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"Warframe": Ducats & the Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer

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Buying Items From the Void Trader

The Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer, comes to Warframe once every 2 weeks for 48 hours During this time, players can use Ducats to buy rare and valuable items from him. While the exact list in a given visit changes each time, his inventory always includes a handful of key items, including:

Primed Mods

Primed mods are enhanced versions of existing mods that can be upgraded to higher maximum stats. They are key to making end game builds, but upgrading these mods does use more capacity. They will be named "Primed", but they are most visible by their silvery colored frame.

Sands of Inaros Blueprint

This blueprint make the optional quest "Sands of Inaros" available to the player. Completing this quest will grant the blueprint and parts for the Inaros Warframe.

Prisma Weapons

Prisma weapons are enhanced versions of existing weapons with improved stats and a bluish-green tint.

Additionally, there are other items available from the Void Trader, though most of them are cosmetics. The most desirable items are going to be the Primed Mods.

Farming Ducats

To purchase items from Baro Ki'Teer, you'll need Ducats. Ducats can be earned by exchanging Prime items or blueprints at a kiosk near Baro Ki'Teer. This exchange can be done at any point as the kiosk is always available unlike the Void Trader himself.

Farming Ducats can be fairly straightforward as you simply need as many Prime items as possible. The rarer the item, the more valuable it is in Ducats. Typically the breakdown is:

  • Commons are 15 Ducats
  • Uncommons are 45 Ducats
  • Rares are 100 Ducats

Not every item follows this scheme, but an item will display how many Ducats it is worth when selecting. To get these items, you'll need to farm Void Relics. Odds are you have a bunch of them stocked up as Relics drop in all sorts of loot tables, most commonly as mission rewards. When opened, Relics drop a single Prime item from a small loot table. Most people are farming specific Relics to try and get specific Prime items they want to use themselves. However, when farming for Ducats, you can simply use whatever Relics you want, which makes it easier as there are a ton of different Relics.

Opening Relics

To open a Relic, you need to play a Void Fissure mission. These can be seen from the Star Chart and viewed in the navigation menu by click the icon that looks somewhat like a flame. You select a Relic you wish to open when going into the mission and then play. While playing a Void Fissure you are effectively playing a normal mission but must also collect 10 Reactant dropped from special enemies spawning in to open your Relic. Failure to collect 10 Reactant means you will not open the Relic and cannot get an item. If you do this with a group, at the end of the mission you can pick an item between what your Relic granted and others, assuming they also reached 10 Reactant. Meaning it is best to farm opening Relics with a group as you can have up to 3 other shots at higher rarity items worth more Ducats. In short, the best way to farm Relics for Ducats it to:

  1. Play Void Fissures with a full group
  2. Select a fast mission such as Capture
  3. Pick the item worth the most Ducats
  4. Trade them in at a the kiosk

To complicate things a little more, you can also upgrade your Void Relics with Void Trades. This improves the drop rates of rarer items. Typically you earn Void Traces by completing Void Fissure missions and defeating the spawned enemies. The main purpose of this is to improve the drop rates for Relics where you want a specific item but you can only hold a certain maximum so be mindful to upgrade Relics to avoid sitting at your cap.

Void fissure missions.

Void fissure missions.

Farming Void Relics

If you find yourself short on Void Relics, you have many options for farming them. Quite frankly, you can just continue to play the game as you otherwise would want to and will end up filling your pockets with all sorts of Relics. However, a few good notes on where you can get Relics are:

  • Mission rewards, often endless ones such as Defense or Survival
  • Bounties in the Landscape areas such as the Plains of Eidolon
  • Completing missions in the Void
  • Sanctuary Onslaught or Elite Sanctuary Onslaught
  • Purchasing packs of 3 from Syndicates for standing, from the Market for Platinum, and from Teshin for Steel Essence.

Accruing Relics can often go hand in hand with wanting to rank up gear in an endless mission, but Bounties are another good way to rack in some Relics that also have other rewards you may want. I generally do not recommend purchasing them as it's quite easy to get Relics for the purpose of farming Ducats.

Final Thoughts

Farming Relics to get Ducats to buy from the Void Trader is a means to push end game builds via Primed Mods and will most certainly require using a Forma if you land a few. The 2 week gap between visits means you need to be very mindful to check what the Void Trader has as if you miss it it is likely to take months or even years before you see it again. That being said, farming Prime items is a really fun dynamic given you can also select from teammate Relic drops. In addition to the Ducats you're getting, you'll often scoop up some desirable Prime parts!