Death Comes to all Heroes: Hero Siege Overview

Updated on February 3, 2017

Let's Begin

First off, let's start with what this game is. It's a rogue-like game. This game was created by Panic Arts Studios and was released through steam. It's best described as a top down shooter with RPG elements including a skill tree and stat upgrades. It is made up of five acts and each act has five stages and those five stages have five waves. That is quite confusing, I know. Let's just begin with the different classes:

Acts of Hero Siege


There is a class is this game for everyone, whether you like ranged or melee combat it's there for you. The first class is the:


This is one of the many melee classes in the game. They swing their axe and on the third attack he will do a small AOE attack. As you level you get more and more powerful attacks as the viking is one of the more powerful melee classes. The most useful skill in terms of damage is shock wave which is acquired around level 18. As the name suggests it creates a wave of damage that travels forward from your character. More info can be found here.

Skill Tree

Viking Gameplay


The pyromancer has the least health of all the classes and is a glass cannon. What the pyromancer lacks in health it makes up for in its vast array of AOE attacks and skills. They can create ring of fires, call down massive fireballs and launch huge balls of fiery death that travel through everything in their wake. You have to employ a hit and run tactic with this class but with patience it can be a very powerful class. The wiki for this character can be found here.

Pyro Gameplay


This class is all about speed and single enemy attacking. As or the skills however you can build the ultimate defense. When the marksman gets to higher levels it gets access to a maximum of 4 turrets. Of these turrets, two are single attack and two are multi attack. Once you have all of these turrets you can let them clear the map and just focus on staying alive. This class is about speed and defense with the turrets and is fun to play as. To see more in-depth into their skills go here.

Marksman Gameplay


The next class on our list is the nomad. This is another melee class that has a decent mid range attack. You have you sword for up close and can also send out flying swords for your mid range. The nomad classes most useful skill is vanish. This as the name implies can turn you invisible which, in those nail biting moments where you need HP can be a life saver. Other then that there isn`t much else to say about this class. They are really just ok. To get up close with this class, click here.

Nomad Gameplay


This class uses a chainsaw as their melee weapon of choice. The rednecks various skills include a flaming tire, a Molotov Cocktail and an oil spill among others. The most useful skill is the chainsaw massacre in which the redneck will spin around doing massive AOE damage with his chainsaw. You can upgrade the damage of this attack and it become very devastating. Another skill to note is the burning tire. This skill has the ability to travel through anything and that means enemies and other obstacles. This is a decent melee class that becomes much more powerful in the later stages of the game. For more chainsaw info go here.

Redneck Gameplay


The pirate class is an excellent ranged class to play as. You use her devastating dual pistols to overwhelm your foes and what enemies don`t die will fall victim to your traps. The pirate as the ability to lay an unlimited amount of traps which can be used to destroy even the toughest of enemies in one shot. She is arguably one of the best classes to play as. More on this class can be found here.

Pirate Gameplay


This class can be the best class played due to the army they can summon. At one time you can have seven minions in play at once. If this occurs all you need to worry about is staying alive much like the marksman. Unlike the marksman however, you have the ability to move around where the marksman needs to stay put with his turrets. The power of this class comes from the minions and one skill on the skill tree governs the attack power of all your minions. This means that the power can ramp up extremely quickly. The necromancer has other abilities but the minions are the most important. The rest of the skills can be found here.

Necromancer Gameplay


This is the final class in hero siege and it;s also a DLC character. It is the mighty samurai which is a melee class. This class is hard to use in the beginning because of the lack of ranged skills and health. You need to be up close and personal with all your enemies. Later on it becomes a different story if you acquire evasion. This allows some attacks to miss which greatly increases this classes survivability. Also in the later levels you will get the Ying and Yang skill which allowxs your attacks to heal you. That coupled will having a high evasion can make this class very very tanky. To a break down of the samurai`s skills go here.

Samurai Gameplay

Relics and Other things


Whenever you beat a boss you are sometimes rewarded with a relic or item. These things add to you character in someway. Whether it`s giving you increased power or giving you an airship companion that fires missiles. There are some many relics to list so click here for the full list of what you can acquire.

Throughout the Levels you will open chests and destroy items that may drop potions. Again you never know what these potions will do. One might increase your health while another may decrease your attack. It`s always a gamble but the payoffs can be very good. For a list of the effects go to this page.

Random Events

On each of the five acts there are random events that occur. Some of them are as follows

  • health shrine - gives you full health when touched
  • Statue - defend it for 30 seconds to get a buff
  • Shop - allows you to buy items with the gold you have collected. Note that these items don`t stay with you once you die
  • dungeon - enter the mini dungeon, slay the foes and be rewarded

There are more random events to be found in game which always changes the play through.



For anyone looking for a great rogue like game this is a definite yes. The vast amount of content in this game is actual mind blowing. All of the different builds that can be made with each of the classes is sure to keep any gamer entertained for hours. Not to mention that there are countless cosmetic items you can buy for your characters using in-game currency to add to the customization. It`s defiantly a must buy for all fans of this genre of games.

Below is some gameplay showing items and one of the mini bosses. Enjoy

Hero Siege Gameplay


4 stars for Hero Siege

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