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"Star Wars Battlefront 2" Overview: Campaign, Multiplayer, Arcade, and Battle Scenario

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It's been two years since the last Star Wars Battlefront came out. The game was primarily a multiplayer game, but it offered some cooperative modes you could play with a friend. It did not feature a true single-player story, though. Fortunately, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a campaign, albeit a very short one. The multiplayer is where most of the content lies. The biggest game mode is called "Galactic Assault" and it can include up to 40 players. There's also an Arcade mode where you can face off against AI-controlled enemies or complete battle scenarios inspired from Star Wars lore and events.

Iden Versio

Iden Versio

The Campaign Story

The campaign in Star Wars Battlefront can best be described as "short but sweet." The game is only about five hours long depending on your style of play. The story primarily focuses on a new female protagonist named Iden Versio. She's a commander in charge of inferno squad. The inferno squad is basically an elite group of soldiers that work for the Empire.

Iden Versio does not wield a light saber, but she is adept at using weapons and abilities that can aid her in battle. She can utilize stealth in the game to avoid enemy detection. Stealth is not the primary focus of the game, but there are a few times where it's useful. Iden can also use her personnel droid to open up containers or shock enemies in battle.

Taking cover is a fundamental part of the game. You can't stick to cover by pressing a button, but you can hide behind cover and crouch behind obstacles to avoid damage.

Besides Iden Versio, you'll play as iconic characters from the Star Wars Universe like Luke Skywalker. However, many of the segments where you play as major Star Wars characters are transient. You won't play as them long before you control Iden Versio again.

The animation and level of detail of the characters faces are phenomenal. The graphics are beautiful and probably won't disappoint most gamers. You'll be playing in massive environments ranging from cities, forests, outer space, and spaceships. Some missions will involve ground combat while some involve large scale spaceship battles on a planet or in space.

The overall story is relatively good, although it's not on the same level as the Mass Effect series or Metal Gear Solid franchise. It's decent, but nothing particularly special. There are cutscenes that break up the gameplay a bit during and after completing missions. There's a couple plot twists (won't spoil them here) and an ending that is kind of a cliff hanger that implies future content.


There are three difficulty settings. The game should not be particularly difficult because the AI is not all that advanced. However, the AI will take cover to avoid taking fire, but sometimes enemies will relentlessly charge at you foolishly. As long as you take cover, use your abilities, and shoot accurately, you'll complete the game with ease. There's a few segments of the game that offer more of a challenge, but nothing impossible.

Campaign, just like multiplayer, can be played from a first-person perspective or a third-person perspective. You might feel more immersed in first-person, but third-person gives you a greater view, making it easier to spot enemies around walls and cover. You can switch views at anytime.

Star Wars fans and gamers will appreciate the audio in the game. You'll hear iconic Star Wars instrumentals and the sound of the stormtroopers blasters in crisp detail. It will almost feel like you're in a movie at times.

While the campaign is decent; it falls short in a few areas. The game is extremely short. You can beat it in an afternoon. For those hoping for a long game, you'll be a bit disappointed. The quality for the most part is here, but the quantity is not unfortunately.

Additionally, it's a shame that the game does not allow you to play as the iconic characters like Luke Skywalker or Han Solo more often. The sections were done quite well, but those segments will feel unjustly short to the majority of players. Lastly, the game kind of ends on a cliffhanger, making it feel incomplete. A story DLC will probably be included in the future to finish the campaign. Hopefully, extra content will be free, but EA has been known to charge money for additional content (usually expensive).

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Most of the content that Star Wars Battlefront 2 offers is in the multiplayer. There are five game modes: Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, and Heroes Vs Villains, Strike, and Blast. The maps go on a cycle. You can't vote for a map or search for a specific map you desire to play. In my opinion, that's a bit of a downside because you might get unlucky and get the same two maps repeatedly.

The loading times into and out of multiplayer are terrible. It will often take up to an entire minute to load. Fortunately, there's virtually no in-game loading times in campaign or multiplayer. The frame rate will run smoothly over 90% of the time, which is great, as many of the maps are monumentally huge and span across a variety of indoor and outdoor environments with gorgeous graphics (a high attention to detail with Star Wars lore).

Galactic Assault is the most robust mode, allowing up to 40 players. It features regular rebels, stormtroopers, and other soldiers that are based on either the Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance. Collecting battle points will enable you to play as a special soldier or a hero character like Luke Skywalker, Rey, Han Solo, and other major characters in the Universe. You'll play as a villain if you're on the Empire side. Galactic Assault is objective-based. Each map will have you either defending or attacking depending on what side you spawn on. Objectives range from destroying vehicles to escorting an AT-AT across the level.

