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"Wizard101" Training Points Guide

Melissa MistSinger has been an avid player of "Wizard101" since 2009 when the game was first released.

Wizard101 Training Points

In Wizard101, your main school of magic is not the only set of spells you can learn. Training points provide your student wizard with the opportunity to branch out and try spells from other schools and maximize your damage, tanking, or support potential. There are several sources of training points in the game, from leveling up to several different questlines from characters such as Prospector Zeke, Eloise Merryweather, and Ogden Peake. There are also infinite ways to customize your spellbook with new spells to train, and many new players are often confused about what to pick for the best pve or pvp experience. This guide will help you get the most out of your training points and explain everything you need to know about obtaining them and spending them.

Even if you aren't a death wizard, you might come here to learn death spells from Dworgyn. Training points help you branch out and try different roles on the same character.

Even if you aren't a death wizard, you might come here to learn death spells from Dworgyn. Training points help you branch out and try different roles on the same character.

Leveling Up

You can earn training points in Wizard101 simply by leveling up. For every 4 levels from levels 1–20, you will receive one training point. At the lower levels, it is quicker and easier to level up so you will be able to get these relatively quickly by doing your main quests, and maybe a few profitable side quests that give a lot of experience for your level. In Wizard City, Colossus Boulevard and Crab Alley give more experience, but there are battles where you fight two monsters instead of one, so they will be a little bit harder than the other Wizard City battles. There‘s also a bunch of side quests in the Oasis in Krokotopia that can be done relatively quickly with no to little battling needed, so head over there if you need some experience at these early levels. At level 20, it goes to one training point for every five levels and remains there. Remember that you get half experience for running dungeons a second time, so you can use that to your advantage and bring friends along too, to farm experience together and have an easier time in the dungeon. The Portico and The Graveyard are examples of high-experience reward dungeons.


You will receive one training point from a quest called Enrollment, given to you by Merle Ambrose at level 2 after Unicorn Way is completed. This quest introduces you to all of the various teachers in Ravenwood (minus poor Dworgyn who is stuck in Nightside). All you need to do is go around and talk to each teacher and then come back to Ambrose when you’re done. You will also receive a useful spell for your school from this quest.

Ambrose eagerly awaits your enrollment.

Ambrose eagerly awaits your enrollment.

Prospector Zeke

Prospector Zeke stands in the hub somewhere in each world and offers one training point quest per world. If you want to do more Zeke quests it would benefit you to progress quickly through the main questline to reach new worlds faster, because you will need to access pretty much every area in the game. I have written an in-depth guide about the Zeke quests, and you can find it at the bottom of the page listed with my other Wizard101 guides.

Zeke and Eloise are always found together.

Zeke and Eloise are always found together.

Eloise Merryweather

Eloise starts to offer quests in Azteca, perhaps being bored sitting next to Zeke and not doing anything other than helping players with their stitching. However, her quests do not give training points as a reward until Khrysalis Part 1. Every release since has included a quest from Eloise with one training point as part of the rewards. Eloise is doing some work for the Marleybone Royal Museum, and she always asks for flowers of some kind to put on exhibit there. Here are all of the locations of her flowers in each world.

Ogden Peake Quests

Ogden Peake is a Marleybonian NPC in Celestia‘s base camp. He has a series of three quests that give the player training points, and these quests are unlocked every 2 levels from level 52–56.

The first quest, The Special, requires the wizard to retrieve some ingredients to make a special sandwich for Ogden to remind him of home. Hilariously, these ingredients are pet snacks, as the street vendor you talk to points out. The nettle root, medium fish, golden squash, and stinky cheese can be easily bought in the bazaar back in Wizard City. Bring those back to Gordon Sumner and he will wrap those ingredients in some stale bread, making a bundle that looks exactly unlike a sandwich, and then exchange the “sandwich“ with Ogden to receive a training point.

The second quest is Me And My Arrow. Ogden, an anthropomorphic dog, owns a non-anthropomorphic dog named Arrow, and he is worried that Arrow is getting lonely at home without him. He asks you to bring Arrow a collar from the Wizard City Pet Shop, and deliver it directly to his door. This quest is very easy with no battling or buying or crafting required.

The third quest, Time for Tea, requires you to be at least an Adept Crafter, so do all the crafting quests before the one in Dragonspyre to be able to complete this quest. Ogden feels terribly uncivilized without his tea, and needs to feel like a proper Marleybonian, so he asks you to craft a Tea Set. The recipe for this tea set can be found at Torald Wayfinder in Northguard, in the world of Grizzleheim. It requires 5 Reshuffle treasure cards, 1 Amethyst, 3 Shadow Oils, 1 Glass Vial, 8 Fossils, and 35 Red Mandrakes. The treasure cards can be picked up in the Wizard City Library from Harold Argleston. The Amethyst, Shadow Oils, and the Glass Vials can be obtained from a reagent vendor like Archytas in the Celestia Base Camp. The fossils and red mandrakes are going to be the hardest part of the recipe; either find them in the bazaar or look for stone blocks and red mandrakes in areas like Dragonspyre and Nightside and mutate the stone blocks into fossils (the reagent transmutation seller is near the entrance to the Survey Camp in Celestia). Once you have crafted the tea set with your Housing Crafting Station, bring it back to Ogden and exchange it for a training point.

