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"Scribblenauts Unlimited" Walkthrough: Sir Guillemet's Castle and The Saurus Park

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Sir Guillemet's Castle

The Scribblenauts world is hardly realistic, and if the presence of a Medieval castle in the wilderness isn't proof of that, nothing ever will be. Enjoy this puzzling romp back in time to the days of sword-on-sword yore.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

Help us get past the knight!

Orcs outside the castle

Turn the Orcs 'invisible', give them 'wings' to fly in or simply apply 'dead' to the Jouster. (You will have to reset the level to perform the Jouster's half of this standoff.)

Starite Shard

Give me something to ride down those orcs!

Jouster outside the castle

Traditionally you might give the Jouster a 'horse'. Less traditionally, give him a 'tank'.

Starite Shard

Give me something to help me entertain the king!

Larp, in the main hall

You can apply the adjective 'funny' to any object and hand it to Larp to obtain victory here.

Starite Shard; unlocks Larp

Give us something to bust our comrade out of jail!

Assassins in the basement

A 'key' or a 'lockpick' will bust that Assassin out in a flash.

Starite Shard; unlocks Shadow

I hate this frilly dress! Give me something more stylish to wear!

Princess on the second floor

She wants a new outfit. She'll accept absolutely anything - I gave her a 'janitorial uniform' and she was quite happy.

Starite Shard

Give us weapons to shoot down the invaders!

Archer on the ramparts

If it fires a projectile, she wants it. A 'bow' perhaps?

Starite Shard

The Philisopher's Stone is almost done, but I need another ingredient that has been around for a long time!

Alchemist in the tower

The Alchemist needs anything ancient, and that's easy enough to do - apply the adjective 'old' to any item and hand it over.

Starite Shard

Help me save my friend, but don't kill anyone!

Milkmaid watching the execution in the courtyard

Either make the Prisoner 'flying', 'winged' or 'invisible' to let him escape, or give the Milkmaid something to cause a distraction (such as a 'smoke bomb').

Starite Shard

The Orphaned Dragon

Rubble across from the execution site

The Dragon needs to become an unholy terror. First make the Lizard 'magical', then give it an 'ice potion', then create a 'firey' somebody for the Dragon to fight, preferably a 'knight' or 'hero' or something similar.



The Saurus Park

Jurassic Park?! No, no, that would be infringing copyright and all that. This is the Saurus Park, where many dinosaurs are allowed to roam free and happily chat with the visitors. Would you expect any less of Scribblenauts?

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I lost my purple to pterodactyl! Will you find it for me?

Boy at entrance

He only wants his OWN pterodactyl. Fly up to the ledge above the entrance to find it.

Starite Shard

The pterodactyl must have thought I was stealing one of its children!

Boy held by pterodactyl

Complete previous task and this happens. Simply steal the boy back.

Starite Shard

Give the raptors some prey to catch!

Large Shrub near the entrance

The raptors are hungry. You can even give them another 'raptor' to eat.

Starite Shard

We want to play with a dinosaur that won't eat us!

Teacher past the raptor pit

Pick any dinosaur you like, just label it as 'friendly'.

Starite Shard

To clone a dinosaur, this amber needs to contain something that sucks blood!

Paleontologist beneath the water tank

A 'mosquito' is the normal answer. A 'vampire' will work just as well.

Starite Shard

This sheep won't fool anyone! Help it fit into the exhibit!

Sheep near the water tank

Make it 'scaly'.

Starite Shard

Stop Rex from hunting the dinosaurs!

Rex, by the fences

Steal his bow. Piece of cake.

Starite Shard; unlocks Rex

Dinner is stuck in my throat! Make me sneeze to blow it out!

Coughing Tyrannosaurus at the far end of the park

Make it a 'sneezing' Tyrannosaurus or give it 'sneezing powder'.

Starite Shard

Help me teach the plesiosaurus to shoot hoops!

Atop the water tank

Either give it a 'basketball' or make the dinosaur 'athletic'.

Starite Shard

This butterfly causes a disaster in the future! Dispose of it before it's too late!

Woman by the pterodactyl exhibit, above the entrance

Attack the Butterfly or give the Woman some weapon so she can do it herself. (Hop in the time machine afterward for a HILARIOUS time travel sequence.)

Starite Shard

Allosaurus on the Loose!

Zookeeper by the entrance

First, track down the dinosaur with a 'tracker' or 'hunter'. Next, give this person a tool to track the dinosaur, such as a 'dog'. Third, put something in the dinosaur's cage it would likely eat, such as 'meat'. Fourth, give the Zookeeper more 'meat' to attract the dinosaur. Last, make the dinosaur 'tired' or 'sleepy'.


Five Billion Dollar Dino!

Scientist near the back

You must build a nice, robotic dino. Start with a 'tail', then an 'engine', then 'teeth', and, last, 'gasoline'.