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Running the Gauntlet: Questor the Elf

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Questor ready for questing!

Questor ready for questing!

Disclaimer: This is based on the original version of Arrowhead Studio's Gauntlet remake. As a result, some of the information contained herein no longer applies. Namely any gains from Masteries. There is also information missing, such as the new equipment system and how equipping different bows changes Questor's Bomb ability. However, most general advice still applies as far as his attacks, abilities, and tactics are concerned.

Well, except for the arrows. Normal arrows can now deal small amounts of damage to summoning stones. Yay!

Gauntlet: An Ambitious Title

Arrowhead Studios released a brand new remake of the classic arcade game Gauntlet. Known only as "Gauntlet" (Or GauntletTM on the official Steam store page), it seems to be an ambitious game that aims to bring the classic dungeon crawling adventure into the realm of modern-day gaming. Though one fair word of warning, this game is not like Gauntlet Legends. I like to point this out because it seems like there were many gamers who went in expecting this to be like Legends and then were consequently disappointed when it turned out to be more like 80's Gauntlet—one reviewer even snarking that Arrowhead didn't do a remake of "The only good Gauntlet"—jeez even elder games don't get respect!

There's a lot of danger, excitement, fun, and of course, treasure to be had in this new world of Gauntlet, and I'm aiming to provide some handy guides on the various Heroes of this new adventure. There are five to choose from: Thor the Warrior, Thyra the Valkyrie, Merlin the Wizard, Questor the Elf, and Lilith the Necromancer. Lilith has recently been released as DLC, and as such, you'll actually have to buy her before you can play as her. I've not yet had the chance to quest as the Necromancer, but from what I've seen and experienced in online games she's quite the fearsome Hero! So, let's not waste any more time and dive right into things!

As a side note, this guide was constructed mainly with Solo Playing in mind. However, it should not be too tricky to take the tactics and strategies seen in this guide and apply them to an online game.

Default keys layout.

Default keys layout.

Controlling the Elf

The first thing we need to get out of the way is how to control our tumbling little elf. The game can be played one of two ways: by keyboard and mouse, or with a controller—the latter being my preferred way to play. It's just simply easier with a Controller. However, to use a controller it must be an X-Input Device . . . so basically, an Xbox 360 controller. There are ways to circumvent this, but they shall be covered at a later time.

If you're going to do it with a keyboard and mouse, the controls are as follows: WASD controls the movement of Questor, while the mouse directs an on-screen reticle that dictates the direction he fires in. Shift will make Questor tumble, which is a very useful dodging technique, and space will drop a timed explosive. Left-click has Questor shoot as long as you have the button held down, while Right-click has him line up a sniper shot, which can be released by releasing Right-click. It's worth noting you can also just press the button and he'll line up and fire, so you really only need to hold down the button if you wish to aim the shot in another direction. When you unlock the Precision Strike mastery (Given for killing 50 monsters with Bombs or Sniper Shots) you can launch an explosive arrow by holding down Right-click and hitting Space. The Q and E keys will use relics if you have potions, and the F key is used to interact with the game world. An important thing to remember is these controls can be remapped however you like. You still will have to use the mouse, but if you say, fancy the bomb being mapped to the center click of the mouse, you can do that. This is one advantage keyboard and mouse has over the controller, which can't be remapped. On the controller, assuming it's an Xbox 360 controller, the controls are as follows: Left Thumbstick moves and the Right Thumbstick shoots (This is what people mean when they say "Twinstick Shooter"), Left and Right Bumpers use Relics, Left Trigger drops a bomb, Right Trigger lines up and shoots the sniper shot, B tumbles, and A interacts with the game world. Remember, you can't rebind the Controller keys (yet).

Alright, still with me? Great, let's keep moving on.

Questor fires a volley of arrows at some Mummies.

Questor fires a volley of arrows at some Mummies.

Questor lines up a shot. And also fires off a one-liner.

Questor lines up a shot. And also fires off a one-liner.

Questor's Shooting Styles and His Bomb

Now that we've gotten down movement, let's go over the individual facets of Questor, beginning with his two flavors of arrow attacks: Regular Shots, and Snipe Shots.

Questor's regular shots are fired off by motioning the Right Thumbstick in any direction, or by holding down the Left Mouse Button and moving the targeting reticule in the direction you want to shoot. Regular Shots are fired off in quick succession, making them perfect when you want to quickly damage foes or when there are too many foes and not enough time to line up sniper shots. Most regular enemies can be brought down with two to three shots, while more powerful foes will require more than that to kill. A quick note to mention is that regular shots cannot damage a Summoning Stone. Only snipe shots can damage it. Also, you can do Regular Shots backward; that is, shoot at the monsters while running away from them. This helps a lot because unlike the Warrior or Valkyrie, who can't attack behind them while running away, you can damage foes while fleeing.

