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"Warframe": Kubrow Incubation & Egg Farming

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Kubrows in Warframe

Kubrows are dog-like companions that join you on the battlefield to fight enemies. Unlike a sentinel, Kubrows are free to move around the player within a close range and have a bleed-out state if they are downed. Additionally, ranking them up also grants Mastery Points to help increase your Mastery Level.

A New Kubrow!

A New Kubrow!

Unlocking Incubation

In order to incubate an egg, you'll need to upgrade your orbiter with the appropriate technology by getting an Incubator segment. Fortunately, there is an entire quest line dedicated to walking you through this process.

The "Howl of the Kubrow" quest unlocks after completing the Junction on Venus, at which point you can begin the quest via your Codex. This quest will walk you through obtaining the Incubator segment, egg, and Incubator Power Core that is necessary to incubate your first Kubrow. Most likely you will have an Incubator Power Core from completing the Earth to Mars Junction, but you will need more if you wish to incubate more Kubrows. To get more Incubator Power Cores, you'll need to:

  1. Purchase the Incubator Power Core blueprint from the market for 50,000 (or buy them directly for 35 platinum).
  2. Craft them for:
    100,000 Credits.
    4,500 Nano Spores found on Deimos, Saturn, Neptune, or Eris.
    2 Control Modules found on Neptune, Europa, or the Orikin Void.
    1 Argon Crystal found in the Orokin Void.

The Argon Crystal is the most challenging part of this, as they are a rare drop and they also decay from your inventory over time. You'll need to be playing in the Orikin Void to find them, which is first accessed from Phobos and secondly from Europa. The defense mission on Taranis (Preferably with a loot frame like Nekros) is a good way to try and earn some Argon Crystals.

When you've accumulated everything, you must begin incubation, wait for the process to finish, and claim (plus name!) your Kubrow when it's done. You'll also need to mature them before they can be equipped and used in combat, but this is instant and costs nothing. You can even regress them back to a puppy too. This is purely just if you like having a young cuter Kubrow wandering around your space ship.

These things are not cheap!

These things are not cheap!

Farming Kubrow Eggs

While the first quest to unlocking incubation makes it easy to get an egg, it's otherwise quite challenging. Kubrow eggs are rare drops, and they only drop from Kubrow dens located on Earth. If you don't want to buy them for 10 platinum each, you'll need to farm them. Generally, the ideal method is to run through an Earth level destroying all the Kubrow Dens and then extracting as quickly as possible. A common way of doing this is to use Volt as his "Speed" ability increases movement speed significantly. Combine that with a quick and easy mission, such as the Capture mission on Mantle, and you can run through a level, check the dens, complete the mission, and extract in just a few minutes.

Different Breeds of Kubrows

Beyond incubating your first Kubrow, you may want more! Each Kubrow strain has its pros and cons, and even if you don't care, each Kubrow strain uniquely provides Mastery Points, so you'll want to rank up at least 1 from each. The Kubrow breeds are:

  • Chesa Kubrow
  • Huras Kubrow
  • Raksa Kubrow
  • Sahasa Kubrow
  • Sunika Kubrow

A Kubrow Egg is a random breed, so by just doing random incubations, it may be challenging to get all the different breeds. A common way around this is to purchase Imprints to use in the incubation process. You, or rather other players, can use Genetic Code Templates to create Imprints of their companions that act as parents for your respective egg. For example, let's say you want a Sunika Kubrow. You may purchase two imprints from other players of their Sunika Kubrows to use while incubating your egg. Additionally, these imprints carry other traits as well, including coat colors, coat patterns, eye color, and build.

The breed matters based on your preference of how you wish to use the Kubrow. Each Kubrow has a specialty as they come with unique mods.

Chesa Kubrow

  • Neutralize: The kubrow bites the hand of an enemy, causing them to drop their weapon.
  • Retrieve: The kubrow has a chance to scavenge additional loot from fallen enemies or containers.

Huras Kubrow

  • Hunt: Allows the Huras Kubrow to perform lunging attacks.
  • Stalk: Allows the Huras Kubrow to cloak itself and its master.

Raksa Kubrow

  • Howl: Allows the Raksa Kubrow to growl, frightening nearby opponents.
  • Protect: Allows the Raksa Kubrow to replenish its master's shields when they are depleted.

Sahasa Kubrow

  • Dig: Allows the Sahasa Kubrow to sniff out and dig up buried items.
  • Ferocity: Allows the Sahasa Kubrow to perform Finisher attacks on enemies.

Sunika Kubrow

  • Savagery: Allows the Sunika Kubrow to use Finisher attacks on enemies.
  • Unleashed: Allows Sunika Kubrows to grapple a VIP target, forcing them to the ground

Unsurprisingly, different Kubrows are more or less suited for different Warfames and playstyles. You may find yourself wanting to have a handful around for different purposes! Or perhaps just to look cute in your Orbiter.

Final Thoughts

Kubrow incubation can be a lengthy process, particularly if you want a very specific Kubrow breed. However, a good companion can go a long way, and some of the Kubrows offer very unique advantages. If nothing else though, it's still Mastery Points.