Staying with your assigned squad in Galactic Assault will give you more points when you get kills, sacrifice, or take objectives. Unfortunately, there's no way to create your own squads, which is disappointing to players who want team up with their friends.


Starfighter Assault

Another large-scale game mode in Stars Wars Battlefront 2 is Starfigher Assault. You'll pilot a fighter ship, bomber, or other spaceship of your choice. Starfighter Assault is an objective-based mode where you have to either defend or destroy an objective to win. Enemy players will be flying through the maps trying to shoot you down while you attempt to complete an objective (and vice versa).

The maps take place in outer space, often near a planet or large ships. Some maps will have asteroids and other large objects that you can fly into and explode if you're not careful. Starfighter Assault can be pretty hectic when you have enemy players firing missiles at you as you're trying to dodge them and the asteroids in space.

After acquiring enough battle points, you'll be able to fly a hero or villian ship like Han Solo's Millennium Falcon or Darth Maul's Scimitar. They can help you turn the tide of battle, but won't ensure victory if you use them unwisely.

Heroes Vs Villains

Heroes Vs Villains is a smaller scale mode on small maps. It's 4 vs 4. You'll be able to play as iconic heroes or villains from the Star Wars universe. Unlike the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront, there are no regular soldiers. You'll be able to play as a major character right off the bat. However, some characters like Darth Vader have to be unlocked with credits before you're allowed to use them.

The primary objective is to eliminate the enemy player who is marked for death while defending the person who is marked for death on your team at random. Killing opponents who are not marked will increase your score, but it will not take a point away from the enemy team. The person who is marked changes throughout the match.

Each hero or villain has three special abilities. Some characters wield a lightsaber while others have a gun. Also, some characters are faster than others. Luke Skywalker and Rey have a light saber, but they cannot use a gun to shoot enemies from a distance.

You can equip cards to enhance your abilities. For instance, Luke Skywalker has many force abilities. Some cards make his force abilities stronger or increase the range of his attacks.


Characters You Can Play As

The Light Side:

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo
  • Chewbacca
  • Leia Organa
  • Rey
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Yoda

The Dark Side

  • Darth Vader
  • Darth Maul
  • Boba Fett
  • Emperor Palpatine
  • Iden Versio
  • Kylo Ren
  • Bossk

Strike and Blast

For those who find Galactic Assault too overwhelming or simply want to change it up, you can play smaller game modes like Strike and Blast.

In Strike, you compete in objective-based scenarios on smaller maps. There are two teams of eight. Sometimes you'll have to find an item and escort it somewhere while the enemy team tries to thwart you. You'll be able to play as special soldiers if you get enough battle points, but no heroes or villains are available (most likely cause they would be too overpowered in a small map with less people).

Blast is basically like a version of team deathmatch that does not have objectives other than eliminating the enemy team. It's fast-paced close quarters action!


Arcade and Battle Scenario

Arcade is an offline mode that lets you face against AI controlled enemies. It's good practice before tackling multiplayer or fun to just mess around with. You can enable different settings like score limit, map selection, number of people, and much more.

Although you can play with another person in split-screen, there's no cooperative online mode unfortunately. You either have to play by yourself or with a friend in split-screen. The 2015 Star Wars Battlefront had a minor cooperative mode, but for some reason, they removed that feature in this sequel. Personally, I don't think they should have taken away cooperative.

Battle Scenarios allows you to play as iconic heroes or villains during certain battles that transpired in the Star Wars Universe. You can earn credits for completing them and unlock more missions and difficulty modes as well. The Battle Scenarios are not as refined or climatic as the campaign story, but they offer a bit more to do in the game. For example, you might play as Luke Skywalker or Rey and have to eliminate stormtroopers before you run out of time.

Hate for EA?

EA (Electronic Arts) has been harshly criticized by consumers because of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 micro-transactions. Many people thought including the micro-transactions was unfair because it would imbalance the multiplayer. Fortunately, for the time being, EA has removed micro-transactions.

The game has gotten a large amount of hate because of how EA has managed it, but don't let that distract you. The game runs smoothly, looks beautiful, and has quite a bit of content to offer. It has a quality campaign, a multiplayer with huge maps, a variety of game modes, and arcade mode. Lets just hope EA does not bring back micro-transactions that involve loot boxes.

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