The other type of shot Questor can do is the Snipe Shot, performed by either holding the Right mouse button down and releasing or holding down the Right Trigger and releasing. The thing with the Snipe Shot is you have to wait for Questor to line up his shot before he can fire the arrow off. And again, you don't need to hold the button down unless you wish to aim in a different direction than you're facing; simply pressing the button will automatically make Questor line up and fire. However, the time waited is well worth it, as a Snipe Shot will kill pretty much all but the most advanced and powerful of foes, such as the Giant Mummies, Liches, Skeleton Soldiers with shields, Orc Juggernauts, and so on. Even then the Snipe Shot is powerful against them. Whenever you can afford to, use this attack. I've been in games where the Elf will almost never use the Snipe Shot when they have plenty of time to line up shots and knock out foes with it. You can also use this while running away just like with the Regular Shots.

The Snipe Shot can even be used with the Bomb ability (line up your shot, then while holding down the Snipe Shot button push the Bomb button) to shoot off an Explosive Arrow. The Arrow can even be shot into walls and other obstacles to create a timed explosive trap. Very nice! While this is weaker than the Snipe Shot or Bomb on their own, and the explosion radius is smaller than a bomb on its own, this is still a useful technique that deals tons of damage and knocks foes down.

Questor drops the bomb.

Questor drops the bomb.

Questor also has the ability to drop a Bomb that will explode after a couple of seconds. This right here is such a useful tool that you must gain experience in using whether you're soloing or taking on the hordes with friends. As mentioned before, it can be used as an Explosive Arrow, or as a simple Bomb dropped on the ground. What I personally like to do is make a pass at a summoning stone, drop the Bomb, and roll away and watch as its detonation deals heavy damage to the stone and takes out any hapless baddies caught in the blast. It's also useful if there's a massive horde after you as you can simply drop the Bomb and keep fleeing while your foes unknowingly walk into its radius and get blown to smithereens. A quick note: The Bomb does more damage and has a larger radius when dropped as opposed to being used as an explosive arrow, so make sure you take that into consideration when deciding which technique to use.

The Tumble and Elven Mysteries

Tumbling, done by hitting Shift on the keyboard or B on the controller, is one of Questor's most useful moves ever. The Tumble enables Questor to do a rolling tumble that renders him invulnerable for the duration of the move, making it a useful method to escape from huge crowds of monsters, to dodge attacks, and to get through traps unharmed.

Questor tumbles through a trap.

Questor tumbles through a trap.

You have to time your tumbling however, because once Questor lands from his tumble he's vulnerable to an attack by a monster or damage from a trap. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten killed because I didn't pay attention to where I was tumbling or mistimed my tumbles. And if you're playing online, please make sure you utilize the tumble! In multiplayer games where monsters are everywhere, the tumble will literally save your life (It still does in solo runs anyway). I was in a game with an Elf who wasn't tumbling and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why he wasn't doing that. Tumble! You can also use your tumble to destroy boxes and crates and other props too. Should make smashing things to get the masteries up a little for you.

Questor becomes a spirit.

Questor becomes a spirit.

A handy ability that will unlock once you complete The Mysteries of the Elf Folk Mastery (awarded for taking 10,000 cumulative damage as Questor) is the ability to turn into a spirit upon death. What this means is should you die, you will instead not actually die but turn into a little green spirit form (like when you respawn) that you can move around freely as. This only lasts for a few seconds and when it's over you will only have one HP. When you first unlock it at the Bronze Level it will take 120 seconds (so two minutes) for this ability to "cooldown" before it'll kick in again—that is, unless you're killed before the ability cools down. Ranking this Mastery up higher will reduce the cooldown time. There is, unfortunately, no onscreen icon to show when the ability has cooled—though keep an eye on Questor's cape as the magic trail that follows it shows if the ability has reached cooldown.

Questor still has some work to do!

Questor still has some work to do!


So now we come to the section on Masteries. For those unfamiliar, Masteries are basically little objectives you can complete that will give your Hero certain perks and abilities, like the aforementioned Precision Strike and Mysteries of the Elf Folk. You can see the full Mastery chart for Questor here:

An asterisk* by the Mastery name means that I had to use the lower-level ability description, so keep in mind that those are just the Bronze (or Silver) effects and that Gold will offer something better.

Mastery NameTypeRequirementEffect

Precision Strike


Kill 50 Monsters with Bomb or Sniper Shot.

Bomb can now be fired as an arrow while in Aim mode.



