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"Streets of Rogue" Mac Review

I love playing video games and I enjoy sharing titles that may have flown under the radar.


What Is Streets of Rogue?

The state of gaming these days seems to be copy and paste with some added feature. Early Access games swarm the Steam platform and it's a coin toss on whether they get finished or not. Streets of Rogue is different.

Although it's Early Access and stated to be in Alpha, it is a complete game. It is a lot of fun. On the surface, it looks shallow, but it offers so many ways to play. The price is good. I'm rocking 25 hours of game time on it and I still have the desire to come back and try it after every new update. That is another thing, there are updates constantly. Not just little bug fixes but new levels, classes, and real content. The developer has made this a labor of love.



The game starts on randomized levels that offer missions to be completed. One can choose between numerous classes that all have their own way to deal with problems. For example, in my playthrough, I chose the doctor. The doctor can not use weapons but has the ability to chloroform people from behind which knocks them out. For some missions, the doctor was the perfect candidate for the job. Other times I found myself having to recruit A.I. characters to assist me or rely on real friends to join the game and help me. The game can be beaten with any character class, but the style and pace depend on your class. The variety of missions guarantee a challenge for all classes.

The levels offer quite a bit of variety too. There are currently four districts, each with their own setting and traps. Every third level offers some unique variable such as a killer robot, riot, or radiation blasts. These events will change the game and are completely random. Each district has 3 levels for a total of 12 levels in the game. A playthrough can last from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your class and style of play. Multiplayer functions well with little to no issues and bugs are minimal for an alpha state game.



There are over 20 classes that really do offer their own complete style. When the game starts, players will have to unlock new classes. There is a tip bar in-game that explains how to unlock each class. I mentioned the doctor class above who can't use weapons. There is a jock class that is, as one would guess, a complete muscle head, but who has no ability to use computers. The class is great in a fight, but the inability to use technology will force a player to brute force their way through missions. A werewolf class provides an amazing burst of strength followed by a transformation back into a human which can leave the player stunned for a few seconds. This style of play forces the player to make sure a room is cleared before the transformation back into a human. Just about anything you can think of is in the game. Once one considers equipment, anything is possible.

There are various types of equipment to aid the player. Some equipment can't be used by certain classes and some of a player's inventory will allow them to be like other classes. There is a hacker class that has an unlimited ability to hack things. For some others, they may receive a laptop that allows them to hack something once. Some classes will focus more on equipment while others will worry about their skills.

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At the moment, this is the current list of classes: Assassin, Bartender, Cannibal, Comedian, Cop, Doctor, Gangster (red), Gangster (blue), Gorilla, Hacker, Banker, Jock, Scientist, Shapeshifter, Shopkeeper, Slavemaster, Slum Dweller, Soldier, Thief, Vampire, Werewolf, Wrestler, and Zombie.

One can imagine the possibilities.



Even after all that listed above, players can customize almost everything in the game. The special events can be manipulated, a players starting gear, appearance, even a complete custom class system which allows players to combine classes or invent new ones. The developer seems to also have a to-do list advertised in-game of some of the things coming soon.


Worth It?

Absolutely, this is a must have even if the genre is not your cup of tea. The idea is original and is one of the first Early Access games that blew me away. The game can be played solo, but it is much more enjoyable with a friend. On top of all the creative gameplay, the little suttle hidden jokes and innuendos will give people a good laugh as well. Give this one a serious look and playthrough if you are shopping around for something original.


PageBeard (author) from Always Moving on January 05, 2018:

Thanks for coming by Eric. My steam name is Rockpaper if you ever need someone to team up with. All the better you are using linux!

Eric Farmer from Rockford Illinois on January 05, 2018:

I have been following this game on Steam for a while. Streets of Rogue does sound fun as is but I figure I will wait for a full release to buy the game. This is one of my favorite types of games to play. Right now I am using Ubuntu with the MATE desktop and this game is compatible with Ubuntu. I enjoyed reading your Hub about Streets of Rogue.

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