Deadpool Defeat Mr Sinisters Before the Front Gates of Evil

Updated on May 21, 2019

Deadpool Chapter 8 Before the Front Gates of Evil

In Deadpool the Game, it finally comes down to this – defeat the real Mr Sinister. However, before Deadpool can do that, he must arrive and stand before the Front Gates of Evil. Then he must face the mutant clones of Evil. Finally, he will face many Mr Sinisters and eventually triumph in his struggle against this maniacal evil genius of mutant bio-engineering.

This will guide Deadpool with tactics he needs to eliminate all enemies in the scenario “Not Done Yet. More Clone Carnage”. Enemies here will include the three juggernaut or Bob-like mutant clones, zillions of self-exploding mutants (all right, maybe that was an exaggeration) , the marauders (again!) and Mr Sinister’s clones and Mr Sinister himself.

Deadpool Defeat the Very Large Mutant Clones

The key to defeating the very large mutant clones is to use land mines. The area before the gates of evil is very large, but there are some narrow points where the mutant clones will follow Deadpool one at a time. At the same time, one of the attacks of the very large mutant clones will be to jump onto Deadpool from a distance. This means Deadpool only has to put down the land mines at these points and lure the very large mutant clones there. Then watch the explosion and the mutant clones will be defeated.

An alternative way is to use bear traps and trap the mutant clones there. Then attack the mutant clones with ranged attacks or melee attacks until they are defeated.

After this fight, the fighting is not done yet. There is more clone carnage.

Deadpool More Clone Carnage

Deadpool stay in this corner of the compound and use the heavy chain gun against the exploding mutant clones.
Deadpool stay in this corner of the compound and use the heavy chain gun against the exploding mutant clones.

Deadpool Avoid the Self-Exploding Mutants

The compound before the gates of evil has two large gates on the left and right which will open after the above fight. Deadpool can go through those gates and then up into the upper levels of the compound and eliminate the ranged attackers there. Once they are defeated, the real Mr Sinister will unleash lots more mutants in the form of the blue monsters holding the heavy chaingun initially.

Use the same techniques above to defeat the blue monsters and pick up their heavy chaingun. Now position Deadpool at one corner of the compound where he cannot be attacked in all directions. Use the heavy chaingun and pelt the self-exploding mutants with it. This is one way to avoid the close proximity attacks of the self-exploding mutants. Defeat them before they get to near to Deadpool.

After this, the clone carnage is not over. Melee type mutant clones will attack Deadpool. Defeat them all. Mr Sinister is outraged. He sends in the Marauders (again!).

This time, the marauders attack as a three or four in one combo. Vertigo will be outside the main compound, creating vertigo on Deadpool. In this vertiginous state, Deadpool must defeat all the mauraders.

  • Blockbuster will use his rock throwing move.
  • Arclight will use her usual moves to prevent Deadpool from teleporting.
  • Run around the pillars and use them as obstacles to prevent the attacks.
  • Use the pillars to initiate attacks when the marauders are just coming in to attack Deadpool.

With these techniques, and previous tactics used for Blockbuster and Arclight, defeat the marauders again.

With the marauders out of the way, it’s time to face Mr Sinisters.

Deadpool Defeat Mr Sinisters

Mr Sinister is easy to defeat, but Mr Sinisters – they are hard. Two Sinisters are still relatively easy to take down. Three or more are difficult.

To take down Mr Sinsters, Deadpool needs to purchase his flashbang grenades, mines and bear traps. The flashbang grenades are most useful. However, do not use them initially. Deadpool also has to unlock his finishing moves for his Beauroyre Blades and Pulse Rifles.

Now Mr Sinister’s clones will appear in twos initially, and then in threes. The key to defeat the clones in threes is to attack one of them so fast that he falls to the ground. Then use finishing move to finish off Mr Sinister, reducing the number from three to two to one and so on.

Then five of Mr Sinister’s clones will attack and they keep coming when one of them goes down. It’s time to use those flashbang grenades Deadpool saved up for a rainy day. When these clones appear, use them and then use finishing moves (E on PC) on the clones when they are stunned. Keep using those flashbang grenades until they are out of stock. Then, with about three Mr Sinisters left, repeat the tactics above, and Mr Sinisters will be defeated.

Now, watch the cut scene and press the final button to defeat the real Mr Sinister.

Congratulations, Player! Deadpool the Game has been completed.

Thank you, Highmoon Studios and Activision for a great and fun game! Now, one waits for Psylocke the Game, Domino the Game and Rogue the Game……..


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