Kill 12,000 Monsters with Bomb/Bomb Shot

Bomb/Bomb Shot cool down reduced by 10% (Silver Level)

Mysteries of the Elf-Folk


Take 10,000 cumulative damage as the Elf

When you die, you are turned into a spirit for 3 seconds. You are then revived with 1 health (100s cooldown)

As Luck Would Have It...

Loot & Food

Destroy 800 Props

7% Chance to find Gold in destroyed props.

Formidable Fortune

Loot & Food

Destroy 5000 Props

Gold amount from destroyed props increased by up to 100%

Dropper of Crowns*

Loot & Food

Drop the crown 200 times

+6% movement speed and attack for 3 seconds after dropping the crown (Silver Level)

Eating off the Floor*

Loot & Food

Destroy the food 500 times.

Replenish 15% of a food's heal value wen destroying food (Silver Level)

Heroic Hunger

Loot & Food

Eat food equal to 6000 health in total

Replenish 10% health every second for 10 seconds after eating food.

Mummy Slayer

Crypts of the Sun King

Kill 15,000 Mummies

3% increased damage vs Mummies & Mummy Spawners.

Skeleton Slayer

Crypts of the Sun King

Kill 15,000 Skeletons

3% Increased Damage vs Skeletons & Skeleton Spawners

Lich Slayer*

Crypts of the Sun King

Kill 50 Liches

1% Increased damage vs Liches (Bronze Level)

The Undeath of Khamun

Crypts of the Sun King

Kill the boss of the Crypts.

Gold dropped reduced by 5% while in Crypts.

Crypt Kicker

Crypts of the Sun King

Complete 1 of the 3 first Crypt chapters without dying or retrying on Unfair.

10% Increased movement speed while in crypts.

Grunt Slayer

Caverns of Mag`Ash

Kill 15,000 Grunts

3% damage increase vs Grunts and Grunt Spawners

Orc Slayer

Caverns of Mag`Ash

Kill 15,000 Orcs

3% damage increase vs Orcs and Orc Spawners

Spider Queen Slayer

Caverns of Mag`Ash

Kill 50 Spider Queens

1% damage increase vs Spider Queens (Bronze Level)

Besting the Beast of Orox

Caverns of Mag`Ash

Kill the boss of the Caves

Gold dropped reduced by 5% while in Caves

Cave Crusher

Caverns of Mag`Ash

Complete 1 of the first 3 Caves chapters without Dying or Retrying.

10% increased move speed while in Caves

Cultist Slayer

The Burning Temple of Dur

Kill 15,000 Cultists

3% damage increase vs Cultists and Cultist Spawners

Demon Slayer

The Burning Temple of Dur

Kill 15,000 Demons

3% damage increase vs Demons and Demon Spawners

Morak Defeated

The Burning Temple of Dur

Kill the boss of the Temple

Gold dropped on death is reduced by 5% while in Temples.

Temple Toppler

The Burning Temple of Dur

Complete 1 of the first 3 Temple chapters without Dying or Retry.

10% Movement speed increase while in Temples.



Kill 50,000 Monsters

2% increased damage (Silver Level)

Dying For A Living


Die 100 times

Any time you revive, your Hero will be in ethereal form for 5 seconds.

Explosive Exit


Die from Area Damage

15% reduced damage from Area Damage.

Suddenly Skewered


Die by taking damage from a Spike Trap

35% reduced damage from Spike Traps

Icy Tomb


Die while frozen.

1 second reduced frozen duration.

Deader Than Dead


Die 8 times in one session on a single floor.

Gold dropped on death reduced by 10%

Embracing the End


Die by taking Area Damage from an Explosive Barrel you are carrying.

15% reduced damage from Area Damage.

Seriously Severed


Die by taking damage from a Blade Trap

35% reduced damage from Blade Traps.

As you can see, there's lots of Masteries to get through. I've been playing Thor a lot, almost since I've bought the game, and there's still a good number of Masteries to get through. To see what you're gonna be up against, here's a handy table that lays out all of Questor's Masteries and what it'll take to get to the gold level, as well as what comes with that Gold Level Mastery. Some information is unfortunately not available, as rounding up all the information on the Masteries has proven to be a bit difficult. Mainly with the exact effect Gold Level Masteries have. So in those instances, I'll have I will also be constructing a Mastery-specific post at some point in the future, but for now, refer to this article for future reference on Masteries and their effects.

Have No Fear; Questor Is Here!

Remember that non-Hero specific Masteries don't carry over from one Hero to another. Also, any work towards a Mastery will count even if you quit the game or die. So if you do some serious Mummy slaying but fall, have no fear! It'll all still count.

Well, that's it for this edition. If you have further interest in the exploits of Questor, here is a video of a run through the first level in Gauntlet done Solo with the Elf:

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