Batman Arkham City Defeating Two Face

Updated on March 26, 2016

Batman Arkham City Defeating Two Face

Batman Arkham City Defeating Two-Face
Batman Arkham City Defeating Two-Face

Batman Arkham City Defeating Two Face

In Batman Arkham City, Catwoman has one final main mission in Batman Arkham City - to retrive her loot from her apartment in Arkham City and get out of Arkham City. Unfortunately, Catwoman finds that her loot has been stolen by Two-Face. Catwoman must retrieve her loot from Two Face. This will guide the cat in finding two-face and then defeating two-face.

Batman Arkham City Finding Two-Face

In Batman Arkham City, Catwoman must find Two-Face in order to retrieve her loot. Two-face is quite conveniently located at the Penguin's Museum. The Museum and Arkham City now falls under Two-Face's control in the wake of the Joker's and the Penguin's demise. So make your way to the museum in a series of whip jumps, pounce and climb. Catwoman finally arrives at the Museum where she must (and quite easily) take out some of Two-face's thugs.

Catwoman must enter the Museum. Remember the Museum layout from the previous time that Batman was here. First is the main exhibit hall (contains some thugs), followed by the Gladiator's Pit. This area contains a lot of Two-face thugs, so if Catwoman wants to finish the game fast and easily, just run and slide under the first door to get in and then use speed and cat-like agility to run and slide under the second door to get out. Or if Catwoman fancys a cat fight, then take on all the thugs.

The third area to arrive at in the search for Two-Face is the icy pool. Catwoman can switch to the map view and look for the armory. For catwoman, the way to get across the icy pool is to flip downwards and cat walk on the grating underneath the icy pool path until she reaches the outside of the armory. Then just go into the armory and prepare for the showdown to defeat Two-face and his thugs.

Update Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

It's finally here - the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice all trailers in one. Can you spot the Easter Eggs in the trailer related to Batman? First, of course, no two face, but the symbol of the Riddle on the pillar. Intriguing indeed. Other easter eggs in the movie are chronicled here. Speaking of two faced, did you see the 1918 look of Wonder Woman and the modern 2016 look of civilian Diana Prince?

Batman Arkham City Tactics to Defeat Two-Face

In Batman Arkham City, once Catwoman has entered the armory, she must utilize and find some ways and tactics to defeat Two-Face. Two-Face is armed with a rocket launcher like weapon and situated in the bridge in the center of the armory. To defeat Two-Face and his thugs, Catwoman only need to defeat Two-Face, so she should focus all her attention on Two-Face.

However, Two-Face will continuously call on reinforcements into the armory, and this will mean getting through his men undetected to the center of the bridge and taking down Two-Face is very hard indeed, even for the cat. The logical way to do this is to create distraction and then very quickly attack Two-Face and take him out in one attempt.

So, head to the outskirts of the armory chamber or to the lower levels of the armory, and use stealth and cover to wait for one of Two-Face's men to approach. Use silent takedown to take him down. Now wait for someone else to come and discover the body. When the alarm is raised, most of Two-Face's thugs will converge on this body on the outskirts of the armory chamber or the lower levels of the armory. Now is the chance to take out Two-Face. Swift action is needed.

Quickly swing to the gargoyles at the top of the chamber and position Catwoman in a prime position to pounce or kick attack Two-Face. Take him down, and then throw all your attacks at Two-Face. Try to finish him off in one attempt, and stay clear of his weapons. If the first attempt fails, just run away and hide. Wait for the situation to quieten down and repeat the above process again. With this technique, Two-Face will be defeated, and Catwoman will get her loot back......... well, just half her loot.

Batman Arkham City Rewards for Defeating Two-Face

In Batman Arkham City, one of the rewards for defeating Two-Face is for Catwoman to remain in Arkham City to find the other half of her loot. This means that Catwoman can combine with Batman in the further exploration of Batman Arkham City to complete the Batman side quests, and also to look for the rest of the riddler's trophies. In gameplay, this means that Catwoman can switch with Batman and vice versa at various "switch points" in Arkham City. Just open up the map to find these Batman - Catwoman switch points.

No doubt, this is the stage for future Batman Arkham City DLCs or downloadable contents. For now, it's back to "normal routine action" for Batman and Catwoman.

Batman Arkham City continues with Harley Quinn's Revenge starring Robin.


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