"Skyward Sword": How to Beat Demon Lord Ghirahim at Fire Sanctuary (Second Time)

Updated on April 1, 2019


This article is going to explain how to beat the Demon Lord Ghirahim at the Fire Sanctuary in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Ghirahim's second form is the last dungeon boss (there are a few more bosses left in the game after this, but none are located in dungeons per se) in the game, but is actually easier than his first form back at Skyview Temple (you should be used to the motion controls by now and Ghirahim's attack style is similar to the first fight). Even so, keep your guard up, as the Demon Lord still has a trick or two up his sleeve.

I will break down the fight into each of its distinct phases, much as I did with Ghirahim's first form. Read on and see how this boss can be beaten!

Phase I

At the beginning of this fight, Ghirahim will once again walk towards you with one hand extended. The difference between this battle and the first one is that he will materialize a pair of daggers to protect himself (and damage you if you're not careful as well). These daggers hover around Ghirahim, leaving an opening that allows for a vertical or horizontal slash (depending on the position of the daggers).

Just like the first fight, if you broadcast your attack by holding the Remote in the same direction you end up swinging, he will grab hold of the sword, and you must shake the Remote to prevent him from stealing it from you. So, to damage Ghirahim, make sure to point your Remote at the same angle as the daggers so that you can slash him through the opening the daggers provide (otherwise, you may find your sword deflected by one of the daggers even if you manage to evade his sword grab).

If you try to evade Ghirahim by moving away, he will eventually throw the daggers at you. You can Shield Bash them back at him to get a very brief opening, but this is a lot harder to exploit than just staying in close quarters combat and slashing through his defensive opening.

Summary: Use a well-timed slash that's perpendicular to Ghirahim's daggers to damage him. Alternately, Shield Bash his thrown daggers back at him to secure a brief opening to slash him with your sword.

Once you do enough damage to Ghirahim, he will start materializing four daggers instead of two, but the strategy for slashing him is the same as before (you do have less room for error with twice the daggers in play, but that shouldn't mean much).

Tip: To better exploit an opening created via a Shield Bashed dagger, move to meet the thrown dagger and Bash it. If you're close enough, you should be able to land a solid Spin Attack before he can recover.

Phase II

Once you damage the Demon Lord Ghirahim enough, he will finally switch from the dagger phase and materialize a pair of swords. In this phase, he will approach you and hold up his two swords in a certain angle to block attacks coming from that angle. As you may expect, the key to successfully damaging him is to swing from the opposite angle. So, for instance, if he is holding his two swords to shield the upper left portion of himself, use an upwards diagonal slash aimed at his exposed area.

If you allow him too close without doing anything, he will slash you with both swords at the same time. This can be blocked with your shield (which will damage it, but you should have at least a Sacred Shield by now, and those self-repair, so...), or deflected with a Shield Bash (but this doesn't create an opening; attempts to exploit it will result in you eating two swords to the face).

After you damage him a few times, he will start integrating his daggers into his battle plan once again, materializing a circle or an arc of them. A crucial difference this time around is that sometimes he'll materialize them around you.

  • If the daggers are arranged in a circle around you, use a horizontal Spin Attack.
  • If the daggers are arranged in an arc above your head, use a Skyward Strike to destroy them.
  • If you leave them in their place, they'll eventually skewer you (which, admittedly, doesn't hurt that much, but do try to avoid it).
  • If he materializes them around himself, just wait until he launches them towards you and block/Shield Bash them, much like the first fight.

Keep damaging him and he'll add an aerial strike to his repertoire, which is the definitive sign that the fight is nearly over. Given that this attack has a blatantly obvious broadcast (Ghirahim jumps in the air and disappears), is easy to dodge (just keep sidestepping once he disappears until he reappears), and leaves him vulnerable to attack (if Ghirahim misses, his twin swords get stuck in the ground for a few seconds and he wastes time trying to pull them out), you should have no trouble finishing the fight.

Oh, as if the above weren't enough: He will start using the aerial strike almost exclusively once he's almost out of health. So, learn how to counter that attack, and this part of the fight will be laughably easy.


Just like the first fight, once you have beaten on Ghirahim enough, he will back off, say a few choice words, and disappear, leaving behind a Heart Container (the last full Heart Container in the game, by the way; you will need to find Heart Pieces to get more in the future).

That's that for this article. If you have any comments related to the article (constructive criticism, opinions, thoughts, etc.), questions, or just want to talk about Skyward Sword in general (spoilers at a minimum please!), then feel free to post in the comments section!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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    • profile image

      Brian Harding 

      2 years ago

      I'd have a hard time deciding my favorite,it so depends on the mood I'm in. The only one I can say with certainty that I truly got bored and being bored in Links world is not a feeling I got from any other game. I'm playing SS for the third time, and I like a lot of the changes they made, even though they come in a more cartoony style. The puzzles that at first seem so familiar add additional challenge, whether it be doorlocks, underground sequences, simple enemies require adapting new strategies, etc... It had at least 8 dungeons, and many side quests more than just taking an object to someone. Changes that improved on previous gameplay 10 - it has to be 10 they did nothing with enemies to make them more of a challenge in later games, at least no where near on SS scale. The cons are a little too much hand holding, see Ocarina of time or majora's mask and play them for those that don't understand this point. You take clues, talk to people and sometimes make deals to get what you need. This is trial and error, basically take the time to get to know the NPC's in great detail. In SS they put though bubbles over the heads of important conversations that you can see a mile away. I don't mind the equipment and the upgrades, sometimes I like to go on a bug hunt everywhere taking in the scenery make mental notes, and yes buy the bug medal, it saves a ton of time. I'm not sure if I enjoy those kinds of downtime quests that you come across, I have helped the monster all the way, but I felt mini games that upgrade weapons should have fit into that upgrade category. The sky, wow the most boring place off earth. I see why they thought it was a good idea, I think they were too far along to just have to make the best of a bad decision, imho. I still say for growth, number of dungeons, interesting characters, sidequest+ (okay+) and the many trials forcing strategy, and the other challenges that are so random but involved, the whale, bug island. fun experiences. I can give it A:::::: 7.9 / 10 It's as close to an 8 as it will get, but I think some great opportunities for darkness and take away the cartoon look would have improved it. Imagine Zelda is stabbed in the stomach as link is being held back. They laugh that the triforce of wisdom is dead and the courage one, well look at link a blubbering mess. === This defeat brings the Goddesses together for their only option, manipulate time and change the out come. But you have to exist in both timelines working at getting what you need to possibly bring Zelda Back to life or all is lost. Haunted by her corpse Link is driven to find all he needs under the Goddesses instructions. One world is cruel, like never before seen. The other more like out current thoughts on the universe...you with me?

    • Winterfate profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Perez 

      7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Umm, thank you for the comment David, although I don't see who was whining about that in this hub?

      (For the record, I don't particularly mind the lack of voice acting either. Imagining what Link and co. sound like is part of the fun for me as well.)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      All the whining about voice aictng? why? it would be horrible if Link had a voice. Just like for yeas people wanted Samus to have a voice and in the game that she finally did. Everyone Complained about it. Even though that game had a great story line and I was really happy that Japan was making another metroid game taking after Snes metroid which is one of my Favorite games, so Link did have a voice it would not be Zelda. I honestly like the reading and voice gestures everyone makes. More alive.

    • AkaiMiko profile image


      8 years ago

      Excellent! My sister's working on this part of the game right now and she was stuck in Phase 1 for 20 minutes! Thanks much!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanku so much he was annoying me so much but I read this focused and kicked his ass :P


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