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Batman Arkham City:Defeating Clayface

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Batman Arkham City Defeating Clayface

Batman Arkham City Defeating Clayface

Defeating Clayface

In Batman Arkham City, Batman must defeat Clayface to get the cure for the poison in his body. Apparently, Clayface has been collaborating with and masquerading as Joker and has obtained the cure. This will guide the bat in the best tactics to use in the fight to defeat Clayface.

Clayface Tactics

To best defeat Clayface, Batman must know and understand Clayface's tactics. There are about three stages to this fight.

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In the first stage, Clayface will use a swinging clay sword tactic to hit Batman. This is easily avoided using Batman's roll. Next Clayface will use a hammer method to smash Batman. Again with the right timing, this is easily dodged. All these weapons are fashioned from Clayface's clay since he can pretty much create anything out of the clay. One of the most powerful attacks in Clayface's repertoire is his ability to roll into a ball and try to flatten Batman. Whatever you do, avoid this attack.

Batman's Tactics to Defeat Clayface

Batman's tactics to defeat Clayface are simple enough. Roll and dodge Clayface's attacks, and then throw flasks of Mr Freeze's ice formula at the Clayface. This will cause Clayface's clay to become rigid and he will eventually be unable to mould himself into the sword, axe or ball as described above.The best attack against Clayface is actually to position Batman just in front of the explosives at the four corner of the room. This is especially important when Clayface rolls into a ball. He will smash through air or Batman and collide with the explosives. This will generate so much heat that Clayface will be melted and cannot reform himself.

When Clayface's health points reaches 0, reach for the sword inside Clayface and use it to cut Clayface into pieces.

Batman vs. Many Clayfaces

When Clayface is finally reduced to bits, Joker will cause the floor to explode, sending both Clayface and Batman down a level. This allows Clayface to reform into many human like clayfaces. All these clayfaces will attack Batman. The main clayface itself will become a huge goo of clay in the center of the room. It will periodically come up and send out clay projectiles towards Batman. Dodge this, and return the favour by sending the freeze grenades at Clayface. This will rapidly reduce Clayface's health to zero, and Clayface will be defeated.

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