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"Shadow of Mordor" Hunting Challenge Guide

Hunting Challenges will bring you to the far corners of Mordor to hunt exotic beasts along with bats, sea gulls, and the mystical rat. Okay, so maybe exotic is a bit of a stretch, but hunting is a wraith's pastime and is rather fun. So don't get lost trying to hunt down your elusive prey and enjoy the hunt.

Challenge 1: 3 Ungol Spiders

Ungol Spiders can easily be found outside strongholds in both Udun and the Sea of Nurnen. They're easily found in Udun around the Central tower and the surrounding valleys and camp.

Challenge 2: 5 Flying Creatures

Ether Morgul Bats (the most easily harvested), Hell Hawks, and Sea Gulls count as flying creatures. You can easily find Morgul bats perched in the entrances of caves and Hell Hawks flying in Udun. Sea Gulls rest along the coast in the Sea of Nurnen. I recommend upgrading focus reserves and arrow count to make hunting easier.


Challenge 3: 3 Caragor

You can find Caragors practically everywhere. Any way you come across them count. You can let them out of cages, lure them in by knocking down meat in strongholds, or hunt them in the wild. Their bellies are their vulnerable spots.

Challenge 4: 4 Mordor Rats

These scurrying vermin can be found in Udun in Strongholds. Uroks Hollow and West Garrison are idea hunting grounds.

Can be found in the trench during night

Can be found in the trench during night

Challenge 5: 8 Ghuls

Ghuls only come out at night or specific missions. They can be found in various locations all over the map in both Udun and the Sea of Nurnen. If you are on a ghul hotspot with no ghuls kill off the local Uruks and they'll start crawling out of the ground.

Challenge 6: 3 Morgul Bats

Easy challenge, just head to north Udun and snipe them in the cave entrance or around the cave.

Challenge 7: 1 Graug

Graugs are difficult to bring down without upgrades or certain skills learned from the Torvin. Once you have the capacity to take them down (shadow Mount makes for an easy kill) they appear in Udun and the Sea of Nurnen.

So rare I couldn't find one to screenshot.

So rare I couldn't find one to screenshot.

Challenge 8: 1 Dire Caragor

Dire Caragors only spawn in the Sea of Nurnen away from Strongholds. Their spawn rate is pretty low, so it might take awhile to locate one. They are easy to distinguish from regular caragors by the 3 slash mark icon over them (looks like the caragor mark on the mini map). You can kill one in Torvin's 4th mission, The Great White Graug.

That symbol means it's going to bring reinforcements.

That symbol means it's going to bring reinforcements.

Challenge 9: 1 Ghul Matron

Ghul Matrons are powerful Ghuls but are weak against fire and arrows. They appear in 2 quests (The Messenger and the sword quest Nameless things), but if you've already passed those quests here's how you get one to spawn.

First head toward an area you know where Ghuls spawn. If you need to kill some Uruk do so. Then proceed to kill the ghuls, but leave one to run away, when it gets a mark above its head (as seen in the picture). After a couple times of one calling for reinforcements a Matron should spawn.

Challenge 10: Horned Graugs

Horned Graugs can be found wandering the Sea of Nurnen, but it's easier to just head toward the cave in the North West part of the map. If you get there and Caragors are occupying the cave, kill them and move time forward and a Horned Graug will be in the cave. As before Shadow Mount makes dispatching this Graug easy.