Top 10 Ships in "Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike"

Updated on June 1, 2019
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What Is Star Wars Rebel Strike?

A GameCube game released in 2003, Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike tasks players to complete a series of aerial missions using a variety of classic spaceships from the films. With a detailed co-op mode and a few ground missions offered in addition to the main campaign, you'll find several ways to travel through the galaxy far far away, and Rebel Strike remains one of the GameCube's most underrated titles.

But with dozens of aircraft to choose from, which ships reigned supreme? These are the ten best starships in Rogue Squadron 3!


10. Y-wing

Secondary weapon(s): Ion Cannon, Proton Bombs
Droid Repair: Yes
How to Unlock: Earned in campaign

The Rebellion's most heavily-shielded aircraft, the Y-Wing bears incredibly durable armor but moves and maneuvers slower than other vehicles. Still, what it lacks in speed and dodge capacity it makes up for in defense, regenerating proton bombs to bombard opposing camps, and the rare ion cannon bonus weapon. Ion cannons take a few seconds to charge, but they have unlimited ammo and disable ships rather than destroying them, crucial for a few key missions.

While proton bombs aren't as helpful for dogfighting as other secondary weapons (since they can only travel downward), unlocking the bomb spread upgrade drastically heightens their power as each detonation will break into several smaller explosions. Plus, Y-wings contain the valued droid repair function, gradually restoring your shields with an astromech unit as time passes.

Slave 1
Slave 1

9. Slave 1

Secondary weapon(s): Seismic mines
Droid Repair: No
How to Unlock: Receive a bronze medal or better on all standard missions

Jango and Boba Fett's iconic ship bears a unique armor scheme, bearing low shields in the back but high in the front, so it's a good choice when attacking head-on. The speed isn't the best, and there's no droid repair, but a supply of 20 seismic mines (which you may remember from Episode 2: Attack of the Clones during Jango's pursuit of Obi-Wan over Geonosis) will cause mass chaos when unleashed.

Only two ships in the game have the seismic mines onboard, and although they're the only main secondary weapon that doesn't have any upgrades, their destructive capacity is already so impressive you'll hardly notice. Finally, since Slave 1's mines regenerate over time, you won't have to stress over conserving ammunition.


8. B-wing

Secondary weapon(s): Ion Cannon, Proton Torpedoes
Droid Repair: No
How to Unlock: Earned in campaign

A mix between the X-wing and Y-wing, Admiral Ackbar's prized B-wing lacks the droid repair of its inspirations, but compensates in other areas. While still slightly slow, the B-wing's folding coils allow it to increase its speed indefinitely (rather than the temporary boost of most ships), though you'll need to unfold whenever you want to fire.

More than that, the B-wing has excellent maneuvering, letting you dodge and position shots well, the rare ion cannon bonus, respectable shields, and the largest supply of proton torpedoes (12) in the game. Torpedoes are a powerful destructive weapon that can be upgraded with homing capabilities, but unfortunately, they won't recharge, so think carefully about when to utilize them.

Millennium Falcon
Millennium Falcon

7. Millennium Falcon

Secondary weapon(s): Concussion Missiles, Quad Cannon
Droid Repair: Yes
How to Unlock: Receive a bronze medal or better on all standard and bonus missions

The Millennium Falcon's biggest disadvantage is its size, absorbing more hits and making it tough to squeeze through tight spaces (like in your Death Star runs). However, it offers great speed, decent shields bolstered by droid repair, and a stock of 20 concussion missiles. Concussion missiles aren't as strong as torpedoes, and they don't recharge, but their larger supply makes them better when dogfighting, and they can be upgraded with homing capabilities.

Han Solo's infamous ship also carries the unique quad cannon, letting you shoot behind you as well as forward. This works great for gunning pursuing craft, but if you're aiming for the medals, watch that you don't accidentally plummet your accuracy stat.

TIE Bomber
TIE Bomber

6. TIE Bomber

Secondary weapon(s): Proton Bombs
Droid Repair: No
How to Unlock: Destroy all of the ground turrets in the Raid at Bakura mission

The Imperial counterpart to the Y-Wing forgoes droid repair but is a bit faster, albeit still sluggish. However, not only does it come with a handy supply of regenerating proton bombs, its main weapon (instead of the default laser cannons) are homing concussion missiles!

Despite its lack of an astromech, the TIE Bomber's unique arsenal of constantly regenerating bombs and missiles give the Empire the edge (compared to the Y-wing) for the best tank-like ship.


