Tom Clancy's RSV2

Updated on May 12, 2016
RSV2 Cover Picture
RSV2 Cover Picture

How many of you guys every played the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series? I want to talk about Rainbow Six: Vegas Two. The reason why I am brining this game up is because this game really was amazing. If you've ever played it, you know what I am talking about. This game was one of my favorite games ever. I started playing this game during my sophomore year in high school. I started playing the game with me cousin and one of my friends from high school. Rainbow Six is very addicting. Once you start playing it you realize that the game is unique. Although, the game is a shooter, the fact that you are able to customize your own character in various different ways. You can actual make the character look just like you. Yes, you heard me right, you can make your character look exactly like you. How? Let me tell you how. If you have a camera connected to your Xbox 360 or PS3, you can take a picture of yourself and upload it to the game. That's the best way to make your character stand out. The game play is also amazing. If you ever played the story mode, it is very interesting. My favorite thing about the game is the multiplayer part. It is upsetting that not a whole lot of people plays the game anymore. I usually play on my Xbox 360, I recently played it again and I was amazed that I barely had any option to choose a room, there were only 5 lobbies. If you have the game and it is collecting dust somewhere, I recommend that you play it. It'll bring back memorize and it will definitely be fun. There are different types of gameplay you can choose from, you have Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Team Leader, Total Conquest, and more. My favorite was Team Leader. Team Leader is a game mode which consist of two teams. Each team can have up to 6 members, both teams has a group leader. The objective of the game is to keep your team leader alive in order to be able respawn. Only the team leaders from each team knows where the other one is it. There's a big red star that is placed on the leaders. Usually your leader will tell you where the other leader is. Then, your job is to be as stealth as possible so you can kill the other leader. Killing the leader will enable you to become the team leader the next round. The reason why you should reach the other team leader as stealth as possible is because of you get killed by the team leader, you are no longer able to respawn until the next round. However, being killed by any other enemy enables you to be able to respawn unlimited. You can kill as many enemies as you want, but once your team leader is died you can not respawn. So, as you try to kill the opponents team leader, you also have to be careful that your leader stays alive.

The video above shows the trailer of the video game. Just by the intro, you can see that the game is pretty bad a**. In the story mode, you have two people who travel along side with you. You can also direct them to do certain things. Some of the things you can have them do is, use smoke grenades, flash bangs, and breaching charge. Those are the non assault options. By selecting the back or select button on the remote you can switch it from the non assault to assault. The assault have grenades, incendiaries, and again breaching charges. You can have them move to a specific location. You can have them move to cover, have them move to the door. It is a very strategic game. By using the arrow buttons, you can choose different goggles setting.

The entire game had me sitting on the edge of me seat. If you're like me and you really get into the game that you play, this game is one that I highly recommend.

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