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The Best Class and Build for Co-Op in "Star Wars Battlefront II"

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

I'm going to say that this game is even better than its predecessor.

I'm going to say that this game is even better than its predecessor.

Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the best games I have ever played, and I say this as a hardcore cynic concerning all things EA. I really wasn't expecting to pour 20+ hours of my time into the game within the first 48 hours of owning it. However, I was splendidly surprised with the overall quality, and now I'm fully understanding what it takes to be the very best in every online Co-Op match I play.

The best class in Star Wars Battlefront II—and the best associated build for said class—is unarguably the Officer class; now let me get into the nitty-gritty as to why the Officer class is the best so that you, too, can be one of the best players in Battlefront II Co-Op.


The Officer Class Is the Best Class

In Star Wars Battlefront II, the Officer class is the best for a myriad of different reasons that I shall be covering in this article. If you haven't done so already, you need to start making the Officer your go-to class for every Co-Op match you enter. By following this guide you are going to become an unstoppable killing and winning machine.

The Officer is the best class for Co-Op because it is the only class that can be in multiple places at once, even if those places are on opposite sides of the map. As well, the Officer has the ability to both debuff and efficiently eliminate the enemy while buffing your friendly units around you. I've single-handedly held off entire command point rushes using the Officer class to its fullest ability, and I want to teach you the tips and tricks you need to know in order to do the same.

First and foremost, you are going to need to know which ability and boost cards are the best for the Officer class.

Picking the Best Ability and Boost Cards for Your Officer

I'm going to do my best in keeping things short and concise for you in this section, but this is the most important section to read and follow. The best ability and boost cards for you to choose, respectively, are:

  1. Resourceful: This boost card is important for any fledgling Officer because it is going to allow you to boost your men more frequently, but even more importantly you'll be able to toss more flash grenades. This is the first card you should get, and you need to use it until you are confident with how the Officer is played.
  2. Improved Flash Grenade: Should you ever find yourself staring down a hoard of enemies you'll want this skill—it is always the determining factor between life and death. Though not as effective in multiplayer matches, this skill is irreplaceable in Co-Op as it can see you eliminating entire platoons of enemies with ease. Learn how to properly throw grenades with every toss and you'll learn to love the flash grenade.
  3. Improved Blaster Turret: Your blaster turret is your bread and butter, it is the sole reason you exist, and when used properly it can turn the tides of battle. This card is an unarguable selection—buy it, utilize it, love it—no exceptions. The turret is what you'll be basing all your tactics around, so never underestimate its importance to everyone.
  4. Improved Battle Command: Once you are comfortable and confident with the Officer class you need to replace the Resourceful skill with this one. Not only does it buff your team even higher than the base skill, it reinforces you as well. With a wider range to boot, you'll find yourself pushing and holding command points with ease.

These are—without a doubt—the best ability and boost cards for the Officer class, and you absolutely need to stick to them strictly when playing Co-Op matches. When playing multiplayer matches you may wish to replace your flash grenade skill with increased battle points, but these choices will still function fairly well in multiplayer matches regardless.

Now you need to properly pick the best weapon for your Officer class!

This is the best weapon for the Officer, hands down. No other weapon hammers out damage like this sucker right here.

This is the best weapon for the Officer, hands down. No other weapon hammers out damage like this sucker right here.

The S-5 Is the Best Weapon for Your Officer Class

Luckily for us the best weapon for the Officer class should be the very first one you unlock, and that weapon is the S-5. What the S-5 lacks in rate of fire it more than makes up for it in damage and range. Essentially, equipping the S-5 makes you an improvised Scout class trooper.

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It can take some getting used to due to its slow fire rate and having to do headshots to make any tangible difference as compared to other weapons, but I assure you that it won't take as long as you think to start popping domes with ease. After about four matches you should be pretty comfortable with the new style, and you'll realize just how overpowered and unfair the S-5 really is. After all, the S-5 is the best weapon for the Officer class.

However, it must be noted that none of what I have said thus far is going to matter if you don't know how to actually play the Officer class in-game.

Always get to a raised position and stay out of immediate danger. You're better off alive than dead, so act like it!

Always get to a raised position and stay out of immediate danger. You're better off alive than dead, so act like it!

How to Play the Officer Class: Always Take the High Ground

When playing the Officer class in Star Wars Battlefront II you need to take it to heart that you are a glorified support unit. Sure, your skills and how you use them can turn the tides of battle on a whim, but you aren't a tank or DPS unit who can rush the frontlines with reckless abandon. You need to think tactically, and understand that you can't turn the tides if you are dead.

If there is one point you take from this section here, it needs to be this: Always take the high ground no matter what map you are playing on!

No matter which map you are on or where you are currently trying to attack or defend, seek out a way to take the high ground over the enemy. This is possible even in maps that have no high ground, because standing on top of obstacles and environmental decorations count as high ground. If your turret is on the high ground it is more likely to cause damage and get kills efficiently—just think, "see farther and hit harder!"

Once you get your turret to the high ground you need to take into consideration where you would be best placed. Your turret is going to work whether you are near it or not, and you have the option to cover a different area than your turret for maximum efficiency. Keeping your survival being necessary in mind, I advise you to get to a position where you can camp, and snipe enemies without any real danger to you.

Always—I cannot stress always enough—keep yourself alive. When you die your turret goes along with you, and the notion of losing the upper hand makes your survival imperative. Once you lock an area down there's no need to feel useless in camping, because you're the one locking an entire area down yourself; camp, camp some more, and when you think you can take a huge risk just go ahead and keep on camping.

Playing it safe-but-aggressive will always see you coming out on top when playing the Officer class in Co-Op because the Officer class is the best class!

34 kills, 0 deaths, and I finished in first place. That is what every match looks like, sometimes even better, if you know how to play the Officer class properly.

34 kills, 0 deaths, and I finished in first place. That is what every match looks like, sometimes even better, if you know how to play the Officer class properly.

Final Note: Use the Officer Class for Power Leveling in Co-Op

Take a look at the picture above and notice how low our battle points are, and how I have no deaths. My kill to death ratio is 3400%, and this isn't even the best match I've ever had. We won this match within the first phase, and that is all because the Officer class is the best class you could ever hope to use.

Now, you don't want to be winning matches as fast as we did this one because it is going to severely reduce your leveling efficiency, but I'm touching on this as a final note because it shows how well the Officer class can optimize leveling for you. With two Officers on your team you can decide how long you want matches to go, hold the game in overtime near-indefinitely, and crank out XP for everyone else who wants to power level their characters.

Yes, you heard me right, the Officer class is not only the best class overall, but specifically it can power level every other unit that people wish to use. This can only occur while defending in Co-Op, but you can help other players level 40+ times in a single match by purposefully dragging out every phase as long as possible. That is the true power behind the Officer class, and why it is—unarguably—the best class for Co-Op in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Good luck out there, troopers, and may the Force be with you!

© 2021 Kyler J Falk

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