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"Skyward Sword": How to Beat the Imprisoned at Sealed Grounds (First Form)

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The Imprisoned's first form is the fourth boss of the game, and has the odd distinction of being a timed boss battle. You need to defeat The Imprisoned before he can reach the Sealed Temple.

Since the layout of the area is important for this fight, I will start this guide out with an arena section. Afterward, I will break down the fight into each of its distinct phases.

Read on and see how this boss can be beaten!

Arena Layout

The Sealed Grounds is shaped like a downward spiral, and The Imprisoned starts at the bottom of this spiral. You may recall a solitary spike located at the bottom of the pit. That is the spike used to seal The Imprisoned and, consequently, the spike that is now on The Imprisoned's head.

Along the route to the top of the Sealed Grounds, there are air geysers that can propel you upwards and Stamina Fruits for you to eat in case you run out due to dashing.

Phase I

You will quickly realize that The Imprisoned is big. Very big. This is a problem, since The Imprisoned's weak spot is the sealing spike on its forehead. There are only two ways to reach it:

  • Bring it down to your level. This will be the easier strategy for newer players.
  • Jump on top of the forehead and smash the spike. This implies you using the air vents to reach the floor above The Imprisoned and then jumping onto the monster's forehead. Once you have a grasp of the game mechanics, this is easy to do.

Given that the second method is exactly as written, I'm going to elaborate on the first method.

To bring The Imprisoned down to a height where you can attack the spike, you'll need to destroy several toe-like appendages that have appeared on each of The Imprisoned's feet. There are a total of four per foot (one on the heel, three in the front) and can each withstand a total of three Goddess Sword slashes.

For this phase, destroying them is as simple as just attacking them. However, when you successfully finish off at least one of the appendages, the affected foot will start glowing red and will rise a short distance into the air. This is your cue to either finish off the rest of the appendages (they're still close enough to the floor to do so) or move away for a bit. Failure to do so will result in you eating a shockwave from the resulting stomp (this does 1 Heart of damage). Once The Imprisoned has attempted a stomp, you can resume destroying the appendages on that foot.

Tip: Or, you could've taken advantage of the lull in The Imprisoned's movement to destroy some of the appendages on the other foot.

Note: When all of the appendages on one foot have been destroyed, The Imprisoned will attempt stomps with the other foot, regardless of the appendages' condition on that foot.

Once you have destroyed all of the appendages on both feet, The Imprisoned will tip backward and fall to the ground with a resounding "thud". This is your chance to dash behind him and position yourself underneath the sealing spike. Use upward slashes to drive the spike into The Imprisoned's forehead.

After three blows, The Imprisoned will get back up . . . and then tip itself forward . . . to start slithering up the spiral like a snake at a fast speed. He will do this for a short time and then revert to his walking form. You have two alternatives here:

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  • Chase after it. Even if you manage to grab all of the Stamina Fruits on the way to prevent exhaustion from dashing, you'll still be left in the dust. Given that The Imprisoned doesn't move so fast when it is standing up, this isn't a gamebreaker.
  • Use an air vent to float up to the next floor and wait for him to return to his walking form. This saves some time (you don't have to chase him, he's coming to you) and is easier than the first method to boot.

In any case, once The Imprisoned has reverted to his walking form, he will regenerate the foot appendages, and force the spike out of his forehead (outward to the same distance it was before you smashed it in). This marks the end of Phase I.

Phase II

This phase plays out identically to the first phase, except for the fact that The Imprisoned will speed up slightly, in both walking and stomp speed (the stomp still has a blatant broadcast though, so dodging it shouldn't be a problem).

Use the same strategy as in Phase I and you should have no trouble getting this battle to the third, and final, phase.

Phase III

After you drive the spike into The Imprisoned's forehead, he will do the whole "slithering snake" routine again, so use the same strategy to catch up. The one difference in this phase is that The Imprisoned will no longer stomp. Instead, each step The Imprisoned takes with a foot that still has at least one appendage generates a small shockwave. In other words, you have fewer opportunities to damage the appendages, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Tip: When The Imprisoned moves with one foot (generating a shockwave in that area), attack the other, and vice versa. Master this timing, and the shockwave effect should be little more than an annoyance.

Once you deal the final three blows to the sealing spike, you will be treated to a neat cutscene and sequence that I won't spoil for you.


The Imprisoned is the first boss that will not drop a Heart Container upon defeat. Unfortunately, he is not the last.

If you would like to add something to this article, or just talk about Zelda in general, feel free to post in the comments section!

Until the next time, take care and have fun!


FE11 on June 20, 2013:

Dude. Cheapest way to kill the jerk. Get above him and drop down on his back, then drive the spike in. This works best in second and third form, because Groose can stun him. When he flies in third form, use the center vent, as it shoots you extremely high.

Darrin Perez (author) from Puerto Rico on January 03, 2012:

Could you explain further to see if I can help you? What strategy are you using?

Noah on January 03, 2012:

Sorry dude but I can't seem to beat it I did it and I died as soon as I killed him.

Darrin Perez (author) from Puerto Rico on December 29, 2011:

It should be up within a few days. I'm just publishing each article as I get the urge to.

Also, I'm a tad busy fighting a real-life battle against some person who copied one of my other walkthroughs, word for word, so I apologize if I take a bit longer as a result.

Thanks for reading!

what good is this? on December 29, 2011:

how about the 3rd form? first is easy

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