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"Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves" (Platinum Review)

Philip has only been a self-proclaimed trophy-hunter for around 6 months but that won't stop him from reviewing every game he's platinumed.

Sly 3 Game Cover

Sly 3 Game Cover


Sly 3: the crazier, sillier, not nearly as good but still pretty good, sequel to Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves was originally released for the PS2 in 2005 as the third and final Sly Cooper game under the Sucker Punch Productions banner. It was later remastered and re-released by Sanzaru Games, the future developers of Sly 4, for the PS3 along with the rest of the trilogy.

My Past Experiences With Sly Games

I don’t know how it was possible, but Sucker Punch somehow made a Sly game that was even sillier than Sly 2. In a franchise that was already almost a parody of a heist movie, Sucker Punch made a game with even more satire than the last. From the intentionally crappy disguises to the dumber-than-dirt guards, it is clear that Sucker Punch decided to go all-in on the heist parody for Sly 3.

However, this is what originally appealed to me about the game. In fact, as a child, I actually loved this game more than Band of Thieves. I found its silliness and goofy banter to be hilarious and fun to watch and play. However, my humor has definitely changed since I first played this game at the age of 12. While I still like the game, I now find the humor to be a little too immature and stupid for my adult self.

Despite this, Sly 3 is still awesome. One of the main differences for me between Sly 2 and 3 is that Sly 3, in my opinions, has more high points than the second one does. What I mean by this is that Sly 2 was a great game throughout; very few moments stood out to me as being better than the rest. Meanwhile, I remember Sly 3 for its many high moments (more on these later) and not much about the rest of the game. Also, the game adds multiple new playable characters including a shapeshifting Guru and even sexy INTERPOL agent, Carmelita Fox.

Storyline Background (No "Sly 3" Plot Spoilers, Minor "Sly 1" and 2 Spoilers)

The background of this story is a typical comic book origin story. Sly Cooper is a member of a long lineage of master thieves that only steal from other thieves. When he was a child, he witnessed a villainous group called the Fiendish Five murder his parents and take off with pages from the Thievious Raccoonus, a book of all the abilities and locations important to the Cooper family. He was then sent to an orphanage where he met his two best friends and future members of the Cooper Gang, Bentley the turtle and Murray the hippo.

In Sly 3, Sly and the Cooper Gang hear about the Cooper Vault, a giant safe in the middle of a once-deserted island that houses centuries of Cooper treasure and obstacles. However, when they get to the island, they find that it has been overrun by Dr. M, an evil billionaire who bought the island for the sole purpose of breaking into the Cooper Vault and stealing all that’s in it. Bentley realizes that the only thing he can do to stop him is to recruit a group of specialists to help take him out.

So that’s what they do. The Cooper Gang spends the game traveling all across the country, recruiting masters in their fields to help them take back the Cooper Vault, including Sly’s old foe, the Panda King and Bentley’s future waifu Penelope.

High Points

The first one that comes to mind are the flying sections from the Black Baron chapter. These remind me a lot of the Snoopy vs. The Red Baron game that I also played a lot of as a kid (I should probably play that game again).

Next, I just loved the whole China chapter. It has two of my favorite Sly missions ever: The true General Tsao boss fight (not the crappy repetitive dragon one at the end) and the Michael Jackson Thriller vampires (I call them that because that’s what they remind me of). The whole hub world is just a blast to play. Besides, General Tsao has got to be the biggest villain in the history of kids’ games. I wish there was a button prompt to allow you to just smash his face in when he says “that line” (everybody who has played the game knows what line I’m talking about). It would be so rewarding.

I know I’m in the minority on this, but I also actually love the missions where you need to control the ship. I thought it was very creative and something I look forward to playing every time I replay the game. It adds even more variety to a game that already has plenty of it.

My Petty Complaints

Like in all games you’ve played before, there are always parts, whether it’s because of the difficulty or just shear cringe-worthiness, that you rue playing. Here are mine for Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves:

  • The “dialogue-selecting” challenges: Multiple times in every hub world, starting with Dimitri in the Venice chapter, you must choose between a few dialogue options and only after choosing the correct option will you naturally progress through the mission. This is just plain annoying and long-winded. Even if you know from the beginning what the right answer, it sometimes takes going through a few options in order for the right answer to show up. It is boring and takes too long to go through.
  • Dimitri swimming missions: These missions just plain suck. Dimitri’s controls are slow and wonky, his harpoon gun has the fire rate of a damn bow and arrow, and he can be easily killed by sharks. So yeah, they suck. My two least favorite sections of the game are when Dimitri has to avoid the claws going down the tunnel and the mini-boss battle against Dr. M. They both falter from Dimitri’s inability to dodge properly and him only being able to fire his harpoon gun once every five seconds. In fact, the first time I ever played this game, I rage quit while trying to dodge the claws and didn’t come back to it for three months.

Trophies and Overall Thoughts

Like Sly 2, I collected most of the trophies for this game during my main story playthrough. The only difference is that instead of bottles to collect, Sly 3 has extra challenges you can do. Most of them are doing different missions in a time limit or on half health. They are actually pretty fun and I really enjoyed doing them.

Because the variety of gameplay is very enjoyable and the trophies are very easy to obtain, I give Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves a Platinum It ranking.