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The Best Hero and Build in "Star Wars Battlefront II"

There are so many heroes to choose from in "Star Wars Battlefront II." Use this guide to build the best version of Bossk.

There are so many heroes to choose from in "Star Wars Battlefront II." Use this guide to build the best version of Bossk.

Bossk: How to Build the Best Hero

If you already read my article on the best class and build in Star Wars Battlefront II, then you know that I favor characters who require the player to be highly skilled. A lot of people want the easiest classes—the most boring and redundant ones—but if you ask me, those classes that are easy to play just aren't worth it because they don't have the capability to move you into the higher echelons of the leaderboards.

Bossk, however, is a hero that has the capability to double—even triple, or more—the next-best player's score for you in your game. He is, without a doubt, the best hero in Star Wars Battlefront II.

A Quick Rundown on Bossk

People really enjoy arguing my choices for the best heroes, classes, and builds in Star Wars Battlefront II, and they do so rightfully. I choose heroes and classes that require a lot of practice to master, and you need latent skills already in order to ever master them. It must be noted, though, that my choices will skyrocket you to the top of the leaderboard once you do bring yourself to master them.

Bossk is a hero that will require you to be at the pinnacle of your game in order to reach the pinnacle of the scoreboard, but that is why I love him so much. The idea behind Bossk as the best hero is that once you play as him, you play in such a way that you never risk dying but also never leave the heat of battle to hide completely. If you can't handle playing tactically, thinking more than you act, then you won't be able to play the best hero in the game in such a way it performs at its peak.

If you are tactically inclined, and you don't mind spending more time in thought than actually battling on the frontlines, then you'll soon come to realize that Bossk is the best hero for your playstyle. His sniper, mines, and dioxis grenades have the power to dictate your enemies' movements; giving up that sort of power because you can't handle the skill level needed to handle it is no one's fault but your own. I'll make it easier on you, though, and tell you the proper build for making Bossk the best hero.

The Best Skill Cards You Need to Choose

In order to turn Bossk into an enemy-slaughtering war machine, we need to build him properly. I have provided you with pictures of the best skill cards to choose for Bossk above, but I'd like to break those choices down a bit further here in this section. The best skill cards for Bossk and the reasons they are the best are as follows:

  • Lingering Dioxis: Dioxis grenades can clear out an entire area utilizing the enemies' fear alone, and they are invaluable for controlling the flow of battle. With lingering dioxis you can lock down an area much longer, and for those who stick around to find out what dioxis can really do, they'll become a nice chunk of battle points in your wallet. Lockdown areas without even having to be present, get passive damage, and do so for an extended period of time; you can't go wrong with this choice.
  • Spreading the Disease: This skill must be taken in conjunction with Lingering Dioxis because the two make an incomparable pair. Why only cover a small portion of an area when you can blanket a considerable amount of area in a cloud of death with very little effort? Bossk can lock down an entire point using only the tools at his disposal, but only if you seek to spread the disease!
  • Predator Resilience: This skill is mandatory if you want to slay heroes and hordes alike. No hero can withstand a barrage of ballistics, and you need to be able to go toe-to-toe with those braver players who will rush you deep into your own territory. The extra damage resistance lets you hang out in the open while rushing the enemy as well, so don't be afraid to get strategically careless when you take this skill and initiate predator instincts.

Though these are—by my judgment—the best skill cards to choose in order to make Bossk the best hero, I'd advise you to mess around with the skills that buff your mines as well. You can trade Predator Resilience out for any other card you want, but you need to keep the other two because they are your bread and butter. It must be noted, though, that even with these skill cards equipped and fully leveled, you're still going to need to know how to play Bossk properly to be the best hero.

Bossk plays best from the shadows and the high-ground; he is not meant to be a frontline hero.

Bossk plays best from the shadows and the high-ground; he is not meant to be a frontline hero.

How to Play Bossk Properly

Bossk is a hero that requires you to be at the top of your game, and the mental power it takes to play him properly is pretty daunting. While playing Bossk, you'll need to stay mobile and constantly be asking yourself questions like, "Where do I want the enemy to be right now? Where will they go after I take this next action? What area needs my skills the most?" Playing as Bossk makes you a support class with assault capabilities, and having great latent spatial awareness really helps.

First and foremost, before any serious thought is put into things, you need to place yourself on the high ground near the fringes of battle. Bossk is a charged sniper rifle-wielding beast, so long range is his modus operandi; getting up close and personal just isn't his forté. Staying safe and alive—away from the frontlines—is where Bossk becomes the best hero and really begins to shine, so find an area like the one pictured above to oversee all that occurs on the battlefield.

When in a position of advantage like the one pictured above, use your mines to cover the area you are not surveying. While you are looking forward, your mines are looking backward. Pay attention to when they get kills or blow up, though, because they serve both as a rear defense and early warning system for you as it concerns approaching enemies.

Finally, using your dioxis is where Bossk's greatness comes out to play in full; dioxis grenades control the flow of battle with ease and grace. As you plan to throw a grenade, focus on the idea that dioxis grenades scare the enemy into scattering, or outright avoiding the area they blanket with poison. For example:

Placed mines behind the enemy and want to drive them back? Throw a dioxis grenade in their immediate path, then start sniping them to force them backwards toward the mines.

This valuable advice should be enough to get you started on your way to making Bossk the best hero in Star Wars Battlefront II. Take the time to practice, and don't give up, because I know you'll get there and slaughter all your enemies with ease when you do.

Victory is but a hero choice away, and I know you are going to choose Bossk any chance you get!

Victory is but a hero choice away, and I know you are going to choose Bossk any chance you get!

Good Luck Out There!

Although you don't need to choose Bossk, I say he is the best hero in all of Star Wars Battlefront II, and you won't go wrong in doing so every chance you get. The build I have provided you with in this article will put you well on your way to climbing the leaderboard quickly, and the advice herein should put you in the right mindset for playing Bossk to perfection. He really is the best hero for taking down your enemies in large numbers and supporting your entire team at the same time.

The next time you are playing Star Wars Battlefront II, make sure you pay attention to how other people are playing their heroes. I learned a lot about the different hero classes by not only playing them but observing friends and enemies alike. This is how I know Bossk is the best hero, and I wouldn't be willing to say anyone else could hold a candle to his greatness.

I hope to see you out on the battlefront soon, and when I do, make sure to breathe my dioxis in deeply!

© 2021 Kyler J Falk


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