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Smoov "Grab A Ho And He'll Show" Zimos's Assassin Target in "Saints Row 3 the Third"


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This guide will cover Smoov, the "Grab A Ho And He'll Show" assassination target given to the player by the contact Zimos, within the video game Saints Row 3 "The Third." It covers everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: Smoov
Contact: Zimos
Subject: Grab A Ho And He'll Show

Location: Henry Steel Mills
Cash: $2,700
Respect: 250

Message: "Smoov's a hustler who don't recognize old school no more, dig? Now he hangs with the Syndicate. Grab one of his hoes in Henry Steel Mills. His hoes will be the fatter, uglier ones ... not those tight strippers you see prancin' around. Anyway, when he shows, ice that cat."

Grab A Ho And He'll Show

Finding Smoov for Zimos' assassin target is one of the more difficult hits in Saints Row 3, mainly because the hoes you need to find are not always particularly abundant. As always the first task of the hit will be to travel to the target location, in this case being Henry Steel Mills.

Once you arrive in the district, it is time to start patrolling the streets for hoes, like the message states, that are on the rotund side of things. The obvious size difference which will make finding the correct hoes a bit easier, along with their generally gaudy or skimpy attire. Once you have found one of these fatter hoes, you will have to grab her as a hostage/human shield, pressing the appropriate button press for whichever system you are playing on. Hold onto the hoe for a few seconds, and Smoov should spawn somewhere nearby, walking along the sidewalk. Make sure not to kill or throw the hoe right away, and keep in mind that sometimes they can take a long time to find. The spawn rate and type of civilians is random, but you should be able to find them at any time of day.

Smoov won't come to you, so you will have to go travel to his location, where he will be walking around in blue jeans, no shirt, and a gold chain around his neck. Once you get to this part it is easy street: just pick your poison and let him have it.

Note: Some players have reported that any type of hoe or stripper will count towards making Smoov show up, however this may be a bug soon to be patched. So I would only suggest pursuing this strategy if you cant find the hoes as described above. If it doesn't work after a few tries, it probably won't work on your copy.

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Kyle on June 20, 2017:

Good luck with this shit! I wasted two hours of my life trying to figure this out. I rarely ever run into any goes in this game. Literally haven't seen one fat how the entire time I've been playing this game.

What kind of game designer puts a task in the game to this level of assholeism! Seriously, fuck you!

Dana al Bashir on March 23, 2014:

The steel is very cool