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Updated on November 23, 2017
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The Greatest Super Mario Bro's Game to Date

Nintendo is looking to rejuvenate their console once again. This time they're doing so with a brand new Mario platform game that not only looks promising, but also very fun. Nintendo has made quite a few different Mario titles as of late for each of their most recent consoles, but they have really failed to capture the magic and the originality of the original Super Mario 64. Nintendo is looking to recreate this magic all over again, while starting something new and unique with Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Odyssey is poised to be one of the best Super Mario games to date, and with all of the new technology finally taking shape, this game is likely to be quite impressive in many ways.

The Biggest Most In-depth Adventure to Date:

Super Mario Odyssey has brought Mario back to the free-roaming world similar to Super Mario 64. This is intriguing and interesting to experience this on much more updated hardware, and the level of detail that has gone into the design of the different worlds is amazing. Super Mario Odyssey has our hero Mario traveling across different worlds as he goes on the search for bowser. The plot line is far more in-depth this time, as bowser has taken poor peach hostage and he plans to force her to marry him! Pretty extreme storyline for a Mario game huh? Nevertheless Nintendo has put all of their eggs in one basket with this game, and there is no level of detail that has be spared to make this title the perfect Mario title in every aspect of the word.

Super Mario Odyssey puts the “A” in Adventure:

The difference with Super Mario Odyssey is just how far of a departure it is from the average Mario title. For instance in this game Mario has to go through a number of different worlds where he will experience everything from the beach to a big city, and the city is not only photo realistic but Mario can even ride a moped through the level. These different types of adventures make this Mario title so realistic and adventurous that players will remain occupied with this game for quite a while.

The sheer variety of the gameplay make this Mario title so unique that it has yet to be matched. The last time that Mario has been on a beach was in the Super Mario Sunshine game for GameCube, since then he has been in a number of other titles on GameCube and Wii. The city gameplay is also a new aspect for the game, and it shows that Nintendo is working hard to keep the game fresh and vibrant so it doesn’t go the way of other platform titles such as Spiro the Dragon which grew stale after some time.

There is still an Aspect of 2D Game Play:

Following on the nostalgia of the recent Mario 2D hits, this newest release also features “flat” zones which mimic the 2D gameplay of Super Mario titles of the past. The 2D levels are very detailed and they add to the flare of Super Mario Odyssey, bringing back a certain fun that only a true 2D Mario stroller can bring. The 2D levels are very detailed, and they add an element of challenge that would otherwise not be seen on this game. On top of this 2D gameplay element there is also a cooperative gameplay function, which means that a second player can control Mario’s cap also known as “cappy”. This is a completely new aspect, and the whole cappy story line is quite unique to say the least. There hasn’t been a 2 player story function before, and this really makes the game interesting.

The Graphics are Beautiful to say the Least:

Immediately upon feasting your eyes on Super Mario Odyssey you will be greeted by a beautiful set of graphics, in fact they are some of the most beautiful that have been seen on a Super Mario title to date. The city world especially is photo realistic and quite well detailed, down to the vehicles and the moped that Mario can ride on. The beach levels look similar to Super Mario Sunshine, with realistic looking water and lots of sand and sun. These bright graphics were always one of Nintendo’s strong suits, and they continue to do a great job with this latest Mario release.

The Game that Will Change the Mario Bro’s Franchise:

Super Mario Odyssey is perhaps the best Super Mario title to date, bringing back the excellent open world exploration that made Super Mario 64 one of the greatest games of all time. The sheer depth of every world is jaw dropping coupled with intelligent game play and beautiful graphics. Super Mario Odyssey is the Mario title of the century with game play that just keeps on delivering fun after every hour of game play. Super Mario Odyssey is the quintessential title that will change the face of the Mario Bro’s Franchise forever.

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