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"Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall" Daud Powers Upgrade Guide

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In Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall, the hero Daud will find runes and level up or upgrade his powers and abilities. This article will provide a brief guide and synopsis of the powers that Daud can upgrade and provide examples on how to best use these powers once they are upgraded.

The lord of assassins in Dunwall simply must have the summon assassin upgraded power.

The lord of assassins in Dunwall simply must have the summon assassin upgraded power.

The powers can be broadly divided into environmental powers and combat-based powers. Environmental powers are used to improve Daud’s movement, transportation, and ability to manipulate his environment, including his own body. Combat-based powers enhance Daud’s abilities and prowess during combat. His powers include:

Void Gaze: This power is needed to see in the dark and to sense the locations of Bone Charms and Runes. It is essential for picking up and tracking the location of runes so that more runes can be collected. Once Daud has enough runes, he can invest runes to become more powerful. Once void gaze is upgraded to level 2, Daud can see in the dark and see useful objects and security systems through walls. Daud will also be able to see living things through walls and detect their fields of visions. This will allow Daud to plan his attacks on enemies.

Blink: Arguably the most useful of all the powers. Level 1 blink is simply crucial to blink here and there to get past obstacles and blink beside or behind enemies to take them out. Level 2 blink allows for rapid forward movement for a longer distance, and is crucial later on in the mission, as the blink distance between elevated objects increases.

Bend Time: This allows Daud to slow time for a short duration. Level 2 bend time allows Daud to stop time for a short duration. Daud can move normally when time is stopped.

Vitality: This power allows Daud to increase his health. Level 2 vitality improves health regeneration.

Blood Thirsty: This power allows Daud to build up adrenaline and then trigger brutal melee attacks that take down enemies in one shot. Level 2 Blood Thirsty allows for multiple enemies within range to be taken down.

Arcane Bond: Allows Daud to share his powers with assassin allies. Level 1 arcane bond gives the assassin ally Blink and Vitality. Teleport is an essential combat skill of any ally. Level 2 arcane bond gives the assassin ally Bend Time and Shadow Kill.

Summon Assassin: As the lord of assassins in Dunwall, this power is really quite symbolic of Daud. Daud can summon a novice assassin to fight at his side. At novice level, this assassin will simply act as a distraction for the enemy, allow Daud to blink in behind the enemy and take him out. Level 2 summon assassin makes the assistant assassin a Master Assassin. The master assassin will tag team with Daud to take out the tougher enemies or the bosses of the game.

This is an example—spoilers here! Turn away if you don’t want to know what happens in The Knife of Dunwall DLC.