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"Dishonored" Find the Key to the Legal District

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"Dishonored Knife of Dunwall": A Meeting With Thalia


In Dishonored Knife of Dunwall, the hero Daud must meet with Thalia in the Eminent Domain and Legal Waterfront District and then “help” her in her schemes to get rid of her uncle Timsh. This is part of the hero’s mission to uncover the secret of the Dahlia. This will guide the hero on how to meet with Thalia and then find the key to the legal district.

Dishonored Meet With Thalia and Save Thalia From the Hatters

The first step after reaching the Eminent Domain region is to get rid of two enemies. From behind some cover, blink to the back of the enemies and take them down.

Next, it’s the famous wall of light that will separate the hero from Thalia. Next to the wall of light are lots of patrolling guards. This part of the mission is simple: take down the enemies before the wall and then turn the wall of light against the enemies. Blink to the top of the container and underneath the rail track. Hide behind some cover and attract the attention of the guards. When he comes to investigate, blink down and assassinate him. In rapid blinking fashion, blink across the other two guards and strike them down. Now, go beside the wall of light and use the rewire tool to reverse the polarity of the wall of light.

Get the Rune Near the Ruined Bridge

Find the Rune Near the Ruined Bridge: this favor must be purchased at the start of the mission

Find the Rune Near the Ruined Bridge: this favor must be purchased at the start of the mission

Now for the fun part. Rush past the wall of light and start shouting and attracting the attention of the guards beyond the wall. Then lure the guards past the wall of light and watch as they are vaporized. Once all the guards are vaporized, follow the Thalia marker and note that she has been kidnapped by the Hatters gang and is currently trapped in an alleyway.

Go in and save Thalia by blinking and defeating the Hatters, and then speak to Thalia. Thalia wants the hero to get rid of Timsh. Daud tries to get into the legal district but the gate is locked. Daud must get the key from the captain’s post.

Note that there is a rune here near the waterways. Blink down to the bottom and get the rune.

Daud must enter the ground floor of a building and then make his way up to the top (follow the marker). Defeat all the guards and then proceed up the stairs to find the captain’s post. The key is not in the room. Instead, there is a hatter’s hat in the room. The key has been taken by the Hatters.

Head into the Hatters' Turf and then enter their building by blinking upstairs to a platform. Go inside and eliminate all enemies. Go downstairs and take care of the Hatters. But the key is not with the Hatters at the Hatters' Turf. Instead, it is upstairs in the original building (captain's post building) that the hero was in.

Blink up the balconies and into the room with the dead Hatter. Pick up the key to the legal district.

Now, go forth and unlock the gate to the legal district.

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