Ogden Peake is near the entrance to the Floating Land, waiting to give you several quests that reward training points.

Ogden Peake is near the entrance to the Floating Land, waiting to give you several quests that reward training points.

How Should I Spend My Training Points?

Instead of picking one single secondary school to spend your training points on, I would recommend picking multiple useful spells from various schools and spending your points towards them. There are several spells I consider essential for success in the later worlds:

  • Ice to Tower Shield: 5 training points
  • Death to Feint: 7 training points
  • The sun school damage spells: 6 training points
  • Spirit or Elemental blades and traps, depending on your school: 2 training points
  • Reshuffle: 1 training point
  • Aegis and Indemnity: 2 points

Tower Shield

Tower Shield is useful because it can protect you from any attack, no matter what school. This can be trained from Lydia Greyrose. It is particularly helpful for multiple-school bosses you may encounter later on, and it is also extremely helpful in pvp, especially if you have bolstered ward to stack shields of different strengths. The volcanic shield you get on the way is also very helpful because it gives you a 70% shield for storm and fire, the two highest damage-dealing schools.



Feint is a sometimes risky spell with a great reward. It provides a 70% trap on the enemy at the cost of a 30% trap on you. This will be your ticket to big damage on high health bosses, or a great way to help your friends hit harder. Don’t waste your feints with a wand spell, though! Unfortunately, some bosses have cheats that prohibit feint, but this can be circumvented by also training Indemnity when you get to Mirage, so if you go this route you should probably also spend an extra point on Indemnity (talk to Qyburn in the Arcanum’s astral school).


Sun Damage Enhancements: Tough, Giant, Monstrous, Gargantuan, Colossal, and Epic

The sun school damage line spells go onto your damage cards, enchanting them to deal higher damage in increasing increments as you go further down the line. You first learn tough at level 50, and use the astral trainers in Celestia to learn giant, monstrous, and gargantuan at levels 52, 56, and 58 respectively. After that, colossal is learned in Zafaria (you will first need to repair the sun obelisk by completing the quest line starting with Midnight Sun, one of Koko Smokesign’s sidequests in the Drum Jungle, at level 66). Then, way down the line at level 110, you can learn epic from Qyburn in the Arcanum. Each spell requires the previous ones so you will need all six of them.


Elemental and Spirit Blades and Traps

These can be used to buff yourself and others, sometimes at the same time. You can also train the opposite set’s buffs if, for example, you’re myth and you want to boost your storm buddy, and vice versa. These are extremely helpful in boosting your hits to their maximum potential and getting the one in a million badge. Also recommended is a sharpened blade and potent trap, if you train these, so you can stack even more blades for a devastating combo. Aegis and indemnity are recommended as well to protect against cheating bosses, earthquakes, and enfeeble.



Reshuffle helps to make small decks viable, and is highly recommended for questing and pvp. For routine mob fights, using a small deck helps you find the right cards to end the battle quickly and move on to the next quest. A small deck can also help you kill quickly in pvp or find your heals quickly when you need them. However, using a small deck has a drawback: you also run out of cards quickly, and if you run out of cards you can’t fight back and are forced to flee and try again. Reshuffle combats this problem by allowing you to regain the contents of your deck in the same battle. It’s your failsafe if things go wrong, and believe me, things can go wrong.


Optional: Training Life to Satyr

If you ever want to do any healing on a non-life character, you could train life to sprite, or better yet satyr. If you go all the way up to satyr, it’s more pip efficient to use a life mastery amulet, but you could go without as long as you use each heal effectively. Having access to a strong heal can help keep you alive during hard battles or keep others alive when there’s no dedicated healer around. However, sometimes it’s more helpful to just do what your class does best, like hitting or buffing others, and leave the healing to those who can do it more efficiently. It’s not a bad use of points but for storms, you won’t be doing much healing in dungeons and balance already has its own heals in helping hands and availing hands.

Training Point Buyback

If you ever feel like you need to redo your training points and learn new spells that may make you more effective in battle, you can pay crowns to reset your training points by talking to Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court. The cost goes up higher, the higher level you are, so choose wisely. Sometimes one of the monthly member benefits is free training point buybacks, so you could wait for those to do it for free if you’re high enough level. As important a choice as trained spells are, they are never set in stone.

Mr. Lincoln can reset your training points for you for crowns, allowing you to choose different spells if your current set isn't working.

Mr. Lincoln can reset your training points for you for crowns, allowing you to choose different spells if your current set isn't working.

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