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Running the Gauntlet: Thor the Warrior

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Thor is ready to slay again and drive the crowds wild!

Thor is ready to slay again and drive the crowds wild!

Disclaimer: The information in this article was written for Arrowhead Studio's original version of the Gauntlet reboot, now under the name Gauntlet: Slayer Edition. Most of the information here still applies to Thor as far as abilities and tactics are concerned, but some information no longer applies, such as the abilities given out by Masteries. In addition, there is information missing about the new equipment system, where equipping Thor with different weapons will change his Spin Attack to a new ability.

Keyboard configuration.

Keyboard configuration.

Meet the Crowd Favorite!

Hello there friends, this article will be taking a look at Thor, the main strongman for the group of Heroes in Gauntlet, 2014. The Warrior is perfect for those who like to get upfront and personal with all of the monsters and villains from within the Gauntlet. If you want to take the battle right to the enemy rather than stay away and attack from afar, Thor is the right man for you. So, let's cut right to the chase!

Controller configuration.

Controller configuration.

Controlling the Warrior

Just like with all the other Heroes, you can play as Thor using either the keyboard and mouse or the controller. And again, I tend to prefer using the Controller over the Keyboard. Mainly because if you use a keyboard and mouse, like with Questor, you have to aim a targeting reticle in the direction you want to attack. It is a bit awkward using the keyboard and mouse but if you don't have a controller handy you will get used to it after a while.

The controls for Thor are pretty straightforward on keyboard and mouse: WASD moves Thor, Shift has Thor Rush, Space is the Spin Attack, Left Mouse is Light Attack, Right Mouse is Cleave, Q and E use Relics if you have potions (More on potions and Relics later), and F interacts with the game world. For the Controller, Left Thumbstick moves Thor, Right Thumbstick has Thor Rush, B is the Spin Attack, X is the Light Attack, Y is Cleave, Right and Left Bumper use Relics if you have Potions, and A interacts with the game world. Also don't forget: On keyboard and mouse you can rebind the controls to whatever you want—though you still have to use the mouse to target—and you cannot rebind anything on the controller. Unlisted on the controls is Thor's Leap Attack, done simply by Rushing and tapping either Light Attack or Cleave and has Thor do a mighty leaping cleave that not only knocks foes back upon landing, but also deals massive damage to enemies caught in the actual cleave itself. However, you must first unlock the Furious Charge Mastery, done by simply tackling 50 monsters with Rushes.

Alright, now that we have the controls down we can get right into the specifics of Thor's attacks and abilities.

That Corrupted Mummy's about to have a REALLY bad day . . .

That Corrupted Mummy's about to have a REALLY bad day . . .

The Skills of a Real Slayer

As mentioned before, Thor has a variety of attacks that he can use to slay foes of all sizes. The one you'll most likely be using a lot is his Light Attack, where Thor does some quick strikes with his ax. It doesn't do a terribly large amount of damage, but it is useful since it can stun opponents for a quick half second, perfect if you need to set up for a Cleave, Rush, or want to weaken some foes before laying into them with a Spin Attack. The Light Attack is really only recommended for weaker monsters, as tougher monsters like Corrupt Mummies, Ogre Juggernauts, and Grunt Shamans take way too many hits from to make it worth it to hack and slash them to death with the Light Attack. Not to mention huge enemies like Juggernauts and Giant Mummies will shrug off light attacks and continue to attack you.

Instead of the Light Attack, try out the Cleave. Thor does have to take roughly a second to lift his ax and leap into the air, but once the ax comes down whatever's hit by it most likely won't be there, unless they're some of the tougher monsters like Liches, Giant Spiders, the aforementioned Juggernauts, and Boss Monsters. This is a real handy move also because when used near large crowds it has the chance to knock back monsters who aren't killed in the Cleave. I personally like to Rush at any spell casting or tougher monsters and Cleave them out of existence, especially in Multiplayer games where the monsters' attentions are divided among the three other players. One word of warning though, the Cleave is tricky to perform on the Keyboard and Mouse, as your targeting reticule must be exactly where you wish to cleave. I've had times where even a Corrupt Mummy gives me trouble because I can't hit them just right. Meanwhile, Controller users get some leeway, as there is an aim assist that will help you Cleave monsters if your aim is just slightly off. Still, controller or not, mastery of the Cleave is a must.

