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How to Defeat Two-Face at the Museum in "Batman: Arkham City"

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Making your way to Two-Face and defeating him while he is surrounded by thugs is no cakewalk. Read on to learn how it can be done.

Making your way to Two-Face and defeating him while he is surrounded by thugs is no cakewalk. Read on to learn how it can be done.

It's Time to Retrieve Catwoman's Loot!

So, you've reached Catwoman's final main mission in Batman: Arkham City. It's time to retrieve your loot from your apartment and get out of town. Unfortunately, you discover that it has been stolen by Two-Face and must be recovered, and that will be no easy feat. This article will guide you through the process of locating and defeating Two-Face and recovering your stolen loot. Downloadable content and other post-mission options are also discussed.

Where Is Two-Face?

You've left the apartment and are looking for Two-Face, who is quite conveniently located at the Penguin's museum. The Museum and the city at large are now under Two-Face's control in the wake of the Joker and the Penguin's demise.

Make your way to the museum using a series of whip jumps, pounces, and climbs. When you arrive, you'll need to take out some of Two-Face's thugs outside. Once this is done, enter the museum and try to recall its layout from the last time Batman was there.

The first room is the main exhibit hall, which contains some thugs. Next is the gladiator's pit, which contains more thugs. If you want to finish the game quickly and easily, just run and slide under the first door to get in and then use speed and cat-like agility to run and slide under the second door to get out. Or, if you fancy a catfight, go ahead and take on all the thugs.

The third area you'll reach in the search for Two-Face is the icy pool. Switch to the map view and look for the armory. To get across the icy pool as Catwoman, flip downward and catwalk on the grating underneath the pool's path until you reach the outside of the armory. Now it's time to enter the armory and prepare for the ultimate showdown with Two-Face and his thugs.

How to Defeat Two-Face in the Museum's Armory

Once you've entered the armory, you must play strategically to defeat Two-Face, who is situated in the bridge in the center of the room and armed with a rocket-launcher-like weapon. The goal here is to defeat Two-Face, so don't focus too much attention on his thugs unless necessary.

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Two-Face will continuously call reinforcements into the armory, so getting past his men undetected to the center of the bridge is very difficult, even for the cat. The logical way to do this is to create a distraction and then quickly attack Two-Face and take him out in one attempt.

Head to the outskirts of the armory chamber or to the lower levels of the armory, and use stealth and cover to wait for one of Two-Face's men to approach. Use silent takedown to take him down. Now, wait for someone else to come and discover the body. When the alarm is raised, most of Two-Face's thugs will converge on this body on the outskirts of the armory chamber or the lower levels of the armory. Now is your chance to take out Two-Face. Swift action is needed here.

Quickly swing to the gargoyles at the top of the chamber and position Catwoman so she can pounce or kick-attack Two-Face. Take him down then throw all your attacks at him. Try to finish him off in one attempt while staying clear of his weapons.

If your first attempt fails, just run away and hide. Wait for the situation to quiet down then repeat the above process again. With this technique, you can finally defeat Two-Face and get your loot back—well, half of it anyway.

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Rewards for Defeating Two-Face and What to Do Next

In Batman: Arkham City, one of the rewards for defeating Two-Face is that Catwoman can remain in Arkham City to find the other half of her loot. This means that you can team up with Batman in your subsequent exploration of the game to . . .

  • complete Batman's side quests,
  • look for the rest of the riddler's trophies, and
  • retrieve the other half of Catwoman's loot.

In terms of gameplay, this means that you can switch between playing as Catwoman and Batman at various "switch points" in Arkham City, which can be found by opening up your map.

This no doubt sets the stage for additional downloadable content. For now, it's back to "normal routine action" for Batman and Catwoman. The game continues with Harley Quinn's Revenge, starring Robin.

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