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Top 10 Cutest Friends in “Kirby Star Allies”

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Kirby Star Allies is an entertaining platform game and a continuation of the popular Kirby games by Nintendo. With nostalgic vibes, simple puzzles, and bright worlds, Kirby Star Allies is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.

Part of this game is meeting and collecting up to three friends at a time who can provide different abilities and power each other up. There are dozens of different friends available in this game that Kirby can meet and recruit (or else just inhale them and steal their abilities). Most of them are just adorable! Here is a countdown of the top ten cutest friends in Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch.

10. Vividria

Vividria is a new addition to the Kirby series, debuting in Star Allies. She appears as a mid-boss and can be recruited as a friend after her battle. She can paint pictures of weapons and moves to fight through enemies.

With a ponytail fashioned into a paintbrush and an adorable little pink dress, Vividria is a sweet friend with unique creative powers!

Vividria fanart by GV on RedBubble

Vividria fanart by GV on RedBubble

9. Flamberge

Also making her first appearance in Star Allies, Flamberge is a cute and hot-tempered character with spiky red hair and a dapper outfit. This grumpy gal is very protective of her Mage-Sister, Francisca.

She is also known as Bringer of Flame or Blazing General. Kirby can first fight her and gain her as a friend on Jambastion in the Inner Sanctum.

8. Zan Partizanne

Flamberge's Mage-Sister, Zan Partizanne, is also named Bringer of Shock and Lightning General. Her stylish hair and innocent-looking features give her a spot on this list.

7. Coo

Who doesn't love fat birds? Coo is an older character that has appeared in many other Kirby games. He's a useful ally that is best suited for the air when trying to reach items or treasure in high places. He can also use the Bluster element to deal damage to enemies.

6. Burning Leo

Burning Leo debuted in Kirby Super Star and appears early on in Star Allies as a normal-level enemy. He can be inhaled or recruited as a friend. His cute fire hat and big eyes make him one of the cutest allies you can get!

5. Driblee

Kirby Star Allies is Driblee's first game. This adorable water dragon can be inhaled or recruited as a friend. With a face that is reminiscent of Neopets and holding the incredibly useful water element, Driblee is a great new addition to the Kirby franchise.

4. Francisca

The third and cutest of the Mage-Sisters is Francisca, also known as the Frozen General or the Bringer of Icy Doom. Her dapper outfit, blue hair, and endearing eye makeup make her the sweetest of the trio and number four on this list.

3. Ribbon

This cute fairy has been around since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. She's a fairy from Ripple Star who is presumed to be Kirby's love interest. Her babyish features, namesake ribbon, and wings make her one of the cutest characters in the series. She has changed throughout the franchise, but she's still adorable.

2. Chilly

Chilly is another old familiar face in the Kirby games. He appears in Star Allies as a regular-level enemy and can grant Kirby freezing powers if he is inhaled. His angry eyebrows and the bell around his neck make this cold little snowman just adorable!

1. Rick

Rick first appeared in Kirby Dream Land 2 and resembles a cute fluffy hamster with Kirby shoes! If you gazed upon his sweet little face, you wouldn't believe that he has powers to burn and crush and devastate his enemies. Combined with Coo and Kine to create a Dream Friend trio.

This chubby mammal, in my opinion, is the number one cutest friend character in Kirby Star Allies!

Loads of Fun!

Kirby Star Allies provides endless fun and challenging puzzles for its players. This great game has surprisingly deep lore and combining certain characters while they are recruited as friends can have amazing effects! Kirby is one adorable character, but the game wouldn't have as much appeal if the other friends weren't so sweet as well! Which ally do you think is the cutest?

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