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Deadpool the Game Upgrades Level up Guide

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Deadpool Upgrades Level Up Guide

Deadpool Upgrades Level Up Guide

In Deadpool, the game, the hero Deadpool can level up, if the player has done well enough. Once the player has collected enough DP points (otherwise known as deadpool points; a special term for experience points), Deadpool can upgrade his weapons skills and abilities. This will provide a guide on the weapons and abilities upgrades that Deadpool can have in the game.

Deadpool Abilities Upgrades

To upgrade Deadpool’s abilities, press Backspace (on PC). This will launch the overall upgrades screen. Go to the right of the screen and click on Deadpool’s abilities. This will launch the actual screen where Deadpool’s abilities are listed. However, most of these Deadpool abilities can be upgraded only after some of his weapon skills are leveled up.

  • Increased Health – Deadpool will gain more health.
  • Item Cache – Deadpool increases all thrown item counts by 2.
  • Max Ammo – Deadpool can carry more ammo.
  • Momentum Drain Speed – decreases momentum drain speed by 50%.
  • Multi-Evade – Deadpool becomes the master of evasion, evading up to 5 times in a row.
  • Healing Combo Augment – Deadpool gets more health for every 8th successful strike.
  • Frequency of Health – Deadpool doubles the frequency of health reward (every 4th strike).
  • More Health – the Weapons X project is definitely a success! Deadpool increases the amount of health rewarded by 50%.
  • Absorb Damage – Deadpool’s mutant ability absorbs damage, but breaks his combo.
  • Invincibility – Deadpool’s rapid healing powers allow him to gain invincibility for a short period of time.
  • Damage Combo Augment – Deadpool deals a critical hit for every 20th successful strike. Can only work with a combo above 20.
  • Frequency of Damage – Deadpool doubles the frequency of critical hits every 10th strike.
  • More Damage – Deadpool increases the amount of critical damage by 50%.
  • Return Damage – Deadpool returns damage to the enemy that breaks his combo.
  • Double Damage – Deadpool delivers double damage on a special attack (when the meter is full) for a period of time.
  • Momentum Combo Augment – Deadpool has additional momentum with every 10th strike.
  • Frequency of Momentum – Deadpool doubles the frequency of extra momentum.
  • More Momentum – Deadpool increases the amount of extra momentum by 50%.
  • Momentum Reward – Deadpool gains a small momentum reward if an enemy breaks his combo.
  • Double Momentum – Deadpool gains double reward for any momentum gained for a period of time.

Of course, before Deadpool can unlock those mouth-watering upgrades above, he must first unlock his weapons upgrades.

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Deadpool’s Beauroyre Blades Upgrades

The first of Deadpool’s weapons upgrades is his famous Beauroyre Blades. The feature of these pair of blades is balance – not too quick and not too strong. The upgrades available for the Beauroyre Blades are:

  • Greedy – increases DP rewards for defeats. Become greedier and greediest and get more and more DP rewards with defeats!
  • More Power – how can Deadpool resist this? Upgrading this category increases more and more damage.
  • Happy Entrails – unlocks New Momentum Attack: Outgoing! Outgoing increases damage attack by using Deadpool’s special move. Happy Entrails also unlocks more new flashy Deadpool combos.
  • Sad Entrails – unlocks New Momentum Attack: Old Skool. Old Skool causes extra hits. Sad Entrails also unlocks new combos, including a new takedown to stun enemies.
  • Oh – causes bleeding damage in enemies when struck with Deadpool’s Beauroyre Blades. More upgrades and unlocks will cause longer and larger bleeding damage.

Deadpool’s “Bang Lee” Sais Upgrades

The player may want to upgrade “Bang Lee” Sais. “Bang Lee” Sais are great for combos, very speedy and can be used to build up momentum very fast. However, it costs 80000 DP points to purchase. And then Deadpool must use more Deadpool points to upgrade the “minor details” in these sai weapons –

  • Power – upgrading this category increases more and more damage.
  • Greedy – increases DP rewards for defeats more and more. However, Deadpool cannot be as greedy with the Sai upgrade as he is with the Beauroyre Blades upgrade.
  • Wise from Your Gwave – unlocks New Momentum Attack: Clownin’ Around. Extra damage is initiated with this special move. Upgrading wise from your gwave also unlocks new sai combos.
  • Sai-O-Nara! – unlocks New Momentum Attack: Stabby! Stabby causes more hits with this special move. Upgrading this skill also unlocks a new combo and a new stun takedown enemy move.
  • Bloody Hell-O! – causes enemies to bleed when struck with Deadpool’s sais. Causes longer and more bleeding damage as these skills are upgraded.

Deadpool’s Other Weapons Upgrades

In the same way, Deadpool can use DP points to level up and upgrade his other weapons skills. These include:

  • K-Soh 20 LB Hammers
  • DT 1981S Pistol - Deadpool starts with this. The hint here is that mini-bosses can be more easily taken down with this weapon, so increase its rate of firing as soon as possible.
  • Kingmaker Shotguns
  • Nuthals 220S
  • Harrison CLS Pulse Rifles
  • Flashbang Grenades
  • Frag Grenades
  • Bear Traps
  • Land Mines

Use these weapons wisely, or rather crazily and stylishly like what Deadpool does. Do not waste those DP points when one is ready to level up.