GTA 6: Characters, Possible Map Locations, and More

Updated on July 17, 2018

Fans of the series have been waiting patiently to hear something about GTA 6 for a long time now. Suffice to say, GTA 5 is still doing incredibly well, with Rockstar continually updating GTA Online. However, this does not mean that we do not want to see a new installment in the series and a new story very soon on our consoles (and our PCs as well).


Are we close to a release date?

Yes, we all want the game, and we want it NOW! I am a fan of the series, and I bet that if you are reading this article, you are one as well. However, the fact that by now we have not heard a lot regarding the release date of the game says volumes. Rockstar is secretive as per usual but since we have yet to see any teasers or some official announcement from the studio indicates that the game is still a long way from being released.

And this falls in line with reports coming in, which state that we still have to wait 3 or 4 years until we get to play the game. Yes, some may say that is too long, but we know that Rockstar will genuinely deliver when they release the game!


Time for some female action

Females are not taken out of GTA altogether. We often see them as prostitutes or love interests for the male protagonists. We may even see them as an important mission character (here I refer to Elizabeta Torres from GTA 4, who personally stole my heart). But where have we never seen a female taken the spotlight? In the place of the protagonist, of course!

However, women are not as helpless as some might think. Let me remind you of Michelle from GTA 4 whose storyline ties in with Niko’s a number of times. If you have yet to play GTA 4 then feel free to skip this paragraph since I might spoil a part of the plot for you. Michelle is the kind of woman who knows how to play dumb and live up to the expectations in order to fulfill her role and uncover Niko as the criminal that he is. As an undercover agent, she is one of the few examples that we ever get of women who can hold their own and get what they want without dying in some way at the end of her story.

The community feels like it is finally time for a female protagonist to take charge of the story and lead us on a path riddled with drugs, destruction, and distractions (my favorite D words in GTA) and I could not agree more! Hopefully we will see our wish come true in GTA 6 with a strong female lead that will sweep us off our feet!

Time to get back to our vices

Excuse the pun, I couldn’t help myself. Now, if you look back at all of the locations that fans have seen in the game over the years, you might hear more than once the name ‘Vice City’ pop up. This location is remarkable, marked by an interesting traffic plan which allows you to race down its streets to its content feeling a rush of adrenaline at every turn. Moreover, a stunning city design is made even better when it is paired with a captivating story that blends it all together.

It is now obvious why fans will want to have the city brought back in a revamped design and with a new story behind it. Not only will it bring back nostalgia but it will also make for a powerful new rendition of a place that Rockstar is already familiar with. Improve the graphics, add some new missions, more characters and an original plot and it will all be set to go. Right? Well, that remains to be seen.


What do you think of this list? Is there anything else that you want to see in Grand Theft Auto 6? Feel free to comment and share your thoughts! There are a large number of possibilities out there, and people can’t decide which is more likely to happen. However, these three might see the light of day more than others.

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