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"Deadpool the Game" Walkthrough

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Deadpool has arrived! Deadpool has finally found a producer and some budget to make his own video game. He calls it... Deadpool the Game. Almost out of budget, Deadpool has just about enough left to produce a walkthrough of his own game. Hence, Deadpool the Game walkthrough begins. This will guide the Deadpool player (or hero) with tactics on how to overcome obstacles and fight the boss monsters in the Deadpool game. It will take the hero from the simple exploration of Deadpool’s apartment to defeating the Solution.

"Deadpool the Game" Walkthrough begins with jumping around. Try to jump onto this pipe and then jump to the ledge beyond.

"Deadpool the Game" Walkthrough begins with jumping around. Try to jump onto this pipe and then jump to the ledge beyond.

Deadpool Explore Your Own Apartment and Deadpool’s Skills

Most fans of the Marvel Universe and X-men series will know Deadpool well enough. However, few have explored the horrors of his apartment. The Deadpool game begins with the hero deciding to explore his own apartment, whilst waiting for his movie game script to arrive. Head into the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room to fully explore Deadpool’s apartment and then launch into the game proper.

Deadpool’s script states that he will be at the bottom of a sewer system. Of course, this is the infamous beginners’ guide to “how to jump”. This also the start of Chapter 2 Job One. So duly oblige and jump up and up to the top level of the sewers. Believe it or not, there is actually a difficult part of the jumping scenario. At this point, Deadpool may have to jump repeatedly to his death, unless he teleports before he reaches the bottom. The game states that one needs to do a double jump to reach the opposite platform. It may be better to use the sewer pipe on the right and then jump from there.

Then climb some ledges and reach the top. Plant some explosive charges on the roof and stay back.

Once within the GWN building, the hero will begin practising his Deadpool skills. Deadpool skills consists of melee attacks, gun attacks, teleport and momentum attacks.

  • Melee attacks: using various weapons, the most famous of all is Deadpool’s Beauroyre Blades. The melee attacks can be light or heavy attacks, and these can be mashed in various ways to create combos.
  • Gun attacks: aim and fire, or just fire.
  • Teleport: arguably Deadpool’s most famous skills – teleport. Teleport here and there to dodge enemy attacks and try to take them down by surprise.
  • Momentum attacks: these special moves are available once Deadpool builds up enough momentum. Rapid momentum is built up by creating combos. Then release the momentum attacks on groups of enemies for maximal and flashy effects. There are only one momentum attacks initially, but as Deadpool’s DP points increase, he can purchase more weapon skills and new momentum attacks. Awesome!
  • Not to forget, Deadpool’s accelerated healing factor. When Deadpool’s health is low, do not be afraid to sneak away to one corner and allow the healing factor to recuperate Deadpool’s health before relaunching into battle again.

Once Deadpool finishes off the guys in the foyer, he must take a ride on the penthouse express i.e the elevator, to the top floor.

Deadpool Get to the Roof

Head out of the large window and try to get to the roof

Head out of the large window and try to get to the roof

Deadpool Takes a Ride On the Penthouse Express

Deadpool must do the following to get to the Penthouse and the boss:

  • Shoot through the gate at the red box to open the gate.
  • Defeat more enemies within and get down to the maintenance room. Power down the entire building.
  • The “boss” will send more men down to the lower levels to take down Deadpool. In fact, the opposite happens. Deadpool takes down the enemies and goes up in the elevator to the upper levels.
  • Once the elevator stops, think very hard about what to do next. Then shoot the glass in the elevator to get out.
  • Deadpool will find a way back into the building by moving left (when facing the lightning) and then using wall jump. Keep wall jumping until Deadpool reaches the top. There will be more fights here.
  • Defeat the enemies and move to the painters’ lift on the outside of the building. Jump past more ledges and defeat more enemies.
  • Deadpool will reach the roof. Now for a bit of fun, as Deadpool executes a stealth move.
  • Next, it’s Deadpool vs the helicopter vs lots of enemies. The key here is to defeat the enemies and move behind the covers towards the helicopter. If Deadpool is damaged, his healing factor will heal him. Eventually, Deadpool will highjack the helicopter. Smash the enemies on the ground with heavy firepower, until the helicopter crashes.

Deadpool will end up just outside the penthouse. The “boss” unleashes the Solution onto Deadpool. Deadpool must find “the solution” for the Solution.

Deadpool Defeats the Solution

Here are the tactics, hints and tips to defeat the solution:

  • Teleport when the Solution is firing his rocket launcher. Then teleport back and attack the Solution from the side, or when his guard is down.
  • Shooting at the Solution may actually cause more damage than Deadpool’s melee weapons. Be careful to dodge the rockets when they come firing out.
  • Patience is needed for this fight. When Deadpool’s health is low, go around the corner and heal up (naturally) and then engage the solution again when health is back to full.
  • The Solution will be defeated. Now go defeat the other smaller enemies around the penthouse, but remember to note where the rocket launcher is.
  • There will be a second man with another rocket launcher. Go back to the rocket launcher on the ground. Take careful aim at the second solution and fire!

Once both solutions are defeated, go through the door and claim your reward.

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