Dishonored: Eliminate Barrister Timsh

Updated on December 3, 2018

In Dishonored Knife of Dunwall, the hero will enter the Legal District and proceed to eliminate Timsh. There are two ways to eliminate Timsh, through a non-lethal neutralization framing technique and by simply getting rid of Timsh the old fashioned way. This will guide the hero on how to do it both ways.

Dishonored Non-lethal Way to Eliminate Timsh

To embark on the non-lethal way to neutralize Timsh, first enter the legal district and defeat the guards before the wall of light. Then go and reverse the polarity of the wall of light. Now go and attract all the guards into the wall of light. For the guards that did not proceed through the wall of light, blink up to the roof and then use drop assassinate to defeat the guards.

Now head back to the area near the wall of light and locate the prisoner. Speak to him and learn of a way to frame Timsh by exchanging the letter in his pocket with another letter. The hero needs to follow the following steps to eliminate Timsh in a non-lethal way.

Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Eliminate Timsh

Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Neutralize Timsh. Know your surroundings near Timsh's buidling. Blink to the second floor balcony and then to the lamp post and from there to the third floor and across to apartments 7 and 10 on the left.
Dishonored Knife of Dunwall Neutralize Timsh. Know your surroundings near Timsh's buidling. Blink to the second floor balcony and then to the lamp post and from there to the third floor and across to apartments 7 and 10 on the left.

Blink up to the roof and speak to Billie Lurk. Pick up the basement door key.

Before doing the blinking, remember to upgrade blink to level 2 with four runes.

Then note Barrister Timsh’s office building and apartment. To the left are apartments 7 and 10. Blink up to Timsh’s building first, and up to the second floor. Use the lamp post on the left and blink onto it. Blink to the third storey from the lamp post and enter within to eliminate the enemies first. Then come out and blink to the pouch of apartment 7 on the other side. Search inside for the key to apartment 10. Blink up and use the key to unlock apartment 10. Go inside and get a rune, and also the malodorous sack.

Now blink downstairs to the basement and open the door. Use sleep darts to quieten the two maids at the basement. Go upstairs and eavesdrop on Timsh. When he finishes talking, he will walk upstairs to his apartment area. Go out of the basement and blink up to the third floor. Wait for Timsh to come in and then sleep dart his bodyguard. Blink in very fast and neutralize Timsh. Exchange the letter in his pocket for another letter.

Now go downstairs to the basement again and put the malodorous sack into the air-conditioner. Timsh will now walk out of the building and be confronted by General Turnbull. The target will be neutralized.

Dishonored Eliminate Timsh

The other way to eliminate Timsh is really easy. Simply blink upstairs and finish off the guards there. Then methodically make your way downstairs until everyone is defeated.

Take Timsh’s master key and then open all the chests in the building. Loot the building dry and then proceed to the legal waterfront district to meet with Thalia.


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