Top 10 Characters in "Marvel: Contest of Champions"

Updated on March 4, 2020
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Champions in Marvel: Contest of Champions

Free-to-play mobile game Marvel: Contest of Champions mixes the fighting genre with RPG, utilizing real-time combat while also leveling up character abilities and skills. You'll compete in both 1v1 and 3v3 matches, so it's important to build a proper team—which Marvel heroes and villains reign supreme? These are the ten best champions in Marvel: Contest of Champions!

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) in "MCoC"
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) in "MCoC"

10. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

Tier: S

Class: Tech

Signature Ability: Hero's Mantra (strengthens evade, poise, and taunt abilities)

Not to be confused with Spider-Man's other forms throughout the game, his Stark suit grants several defensive properties, particularly to his evade stat. Several of his passives increase evasion, and he notably has 60% evade chance against special attacks as long as his suit isn't shut down (which triggers by getting hit from heavy attacks or cosmic characters).

The suit's AI recharges after 10 seconds, but do your best to pair Spider-Man against non-Cosmic heroes; as a Tech character, he works best against Mutant foes.

Star-Lord in "MCoC"
Star-Lord in "MCoC"
Reduce opponent's armor
Deal damage over time
Drain opponent's power
Inflicts heal block
Star-Lord's elemental gun effects

9. Star-Lord

Tier: S

Class: Tech

Signature Ability: Tactician (increases attack and block proficiency for every 10 combo hits)

Star-Lord provides a versatile champion whose numerous effects make him hard to counter. His gun fires random elemental shots with various effects (see above table), including brutal debuffs that can block healing or sap power, which is needed for special attacks.

Additionally, Star-Lord's signature Tactician effect increases his attack and blocking prowess with every ten combo hits (attack for yours, blocking for theirs), meaning he only gets better as the fight progresses.

Hulk (Ragnarok) in "MCoC"
Hulk (Ragnarok) in "MCoC"

8. Hulk (Ragnarok)

Tier: S

Class: Science

Signature Ability: Pollice Verso (gain either regeneration or attack boost when either fighter reaches 20% health)

An aggressive character, Hulk's passives increase "crowd excitement" whenever anyone gets hit, and the higher it builds, the more bonuses to damage and crit chance he receives. Hulk is also immune to poison and gets the powerful "enraged" condition when hit by damage-over-time effects, making it hard for opponents to outwit him.

Plus, Hulk's first two specials can both inflict stun, making foes easy pickings for his onslaught.

Iceman in "MCoC"
Iceman in "MCoC"

7. Iceman

Tier: S

Class: Mutant

Signature Ability: Absolute Zero (opponent starts with Coldsnap, dealing energy damage and preventing evasion)

An excellent defensive character, you're playing for a long-term win with Iceman. His passives prevent incinerate, poison, and bleed, granting several useful immunities. He's also got potent ice armor that blocks high-damage attacks or stuns, but takes 15 seconds to recharge.

So, inflict damage over time with Iceman's specials, and when his ice armor breaks, buy time for it to recharge by pressuring foes or backing off and dodging/blocking.

Domino in "MCoC"
Domino in "MCoC"

6. Domino

Tier: S

Class: Mutant

Signature Ability: Critical Failure (opponents take damage when their abilities fail to trigger)

A high-risk high-reward character, Domino excels at DPS (damage per second) thanks to her fantastic critical and bleed chances. And whenever she fills a power bar, she has a chance to gain the lucky boost and inflict the unlucky debuff on foes; lucky increases several stats while unlucky drops them.

Domino also has surprisingly decent defense, and even if she starts losing, her first and third specials have enormous damage potential (strengthening based on the time elapsed and total crits scored that fight), offering amazing reversals.

Thing in MCoC
Thing in MCoC

5. Thing

Tier: S

Class: Science

Signature Ability: Unbreakable Spirit (gain protection when heavy attack charging or stunned)

Thing's a great character for beginners and veterans alike, wielding plenty of immunities: bleed, shock, armor break, armor shatter, nullify, stagger, and fate seal. He has few glaring weaknesses and gains "rock stacks" when hit or blocking, punishing foes who damage him.

