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Walkthrough of "Deadpool" Chapter 6: Death, Baby

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Get the Mine Cart Moving in Genosha Catacombs

Deadpool must find this lever and pull at it to get the mine cart moving.

Deadpool must find this lever and pull at it to get the mine cart moving.


In Deadpool (video game), the hero lands in the Catacombs of Genosha. This is Chapter 6: Death, Baby, where you will see Deadpool liaising with Lady Death to restore the souls or spirits of the mutants back to their proper realms. To do this, Deadpool must achieve all three objectives of “speak no evil”, “hear no evil” and “see no evil”.

Starting Chapter 6

Deadpool lands in the catacombs due to the previous task's explosive ending. He has to merge bodies with a guard so that he can get his legs back. The first part of the Death, Baby chapter sees Deadpool using the arms of this guard to attack and defeat the enemies. The aiming is difficult but not impossible. The key here is to blow up the explosive barrows (spat out by the wheelbarrow machine) so that Deadpool is hurled into the cart of the mine car and reunites with his legs.

Defeat all enemies and then find a way to get the mine cart moving. Go up to the second level in this area and get the lever moving. This will open up the doors, allowing the mine cart to start moving.

Return to the mine carts and then ride the cart through the mines. It’s Indiana Jones style! Observe the beauty of the mines, rampant with skeletons. At the end of the journey, Cable returns (from the future, obviously).

Cable says something about “the temporal flux." Anyhow, he is also involved in defeating mutant clones. So help him and then speak to Lady Death at the top of the stairs.

There are three statues here symbolizing the three quests:

  1. Speak No Evil
  2. See No Evil
  3. Hear No Evil

1. Completing the Speak No Evil Statue Quest

The Speak No Evil quest will send Deadpool on a joyride to the carnival. Show impatience and defeat the enemies in the queue to fast-forward to the carnival.

In the carnival, it’s old school style again.

  • Deadpool needs to aim and shoot at “enemies” in front of him with a prop cannon and achieve high scores above that shown on the screen.
  • Finally, to retrieve the yellow spirit, Deadpool must shoot at targets so that his split head will close up in the middle.
  • Return to the temple of the statues and help Cable to defeat more clones.
  • Then embark on the next quest.
Jump down to the ledges below to get to the amazing Sage Deadpoolio.

Jump down to the ledges below to get to the amazing Sage Deadpoolio.

2. Completing the See No Evil Statue Quest

The See No Evil quest will see Deadpool climb some stairs and explore a cave system to get the purple spirit.

  • The way to the purple spirit is to wall jump some walls and then descend to the lower levels. Deadpool will encounter some enemies here.
  • Use stealth to take them all out.
  • Eventually, the enemies will detect Deadpool, so use the usual Deadpool playing style to defeat them.

Once the first series of enemies are defeated, Deadpool needs to explore around and find Death on a boat. They traverse the underground river together until Deadpool is plunged down a waterfall. Deadpool needs to solve the three puzzles of the Amazing Sage Deadpoolio and get the purple spirit.

  • Go up to the first ancient cave of the Amazing Sage Deadpoolio. The first sage will allow Deadpool to activate a lever to change from being “giant” to “tiny."
  • The “giant” Deadpool is needed to push the lever. Activating the lever will open the door for the “tiny” Deadpool to go through. Thus, Deadpool finds his balance.
  • Continue to the second ancient cave of the Amazing Sage Deadpoolio.

The second Deadpoolio will want to read Deadpool’s mind. The answer appears to be something about Lady Death and Rogue, so that Deadpoolio cannot read his mind. And Deadpool would have passed this test. By the way, Deadpool should ignore the lightning shooting mutant in this scenario and just jump and proceed to the final ancient cave.

In the third and final ancient cave, Deadpoolio will ask a series of nonsensical questions.

The answers are:

  • Rock
  • Cowboy
  • Armageddon
  • Mouse
  • Ice

Return to the chest near Lady Death and claim the purple spirit. Then Deadpool is teleported back to the temple of statues and must help Cable defeat more enemies again.

Deadpool must induce the self-exploding mutant clones to come together and then jump down the ledge (on the right) to avoid being blown to bits.

Deadpool must induce the self-exploding mutant clones to come together and then jump down the ledge (on the right) to avoid being blown to bits.

3. Completing the Hear No Evil Quest

Finally, go take the green statue and proceed to the final quest. This quest is dead simple. Defeat all enemies and stay alive. The first set of enemies will be at a compound at the ground level. After the enemies are defeated, Deadpool must avoid some explosive barrels and proceed to the next level via a steel carriage. Defeat more enemies at the second level, and then find a steel carriage to the third level.

The third level may be the most difficult of the three, because those self exploding mutants are back, and Deadpool will find it hard to teleport and avoid them without getting injured. They explode so fast and come in such great numbers that Deadpool’s accelerated healing factor is nullified.

The way to get past them is to go near them, and then jump down past the ledge on the right side before reaching the lever. This way, all the mutants will explode beside one another, and Deadpool will have enough time to heal up downstairs. Then head up with full health and repeat the process, until all the self-exploding mutants are gone.

  • Activate the lever to open the door, and then defeat more enemies.
  • Then, follow Death and stay in Death’s light. Note that Deadpool can still unlock the eleven crates along the way.
  • Monsters and mutant clones will appear in the darkness.
  • Defeat them, and then come to the final well containing the green spirit.
  • Jump down into the lower levels and be involved in a retro game.

This game is simple enough. Move from left to right, avoiding obstacles, defeating enemies and getting treasure and DP points.

At the end of the quest, Deadpool must kick the barrels into the wheelbarrow of explosives to slowly decrease its health to zero. When this happens, Deadpool will get the green spirit.

He returns to the temple to help Cable defeat the final set of mutant clones. Then rendezvous with Lady Death and finish Chapter 6.