Understanding Curse in Enter the Gungeon

Updated on March 26, 2018
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Enter the Gungeon is a huge favorite of Eric's and he loves to write about the game. He wants to share advice and strategy with others.

Understanding how curse works is vital to getting better at Enter the Gungeon. Having some may be good, but having too much is always bad.

How Curse Works

Curse is an invisible stat. Weapons that are sword-shaped tend to give curse. The Gungeon rejects things that are not completely projectile-based. It is somewhat complicated. A banana or a camera do not give curse because they look like guns. But the Fightsabre an actual gun gives curse because you can swing it to deflect bullets.

Some passive stat items give curse as well. It is pretty obvious with some of them. For example cursed bullets. Certain active items also give curse. For example the knife shield. There are other various things you can do that also increases curse. Buying items from Cursula always give curse. She is an NPC that sells you things after you find and free her.

What Curse Does

You may be now wondering what curse does? Curse has many effects.

  • Enemies drop more money and fewer items when clearing rooms.

  • You get fewer rewards for clearing rooms.
  • You get a higher chance of finding ammo after clearing rooms.
  • Chests are mimics more often.
  • Jammed enemies and bosses start to appear.

Mostly Good Changes

I think overall having more curse is a good thing. I rather get more currency and ammo than whatever you get from clearing rooms. I find having ammo for a certain gun I like is more useful. Mimics are not too bad as you can kill the mimic without using a key and still get an item. One of the main annoyances of having more curse is fighting jammed enemies. Fighting jammed enemies are annoying. Jammed bosses are even worse.

Dealing with Jammed Enemies

Jammed enemies have more health, move and shoot faster, and now always deal one heart of damage. The extra health is the most annoying part. Without a decent gun, it makes some enemies bullet sponges. Jammed bosses inflict double damage and have more health. I try to target jammed enemies last if possible. I have found clearing out the other enemies and then focusing on the jammed enemies afterward is what works best. As for the bosses, you have to play extra careful.

The Lord of the Jammed

Never have more than nine curse! If you have ten curse, the Lord of the Jammed appears. You can't kill The Lord of the Jammed, and it chases you endlessly no matter what you are doing. You need to be fast to avoid getting shot by its constant attacks. The shopkeeper shuts down the store when he sees the Lord of the Jammed. The only way to ditch this horror is to get to next floor. If you still have over ten curse, it will reappear again and continue to chase you.

If you see this guy your run just got much harder.
If you see this guy your run just got much harder. | Source

How to Deal with the Lord of the Jammed

If you are unfortunate to have over ten curse the only thing to do is keep dodging. You can walk through the Lord of the Jammed without taking damage, and this helps a little. I would recommend trying to get to next floor as fast as you can. The only way to avoid the Lord of the Jammed showing up is to keep track of your curse. But since the game doesn't show you this anywhere you have to keep track yourself. As a rule of thumb, most things give one or two curse. To be sure I would check the Gamepedia wiki and read more there.

Cleanse Shrines

Cleanse shrines help remove curse. It costs currency to remove your curse. What it says about you is also tells you how much curse you have. Note if you have ten curse it won’t do anything for you. So you can not use them to make the Lord of the Jammed go away. But you can use them to avoid it.

My Strategy to Using Curse to My Advantage

My strategy with curse is to get about five or six. Then I start to be careful about getting more. I usually buy some things from Cursula. Her store has useful items for cheap. I feel like I can deal with the extra jammed enemies and occasional jammed boss. Having one or two points of curse is very safe, so I would least pick up one thing that gives curse. But it is up to you. You can avoid curse altogether if you want. Avoid picking up anything that gives it. Avoid doing any action that gives it. You have a much safer game.

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Want to Really Have Curse

Do you want to start with a lot curse and likely summon the Lord of the Jammed? Once you kill a character's past, interact with the Hero Shrine. The Hero Shrine is in the room you fall in when you start runs. Using the shrine will make your curse nine. I have used the Hero Shrine a few times, and it makes things harder. Might you fare better?

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