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"Skyward Sword": How to Beat Demon Lord Ghirahim at Sealed Grounds (Final Battle)

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Demon Lord Ghirahim at the Sealed Grounds is the third form of Ghirahim is the penultimate boss of the game and his fighting style represents a deviation from that used during his first two battles with Link. However, once you figure out how to damage him, this form of Ghirahim is as easy as any other.

Just like the first two Ghirahim fights, I will break this one down into each of its distinct phases. Read on and see how this boss can be beaten!

Phase I

In this final Ghirahim fight, he starts out by conjuring up a trio of platforms, from which he intends to send you flying off to your death, in an attack he calls "The Endless Plunge". Of course, we're not letting that happen, are we?

In this phase, Ghirahim is invulnerable to most attacks. Blows from the Master Sword will push him around, but don't deal actual damage. However, we can use this to push Ghirahim off of the platform, just as he intended to do with Link. Once you've pushed him off of the platform, you can use a fatal blow on him to stab him through the chest. This is the only attack that can deal damage to Ghirahim at this phase of the fight.

Unlike the first two fights where he attempts to grab your sword, in this one he actively attacks you with punches and kicks (which can be Shield Bashed to stagger Ghirahim). Each blow he lands on you deals one Heart of damage, so try not to get hit!

After the first time you land a fatal blow (you both land on the second platform), he will start integrating a stance into his battle plan. He holds out both hands in different positions, leaving an opening that you can slash through with your Master Sword. Successfully slashing drives him back, but will not break the stance. Slashing one of his hands will cause him to grab you and twirl behind you, pushing you slightly forward in the process. This doesn't do damage, but can be dangerous if you're close to the edge when he does it.

The final platform is identical to the second one, except that he likes to use his throwing stance a bit more. After you land a third fatal blow on him, the second phase of the battle starts.

Phase II

In this phase of the fight, Ghirahim will once again materialize a sword to match your Master Sword. Your fatal blows during Phase I have revealed Ghirahim's one weak spot in this third form: A diamond that can only be damaged via thrusts.

He will walk towards you, ready to slash at you if you let him get too close. He'll also try to slash at you if you attack his sword. There are two ways to create an opening in this phase:

  • Attack his sword repeatedly. After taking enough damage, the sword goes flying off, leaving Ghirahim unarmed for a few precious seconds. This is more than enough time to get a few good thrust attacks on his weak spot.
  • Use Shield Bashes to create an opening. This is much easier than the first way, and usually gives you enough time for at least two attacks on his weak spot.

As you damage Ghirahim more and more, he will start teleporting and using his trademark daggers to attempt to damage you from a distance. Just dodge them or block them and then close the distance to force him back into his melee style. A few more thrust attacks later and he will create a giant broadsword and enter the third, and final, phase of the battle.

Phase III

In this final phase of the battle, your objective is to land the final few thrusts required to defeat the Demon Lord Ghirahim for the last time. Of course, his freshly created sword will impede your efforts. To get at his diamond once again, you must destroy the blade. He will use it to block all of your attacks, and as it takes damage, it starts chipping away. As it takes damage, Ghirahim will switch the angle from which he's blocking to prevent you from destroying it. Just make sure you're always moving, as he'll start trying to attack you if you're not actively striking his blade.

Essentially, to destroy the blade, you need to keep switching your slashes in tune with his switches. For example, if he's holding the sword vertically, slash horizontally and vice versa. Once the sword is destroyed, he'll be stunned for a few seconds, which gives you time to thrust at his diamond. If you take too long to destroy his sword, he'll back off, repair it with a snap of his fingers, and press the attack once again.

Note: You can Shield Bash his sword attacks, but it won't give you enough of an opening to exploit.

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After a few more attacks, he will be defeated.


Once the Demon Lord Ghirahim is beaten for the last time, you will be treated to a very epic cutscene sequence, which I won't spoil for you (if you're dying to know, go check out YouTube or some other video site).

That's about it for this article! Revel in the fact that you're one boss away from beating the game! If you feel like adding something to this article, or just want to talk about Skyward Sword (keep spoilers at a minimum, please) please go ahead and post in the comments section.

Until the next time, take care and have fun!


HorseLover on March 21, 2020:

Thank you so much! This will help. Thanks for not putting spoilers in here!

Pen on August 02, 2013:

Very Interesting, thank you

blah on July 02, 2013:

this info was very helpful but the fight is till hard

FoneBone52 on June 24, 2012:

Thanks! I don't play this, but it's fun to listen to!

yoshi32123 on February 17, 2012:

in phase 2 i didn't hurt him that way... i waited for his skyward strike and attacked it how it came at me and it was like a re-play of the electric ball from ganondorf in ocarina if time... except u had to hit it detailed

nig on January 19, 2012:

good info

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