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"Remnant: From the Ashes" - Passive Traits Overview Guide & Index


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Last Updated for Patch: Subject 2923 DLC (August 20th, 2020)
*All New Traits Added!

This index provides an overview of all the passive Traits you can unlock in "Remnant: From the Ashes" of which there are currently 45 in game. Passive traits are bonuses that can benefit the player in a number of different ways but have to be leveled up before they reach their maximum effect.

All traits unlocked benefit the character and there is no limit to the number that can be active at once. If someone spends enough time playing the game, it is entirely possible to unlock, max out and receive the full benefits from all the traits in the game simultaneously.

Outside of acquiring and crafting gear, unlocking and leveling up your traits are the main source of "level progression" in Remnant. As far as I am aware, unlike with with gear, enemies do not scale in difficulty as you level up and gain more traits.

What This Guide Covers

Unlocking Traits

Most traits require you take some sort of specific action to initially unlock, with a few exceptions that are handed out more or less for free at the start of the game. This ranges from having to kill certain bosses, to completing events or dealing a certain amount of damage to enemies in a certain way. Each trait has it's own means of being unlocked, guides to which can be found in the category links below.

Trait List & Guides By Category

Below you will find tables displaying the level 20, maxed out bonus of each trait, in alphabetical order and separated by categories, organized by their type of effect on the player's character. This is to help provide a general overview of all the various traits the game has to offer.

If you check the links in the category names above each table, you will find a more in-depth guide covering where to find or unlock each passive trait and more information about their effects and relative benefit. You will also find the traits are ordered in terms of what seems to have the biggest impact on character power and long term benefit, relative to their peers.

Core Stat Boosting Traits


+20% Vaulting Speed


+25% Aim Movement Speed


+50 Stamina


+20 Stamina Regen


+15% Movement Speed


+50 Health

World Walker

-20% Stamina Cost


Offensive Traits

Armor Piercer

+20% Damage to Armor

Cold As Ice

+20% Backstab Damage


+15% Explosion Damage


+25% Critical Hit Chance


+20% Weakspot Damage


+25% Critical Hit Damage

Last Resort

+20% Low Health Damage


+30% Status Duration


+10% Elemental Damage


Ranged Damage Traits


-20% Spread and Recoil

Mind's Eye

+15% Ranged Damage

Quick Hands

+25% Reload Speed

Sleight of Hand

+50% Firearm Swap Speed

Trigger Happy

+20% Fire Rate


Melee Damage Traits

Hard Charger

+20% Charge Attack Damage

Rapid Strike

+15% Melee Attack Speed


+20% Melee Damage


Defensive Traits

Bark Skin

+15% Armor Efectiveness

Guardian's Blessing

+10% Melee Damage Reduction

Keeper's Blessing

+10 Elemental Resistance

Mother's Blessing

+10% Ranged Damage Reduction

Shadow Walker

-30% Enemy Awareness Range


+20% Health Steal Effectiveness


+100% Healing Efectiveness


-30% Status Buildup Rate


Mod Traits

Arcane Strike

+25% Melee Mod Power Generation

Blood Bond

+15% Summon Damage Absorption


+40% Status Mod Power Generation


+20% Mod Duration


+15% Mod Damage Bonus

Flash Caster

+25% Casting Speed


+20% Summon Damage Bonus


+25% Mod Power Generation


Co-Op Traits


-25% Damage Taken When Reviving


+100% Revive Speed


-50% Friendly Fire Damage Taken


+35m Teamwork Range

Will To Live

+100% Wounded Health


Resource Traits

Elder Knowledge

+20% XP Gained From Kills


+35% Consumable Use Speed


+30% Chance For Extra Lumenite


+20% Consumable Duration


+35% Scrap Picked Up


Acquiring Trait Points for Trait Levels

The experience system in Remnant: From The Ashes is your means of acquiring Trait Points that you spend to level up the traits themselves. Each trait can be leveled up to 20, and each point spent on said trait through the trait menu grants an additional level. Each time you first receive a trait, you also get one trait point for the trait received for free in the form of the first level.