5. A-wing

Secondary weapon(s): Homing Concussion Missiles
Droid Repair: No
How to Unlock: Earned in campaign

High risk, high reward defines the A-wing. You've got incredible speed, a maneuverable size, and recharging homing concussion missiles, but you're also dealing with terrible shields and no droid repair. You can't afford to take many hits, but you'll be swooping in and out and firing lock-on rockets so fast it might not matter.

Other concussion missile-bearing ships can eventually add homing capabilities to their rockets through a hidden upgrade, but until then, the A-wing is often the best pick since it has them from the start. It's also useful for satisfying the "enemies destroyed" and "time completed" requirements when you're pursuing the bronze, silver, and gold medals in each level.

Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Starfighter

4. Jedi Starfighter

Secondary weapon(s): Seismic Mines
Droid Repair: Yes
How to Unlock: Receive a bronze medal or better on all standard and bonus missions

If you like the A-wing, you'll love the Jedi Starfighter. It similarly favors speed over shields, but offers a slightly more durable build than the A-wing, further reinforced by the droid repair feature. As if that blend of speed and defense weren't enough, the Jedi Starfighter also carries six seismic mines to wreak havoc on foes.

That's not as great a supply as Slave 1, but since the mines regenerate over time, you'll have plenty of opportunity to unleash their blue-tinged bursts. Maybe Obi-Wan should have fought fire with fire in AOTC.


3. X-wing

Secondary weapon(s): Proton Torpedoes
Droid Repair: Yes
How to Unlock: Available from start

The classic ship Luke used to destroy the original Death Star is incredibly well-rounded. It's got solid armor plating, droid repair, respectable thrust, and the ability to lock its coils to indefinitely increase speed. Like the B-wing, you can't fire while in this mode, but it's nice for getting around quickly and reducing your mission time (useful for earning those medals).

The X-wing's only real flaw is a limited supply of six proton torpedoes that don't regenerate, so make each one count. Despite this minor restriction, it's still a versatile fighter favored in many missions. In Wedge and Luke's stories, you'll be piloting these bad boys a lot, so do your best to master their features.

TIE Advanced
TIE Advanced

2. TIE Advanced

Secondary weapon(s): Cluster Missiles
Droid Repair: No
How to Unlock: Receive a bronze medal or better on all standard and bonus missions

The Imperial counterpart of the X-wing and Darth Vader's personal fighter of choice, the TIE Advanced drives similarly to the X-wing, with well-rounded stats in every area. No droid repair, but the Advanced earns a huge advantage with its cluster missile secondary weapon, a rare assortment that releases huge bundles of concussion missiles with each blast.

Like most secondary weapons, cluster missiles can be upgraded through hidden power-ups, so you can ultimately fire homing cluster missiles that can either track and destroy multiple dogfighters or wreak havoc on larger command ships.

Naboo Starfighter
Naboo Starfighter

1. Naboo Starfighter

Secondary weapon(s): Cluster Missiles
Droid Repair: Yes
How to Unlock: Beat Tatooine Training in all four times of day with all hidden items

The X-wing lacks the Advanced's cluster missiles, but the Advanced doesn't have X's onboard astromech. Luckily, you'll gain both with the golden Naboo Starfighter, ironically the best fighter in the game despite its age. With impressive shields, speed, and droid repair, the Starfighter also enjoys the lethal cluster missile secondary weapon.

As with the Advanced, these cluster missiles sadly won't replenish over time, but they're simply the best secondary in the game, further improving an already-stellar ship.

Which ship do you prefer?

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Future of Rogue Squadron

Today we've reviewed the galaxy's best spacecraft and how to legitimately unlock them, but if you're struggling with certain medals or just want to skip all the labor, you can instead use the cheat codes listed below to access whichever ships you need.

Despite its positive reception and decent sales, we haven't seen any Rogue Squadron sequels since Rebel Strike (although the Battlefront games contain space battles), and I'm hope one day we'll encounter another awesome aerial adventure, perhaps based on Star Wars 7, The Force Awakens. But as we eagerly await such a title, vote for your favorite ship and I'll see you at our next Star Wars countdown!

Ship Unlocked
Millennium Falcon
Naboo Starfighter
Slave 1
TIE Advanced
TIE Bomber
Jedi Starfighter
Ship cheat codes for Rebel Strike

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    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      22 months ago from UK

      I'm not a gamer, but I recall helping my son build a lego model of one of these once. I admire your Star Wars knowledge to be able to write such a detailed hub.


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