you are facing it's front.

How to Avoid

When you hear the initial cannon-like sound of the Rot Wart being fired from The Ent, this is your cue to dodge from the position you were just standing at, the moment you heard the sound. There is a wide area of effect, but as long as you time your dodge to begin the moment you hear the sound, you should be able to put enough distance between you and the blast.

There is an exactly one second interval of time, between the wart being fired, to it exploding on the point of impact. From the point of impact, there will be roughly another 0.5 to 0.6 seconds until the next wart is fired. This equates to 6 warts striking the ground about every 1.5 seconds for a total of 9 seconds.

Attack 2: Foot Slam

Used at close range.

The Foot Slam attack is a wide 360 degree area of effect blast that The Ent causes with the stomp of it's foot, emanating from the point of impact and reaching out maybe 10 meters or so from him. The damage of the attack actually has a wave like effect, allowing it to be rolled over if timed properly, but it's usually best to get well out of the way when you see it coming, if possible. The nice thing is it usually kills any minions he has about to jump you if you are close or in the blast zone.

Attack Cues

This one is pretty obvious, as it will happen when The Ent is focused on someone near it's feet and will raise it's foot while looking at them, as though it is about to step on them like an annoying bug.

How to Avoid

The animation is on the slower side, giving you time to run and dodge directly away from The Ent, to put enough distance and get you outside the blast radius. If you cant get away in time, you may be able to time a doge properly by rolling towards The Ent, the moment the wave is about to hit you, so you roll over the wave itself. This is complicated by the visual effect being quick and obscured by a lot of kicked up dirt and dust.

Attack 3: Hand Slam

Used at medium to long range.

The Hand Slam attack is a cone type attack that stretches in a wave from the base of The Ent as it slams it's hands on the ground, towards the direction it was facing at the time, which would most likely be towards whoever it was aggro'd to last. The attack has a staggering effect and is most dangerous when nearby Rot Warts stand to detonate near you while you are stunned and unable to roll away.

Attack Cues

When The Ent begins its Hand Slam attack, it will spread its fingers and raise both of its arms in a large arcing moment as though it were reaching to the sky, before bringing both of it's arms straight down in the ground in front of it. This is a slower animation, and the moment it begins this movement, The Ent is locked in position, giving you time to sidestep.

How to Avoid

It's best to start moving directly right or left the moment the hands begin their raise, to give you time to move out of the way without waiting till the last moment and rolling into an incoming mob by accident. Also if you can start moving to the side immediately, so you are facing The Ent from an angle, you will have an excellent uninterrupted view of the weak spot on its back, which is fully exposed during this attack.

Attack 4: Scream

Seems to be used at any range.

The scream is an attack that staggers anyone that isn't about half an arena away from The Ent at the time it goes off, not being the most damaging on it's own, but has the potential to cause real harm if also nearby any minions while stunned.

Attack Cues

The Ent begins it's scream attack by covering its face with it's hands as though it was about to hide behind them or cower in fear. It then extends its hands outwards while arcing its head back with its mouth tendrils extended until they are pointed directly up and it's arms fully extended, which starts the scream itself, stunning immediately for a considerable duration.

How to Avoid

The best thing to do right away, unless you are absolutely sure you are out of range, is to kill as many minions nearby you as you can. The scream wont damage you, so as long as you don't get hit by a Rot Wart or Root Hollow while stunned, you'll be fine afterwards.

Alt Kill

If you are after the alternate kill for The Ent, you need to focus on damaging its legs as much as possible to cause them to break off during the fight. Once you do so, The Ent will make a loud noise before falling to the ground and switching to a new phase and set of attacks. I would recommend focusing on one leg in particular, but realize you will have to do a considerable amount of damage, bringing The Ent near 25% health before the leg will break off.

Alt Attack 1: Three Swings

Used at close range only.