Every 1,500 experience or XP collected grants 1 Trait Point, and this does not change as you get more, so there is no sloping curve where trait point gain begins to drop off. In fact you will likely gain them faster as you progress since you'll be clearing content faster.

Tome of Knowledge

Tome of Knowledge

Tomes of Knowledge are another means of acquiring trait points. You can usually find one of these in every major outdoor and indoor area that isn't just a boss arena of some kind. They will stand out by the blue glow that emanates from them, but you will often need to look in somewhat out of the way corners and such to find them. Each one you or your team mates find grants 1 trait point, independent of your experience progression.

The distinct blue glow of a Tome of Knowledge from afar.

The distinct blue glow of a Tome of Knowledge from afar.

Farming Experience Quickly

First off make sure to get the Elder Knowledge trait as soon as possible for the +20% experience gained from killing monsters. The sooner you max it out, the more benefit it will have for you down the road. For further benefit, max out your Teamwork trait to keep the co-op buff active and play with two other people to get a further 5% boost per team mate (10% total).

There are two items you can equip that grant additional experience gain. The first is Sagestone, a ring found randomly on Earth. The second is the Talisman of Perseverance which is attained by collectively killing 50 bosses in survival mode, which can be done in multiple attempts. Unfortunately neither of these are really easy to obtain early on, though Sagestone is more RNG based so you could luck out and find it right away. The amulet will definitely take some time and effort to get.

Sagestone ring.

Sagestone ring.

As for which area to use, I would say Corsus or Yaesha if you want to do adventure mode, but honestly, powering through the story mode seems to work the best for me and others I have seen commenting on the topic, thanks to the more frequent quest reward bonuses and a lot of content that does not spawn in adventure.

Focus on getting damage dealing traits maxed out, find Swiftness for the movement speed bonus and make liberal use of consumables at every opportunity to enhance your ability to plow through enemies. Also keep checking corners for Tomes of Knowledge and learn the patterns of where and how they spawn, so you know when you still need to find one in an area or when you can race through the rest of the dungeon cause you picked it up already.

Possible Experience Modifiers:

Elder Knowledge Trait

+20% XP

Teamwork Buff

+5% Per Stack; +10% Max

Sagestone Ring

+30% XP

Talisman of Perserverance

+1% XP per kill until you die, rest or unequip. +50% XP Max

Talisman of Perserverance

Talisman of Perserverance

On Difficulty Levels and Bonus XP

You can also get small increases from increasing the difficulty level of the world when re-rolling a new adventure or story mode. Personally I find the speed at which normal difficulty permits seems to outdo the relatively small gains, but that's something that other's may find difference with. I plan on spending more time analyzing the return and will provide further updates and info here if there's some real benefit.

How To Reset Trait Points

You will have to complete the story mode at least once to have the option of doing this, as it requires the use of a consumable item called the Orb of Undoing, dropped upon defeating the final boss in the game, at least prior to the Subject 2923 DLC, the Dreamer/Nightmare.

Orb of Undoing

Orb of Undoing

You will get one of these for free upon defeating the boss, but afterwards you will be able to purchase them from Reggie in Ward 13 for 2,500 scrap each. You will be able to keep buying them even after re-rolling your story mode, without needing to defeat the Dreamer/Nightmare again.

Using one of these Orb of Undoings will reset ALL of your spent trait points, so be forewarned, for players well into the game it can mean hundreds refunded. Not exactly a loss or anything, but could be a pain to reapply 500+ points if you just wanted to switch a few around. The good news is, you do not permanently lose any points in this fashion and besides the scrap cost, you can do this indefinitely without any downsides.

One final point worth mentioning is when resetting your traits, they will actually go to level 0, refunding the original point gifted with unlocking the trait as well. This is useful if you ever want to completely shut off the effects of a trait, even the fraction of a percent from the first level.

Reggie in Ward 13

Reggie in Ward 13

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