Rock stacks increase defense and, after acquiring enough, attack, which can lead to enormous damage output. Thing's special greatly reduces incoming damage but has a lengthy 20-second cooldown, yet this lessens against sufficiently-strong attacks, making him a good counter to high-damage characters.

Corvus Glaive in "MCoC"
Corvus Glaive in "MCoC"

4. Corvus Glaive

Tier: S

Class: Cosmic

Signature Ability: Glaive of Immortality (while immunity is active, remove 4 glaive charges [2 if well-blocked] instead of dying)

At the start of your battle, Corvus gains 20 "glaive counters," which give his attacks true damage (preventing reduction from armor and such) as well as auto-critical hits! Corvus spends one with each basic attack, and he won't die as long as he has at least four remaining.

His offense drastically decreases once he runs out and has to wait for them to recharge, but don't be afraid to spend the charges—consuming them within 30 seconds greatly reduces their cooldown, quickly getting Corvus back into the fray.

Iron Man (Infinity War) in "MCoC"
Iron Man (Infinity War) in "MCoC"

3. Iron Man (Infinity War)

Tier: SS

Class: Tech

Signature Ability: Deflector Protocol (gain extra power, eight stacks of molecular armor, and auto-blocks when attacked with 15% or less health)

Jumping from S to SS tier, Iron Man's Infinity War rendition offers a versatile champion with an answer to almost anything. His signature ability provides an incredible defense when health gets low enough, and he excels against defensive characters thanks to armor break, heal block, and several attacks that can't be evaded.

And since Iron Man's repulsor attacks are short-range projectiles, they won't trigger stun from Parry Master, further advancing his defense. Iron Man's only weakness is characters like Corvus Glaive and Medusa who can remove his molecular armor stacks (which grant several potent defenses Tony relies on).

Archangel in "MCoC"
Archangel in "MCoC"

2. Archangel

Tier: SS

Class: Mutant

Signature Ability: Increased Toxicity (neurotoxin charges reduce target's ability accuracy and prevent regeneration)

Archangel's strategy relies on stacking poison and bleed effects, which are bad enough on their own, but Archangel combines into lethal neurotoxins, dealing huge damage over time and stunning foes once expired.

When Archangel gets going, he's hard to stop thanks to a passive that increases poison chance and reduces enemy tenacity per bleed debuff they have, making him a nightmare once he gains momentum. Just watch out for poor match-ups against characters like Vision who negate bleeding and poison.

Captain America (Infinity War) in "MCoC"
Captain America (Infinity War) in "MCoC"
Teammate's Class
Chance for +1 kinetic potential with special attacks
Chance to purify debuffs by removing a kinetic potential
Chance to inflict weakness with well-timed blocks
Change to gain kinetic potential each time an opposing buff expires or is nullified
Chance to inflict armor break with well-timed blocks
Chance to inflict petrify with well-timed blocks
Captain America's Leadership abilities in MCoC

1. Captain America (Infinity War)

Tier: SS

Class: Science

Signature Ability: Leadership (gain unique effects when kinetically charged based on teammate classes; see table above)

Cap takes practice to master, but he's arguably the best character in the hands of a pro. He relies on gaining kinetic charges, which provide a variety of bonuses, including attack and defense boosts plus a chance to make enemy hits glance (drastically reducing their damage and negating crits).

Cap can gain charges when struck, but your best bet is with blocking; regular blocks have a 50% chance to nab one and well-timed ones have 100%. Plus, his unique Leadership signature applies various boosts based on your teammate classes, and many further reward well-timed blocks, making Cap absolutely devastating for veteran players.

Which Marvel champion do you prefer?

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Contest of Champions Updates

Today we've explored the best god-tier characters available in the game, but like many mobile titles, MCoC periodically releases new champions, so stay tuned for future fighters worth playing. To further enhance your team, be sure to build their mastery bonuses around their abilities, which can make or break your battles.

Even the best champions have counters, so design your squad to cover for each other's weaknesses and you'll go far. But for now, as we await upcoming characters, vote for your favorite and I'll see you at our next Marvel countdown!

© 2020 Jeremy Gill


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