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Top 5 Sonic the Hedgehog Transformations

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic's Powers

Sonic has been with us for generations. Throughout this time, the easygoing hedgehog has demonstrated incredible abilities, even without the transformations we're about to review. He can run amazingly fast and he can easily break the sound barrier. Some sources state that he can actually surpass the speed of light. Additionally, he is clever, durable, and an all-around great athlete.

Clearly, Sonic's already a force to be reckoned with; imagine what he can do with the various forms in this countdown We're taking Sonic's various enhancements from all video games, anime, and comic books. Without further ado, these are Sonic the Hedgehog's top five transformations!

Dark Sonic

Dark Sonic

5. Dark Sonic

Seen in: Sonic X

At one point in the show Sonic X, some of Sonic's friends are kidnapped by an evil alien. When he finds them, Sonic sees his allies' fear and despair, enraging the normally composed hedgehog. Harnessing negative emotions, he briefly turns into Dark Sonic, a form whose mysterious powers aren't fully known. However, he easily defeats two powerful robots within seconds.

Some fans believe this form hardly increases Sonic's abilities; others believe it's on par with his more-commonly used Super state. Given the evidence, I certainly can't blame the latter group. Oh, and it's ironic that Sonic's classic foe, Dr. Robotnik (also called Eggman), is the one who quells his rage, returning him to normal.
Check out the video, from about 0:45 to 1:20, to see Dark Sonic unleashed.

Excalibur Sonic

Excalibur Sonic

4. Excalibur Sonic

Seen in: Sonic and the Black Knight

Black Knight isn't Sonic's best game, but it contains one of his most interesting transformations. Here, Sonic himself doesn't change, but he dons golden armor and a red cape and is stated to become "the ultimate knight." He also wields the incredibly powerful blade, Excalibur.

This is likely Sonic's slowest build, but he gains increased power, flight, and durability. He can also deflect most projectiles with his near-indestructible sword. Also, he can unleash Soul Surge, a technique that extends the length of his blade, then quickly slashes it at foes. Finally, unlike many of Sonic's other forms, Excalibur mode doesn't continuously drain his energy. Certainly an interesting transformation for our blue friend.

Super Sonic

Super Sonic

3. Super Sonic

Seen in: Several Sonic games and shows

Ah, the classic Super Saiyan—er, I mean Super Sonic. This form draws inspiration from the similar transformation in Dragon Ball Z and offers flight, increased speed, and awesome-looking upwards-oriented quills. It first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, has made the most manifestations of any transformation, and other characters like Tails and Shadow are also shown to employ Super forms.

To unleash this strength, Sonic must harness the positive energy of the seven chaos emeralds, rainbow-colored gems that contain forces of good and evil. The extra strength comes in handy (players become almost invincible), but there is a weakness—duration. Sonic's energy (measured by devices called rings) constantly depletes, so he has to finish foes quickly or he'll revert to normal. Still, Sonic doesn't always utilize positive energy to fuel his transformations...

Darkspine Sonic

Darkspine Sonic

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2. Darkspine Sonic

Seen in: Sonic and the Secret Rings

Transforming into this mode to fight the final boss was a blast; I enjoy Super Sonic battles, but Darkspine was a great change of pace. This form enhances almost everything; it provides extra speed, power, the ability to fly, and control over flames. Darkspine Sonic ignites his own limbs when striking a foe to further increase the damage dealt. Like Dark Sonic, this mode gains power from feelings of hate, rage, and despair. Plus, Sonic's energy (rings) doesn't deplete over time; only when he is struck.

For these reasons, Darkspine seems superior to Super. My favorite part about this form? It's incomplete; Sonic transforms into Darkspine by utilizing three out of seven of the legendary World Rings. That's not even half; can you imagine his strength if he used all seven to intensify?

Werehog form.

Werehog form.

(Dis?)Honorable Mention: Werehog

This form appears in the widely-panned game Sonic Unleashed. The Werehog state gets some negative reception for two reasons. One, the game it appears in isn't very good. Two, Werehog removes Sonic's trademark speed.

Still, it does offer some benefits; Sonic becomes physically stronger and can project dark energy to attack adversaries or shield himself. A string of events in Sonic Unleashed cause this form to be triggered automatically each night (as opposed to during full moons like most werewolves). Love it or hate it, Werehog at least deserves a mention. However, our number one Sonic state goes to..

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic

1. Hyper Sonic

Seen in: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

It's hard to do justice to the wondrous appearance of this form with one picture. Physically, Hyper resembles the Super state, except that Sonic rapidly morphs between seven colors when utilizing Hyper, and he leaves after-images when he moves. So far, it's only appeared in the awesome Sonic 3 & Knuckles game.

Hyper is faster, stronger, and more durable than the already formidable Super form. The only weakness is the same as Super's; over time, Sonic's energy will diminish. Until he runs out, no other form compares to the mighty Hyper transformation.

Oh, you want to see a stupendously strong mode that actually lasts? Take a look at one of the states that Knuckles, Sonic's powerful echidna ally, can morph into.

Chaos Knuckles

Chaos Knuckles

Chaos Vs Hyper

Bonus: Chaos Knuckles

In his regular form, red rival Knuckles the Echidna's strength is said to match Sonic's speed, and the two have never settled once and for all who would win in a fight (their Sonic X match was interrupted). Knuckles normally appears red, but in the continuity of one comic book series, he ultimately evolves into the emerald Chaos form.

Chaos grants power rivaling (perhaps surpassing) even Hyper Sonic. It grants the usual increased strength, speed, and flight, plus a plethora of unique benefits. Chaos enables powerful energy blasts to be fired, it provides the ability to teleport, allows Knuckles to travel through time, and lets him warp reality. And it has no weakness; the form is permanent. So powerful is this mode, that in one timeline, Knuckles fails to control his strength, and becomes the evil (and awesome-looking) Dark Enerjak.

Your Favorite

Future of Sonic

Though recent Sonic games have a lackluster reputation, there's still hope that the franchise can regain the glory it once had. After all, the games Sonic Generations, Colors, and Lost World aren't that bad; in time, maybe Sonic will thrive again. A plethora of free mobile and online games, toys, and even memes help keep him relevant in modern times. But for now, as we eagerly await Sega's next adventure, vote for your favorite Sonic transformation, and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

Questions & Answers

Question: Who is the fastest character from Sonic?

Answer: Different sources state different things, but usually Sonic. I did an article on this; if you're curious, check out the "Top 10 Fastest Sonic Characters".

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