The moment we enter the alt phase, The Ent becomes limited to just two attacks, however continuing to drop minions from its branches and causing them to rise from the ground. The first attack has The Ent scrambling towards you until at extremely close range, to attack with a series of melee swings that follow one after the other in quick succession.

Attack Cues

Once The Ent is done scrambling towards you, you'll know because it laboriously raises it's arm along with it's mouth to begin the first melee swing that comes from your left to your right. Once the first swing completes, it backhands the same arm, coming from left to your right, then bringing it's arm up until the air for one final striking movement downwards and away from it, kind of like the Hand Slam but without a wave and a much more limited range.

How to Avoid

You can roll dodge your way through all three attacks by timing with the swings, though make sure to go to the right or left with the final swing to avoid the ground impact. It is also easy enough, given the boss' wounded state to just run directly away from it the moment the mouth begins raising.

Alt Attack 2: Wart Artillery

Used at any range.

The Ent carries over it's Rot Wart artillery ability from earlier, but has a much harder time setting up for the attack and starting the sequence. The attack is otherwise very much the same, following a similar interval and reaching longer distances while striking at every party member at once. The Ent does seem to start using the attack at shorter distances now.

Attack Cues

This attack will begin with the boss raising one hand at a time, implanting them in the ground so it can lift itself up enough to arc it's back. Right before it begins launching the Rot Wart shells, the petal on the back opens up and reveals the weak spot on The Ent's back. Wit The Ent now at ground level, it is much easier to see from other angles.

How to Avoid

Like before, wait for the sound of the cannon like blast that goes off when The Ent fires each round of Rot Warts. When you hear the sound, the ground beneath you at that moment is where the impact will happen, so just do what you can to get away from that spot within about a second before it hits. If you can time your dodges well enough, you have a small window of time between strikes to shoot at the weak spot.

The Ent - Boss rewards

There are a total of 5 items available from beating The Ent, with some restrictions on a few of them. The Quick Hands Trait and the Cheer Emote are both unlocked no matter how you defeat The Ent. The Spore Gland is gifted for killing The Ent normally, without using the alt method of attacking and breaking off it's legs. The Twisted Heart is the reward for completing the alt kill and the Provisioner ring is awarded for defeating the boss on Hardcore Mode as an account-wide item.

Spore Gland & Sporebloom Long Gun

The Spore Gland crafted item is dropped upon defeating The Ent using a normal kill, without breaking the legs during the fight. You can take this item back to McCabe in Ward 13 and she can craft it into the Sporebloom Long Gun that comes equipped with the unique Spore Shot boss weapon mod. The cost of crafting this item besides the Spore Gland is 7 Lumenite Crystals.

The Spore Gland & Sporebloom

The Spore Gland & Sporebloom

Twisted Heart & Petrified Maul

The Twisted Heart crafting material is awarded to players for performing the alt kill method successfully, which requires destroying The Ent's legs before the fight ends. Giving the Twisted Heart to McCabe will let you craft the Petrified Maul boss melee weapon for an additional cost of 7 Lumenite Crystals.

The Twisted Heart & Petrified Maul

The Twisted Heart & Petrified Maul

Quick Hands Trait & Cheer Emote

Both the Cheer Emote and the Quick Hands trait which helps increase reload speed, unlock regardless of the type of kill performed or what mode the game is in. Quick Hands can also be unlocked by defeating the other Earth World Boss, Singe, however the emote unlocks only with The Ent.

The Cheer Emote and Quick Hands Trait

The Cheer Emote and Quick Hands Trait

The Provisioner Ring

Passively reloads stowed weapons over time.

The Provisioner Ring is unlocked upon defeating The Ent in Hardcore Mode only. Once you unlock it with one character, since the item is account bound, it will show up in the inventory of all your other characters when you next load their saves. You can also unlock this ring by defeating the other Earth World Boss, Singe, in Hardcore Mode.

The Provisioner Ring

The Provisioner Ring

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