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A World Lost in Shadow: "Sole" Game Review

Looking for a surreal adventure? "Sole" might be your ticket.

Looking for a surreal adventure? "Sole" might be your ticket.

Breathing Life Back Into the World of Sole

Sole is a transcendental experience from Gossamer Games that will leave you feeling warmhearted. The player takes control of the only light source in a dark world. This world is filled with intricate architecture and uninhabited environments that can only be brought back to life with your light.

Sole forces the player to think and feel. It’s up to you to uncover the true colors and history of this ancient world. The game offers a surreal experience that any player can get lost in for hours.


Sound Design

One of the features that stood out to me was the incredible sound design. Sound can hold a lot of weight in game development. From the moment you start playing, the sounds help to fully transport you to this dreamlike world that is Sole. The light source you control gives off a soft, ethereal hum as you move through the environments, painting light as you go.

As you pass by different areas, you start to bring nature back to life, triggering beautifully crafted animations coupled with smooth and harmonious sounds that allow the player to truly feel they are breathing life back into the world. Blanketing this whole experience is an incredible soundtrack that often leaves room for the player to quietly explore while still offering delicate atmospheric melodies.



Sole does a great job of challenging the player through themes of isolation. The lack of direction in solving puzzles and no dialogue forces the player to disappear from their world and live for a moment in the world of Sole. The game won’t leave you totally empty-handed. You will find yourself with all the pieces to the puzzle but must figure out how to navigate to the last piece.

Gossamer Games accomplishes something with Sole that may seem infeasible. Sole makes you feel alone in this dark world, but as you explore and bring life back into the ancient environment, you discover that you are anything but alone. Shadow figures are sprinkled throughout the world that make you think of the history of these places and how they once had so much life before being shrouded in darkness.


Final Verdict

Sole is an incredible experience that I must recommend to anyone. It offers a unique design in the world of gaming. It forces the player to think deeper about the story being told, and it will stay on your mind well after you’ve completed the game. Games are an incredible way to provoke thought and deep feelings, and Gossamer Games does just that with Sole.