Thor drives the crowd wild and takes on a flurry of foes with his Spin Attack.

Thor drives the crowd wild and takes on a flurry of foes with his Spin Attack.

Pictured above is Thor's Spin Attack, a very useful ability that is essential for any Warrior to master. When used Thor takes his ax and whirls round and round, dealing massive damage to any foe caught in the spinning whirlwind. What's even more, Thor is invulnerable for the duration of the Spin Attack and it downs all but the strongest of foes, making it a way to take out monsters without worrying about being hit. However, make sure that when the whirling stops you're out of range for getting hit, as once the attack ends you can be damaged immediately. There is some cooldown time involved with the attack, however ranking up the Whirling Death mastery will reduce the cooldown time to as little as a couple of quick seconds, rather than a few long seconds.

Other Skills and Abilities of Warriors

In addition to his ax attacks, Thor has a few other abilities as well. The first of these is his Rush attack. When pressing Shift (or pointing the Right Thumbstick in any direction) Thor prepares for a quick sprint, with a red line in front of him being the path that he will take. Upon release of the button or Thumbstick, Thor takes off into a fierce rush that can help him cross large distances, safely cross traps, and also tackle monsters out of his way, dealing some small damage to them. If you master the Rush attack by tackling 50 or more monsters, you'll unlock the Furious Charge Mastery, which lets Thor use a devastating Leaping Attack by pushing the Light Attack or Cleave button. This sends Thor leaping into the air where he'll bring down his ax and damage any foes caught in the attack, as well as knockback foes that are close by, but not close enough to be damaged. Thor is also invulnerable during the Leaping Attack, so this makes it a great attack for summoning stone assaults: Rush, Leap Attack in, then once the attack connects finish the combo with a Spinning Attack, and retreat back out with a Rush-Leap Attack while the Spinning Attack charges back up. Another thing to mention about the Rush is that you can go straight from a Rush into a Spinning Attack at any time, making the Rush a good technique for diving into foes and dealing massive damage.

Another handy feature of Thor is his Hardened Champion ability, which is gained by leveling up the Mastery of the same name. At Gold Level, this Mastery will cause Thor to regain health every second while his health is below 30%. Very useful when you run into some trouble and can dodge and smash your way out, but need a quick energy boost so you can get back into the fight.

Thor's been through many battles, but still has more to go!

Thor's been through many battles, but still has more to go!


Just like Questor the Elf, Thor has his own impressive list of Masteries to get through. Since everything past the first column is the same, I will simply list Thor's specific Masteries in a table. I will perhaps at some point in the future make a post focusing on Masteries alone and have Masteries for all characters listed. This table will only have the Requirements and Effects for the Gold Level Mastery. Also, this table will include some quick tips on how to quickly gain Requirements for each Mastery.

Mastery NameRequirementEffectTips

Furious Charge

Tackle 50 monsters using Rush.

The Warrior can now use attacks while charging to perform a Leaping Rush

Simply Rush into monsters and knock them out of the way. An easy Mastery, especially if you play on Hard or Unfair. Just watch where you're Rushing.

Whirling Death

Kill 12,000 monsters with Spin Attack

Spin Attack cooldown reduced by 15%

Create large followings of monsters and unleash your Spin Attack. Playing on Hard and Unfair can help this pass quicker due to the large volumes of monsters.

Hardened Champion

Take 15,000 cumulative damage as the Warrior.

The Warrior replenishes health every second when below 30% health.

This one will unlock in due time. If you're looking to make it unlock faster though, let yourself get damaged frequently by traps and monsters if there is food nearby.

Did You Enjoy Getting to Know Thor?

And that brings us to the end of this guide. I hoped you enjoyed getting to know Gauntlet's master slayer and expert crowd pleaser. I'm sure knowing how he works will help you provide the excellent crescendos that Thor loves to bring. It's a shame that there's really no one within Gauntlet to watch him do so. I've also got a gameplay video now up for Thor that you can watch to see this fearsome Hero in action.

© 2014 Ignacio Mata